What Does it Mean to Live with the Seven Rays of Light

Every human being needs the love of God. For every one of us, it is necessary to become aware of God's presence, to accept and adore it, because in reality God is already in us and we are in Him. God is everything. God is love which is ceaseless and omnipresent. His love is Divine love - incomparable with, and inconceivably greater than the greatest human love. The capacity of human love is small and inconsistent, imbued with excitements and passions. The Divine and human love cannot be compared, either by scope or by quality.

We are the ones who don't pay enough attention, and avoid contact with God. God loves us, ultimately, ceaselessly and with His enormous, yet gentler than the gentlest intensity. God does not admonish, He does not punish. He is God of forgiveness and tolerance. He has given us free will and the possibility of making our own free choice. We are the ones who walk away from God. Wandering along the sideways of ungodliness and depriving our beings from feeling this magnificent love, we punish ourselves to the point of severity.

It is up to us to sense the need to listen to the Word of God, to live it, and obey God's advice by fulfilling God's plan for us daily, with delight and love. The blessing and bliss which we fell in the act of accomplishing it, serve as balm for our soul and salvation for our body.

Every day in the week is specially endowed with a range of Divine qualities. Each day brings new essence which is to be contemplated and meditated. The peculiarities of the Divine energies, which are being reflected in every single day of the week, help us to be able to increase our love, to become more conscious, and to be able to implement the Divine intention. We should be able to receive the blessings of the particular day, for example, the energies of faith, strength, and protection on Sunday, peace on Monday, love and tolerance on Tuesday, purity on Wednesday, healing on Thursday, grace and devotion on Friday, and the energies of balance and compassion on Saturday. We should be able to relinquish our control in favor of Divine energy guidance and live only the reality, live a full life, live the essence. This essence is the foundation of the entire superstructure in our life. This essence brings to us everything that we can ever wish for, as well as things we cannot even imagine to be possible.

Therefore, let us seek for creativity and inspiration in the Word of God and in the unity with the Creator, so that Jesus Christ, the Son of God can live within us. Try to be in unity with all life, with everything that exists. God is One, indeed only One God for all. I am, and every human being can be a part of that story, one with the Creator, one with the Universe. In this, God's vision is growing; God's love is being spread further and further across the infinity of the ageless.

Now everything seems so easy, the heart is capable of forgiving, since now, immersed in the Divine love, it can understand. The energies of the newly born day are pouring over my body and unloading into it new qualities that will be lived today in harmony and love.

Everything has become purer and brighter. All the object are shining - they can be perceived all the way down to their cores. The consciousness is expanding.

You are the first and the only One, O Lord. Bless me and help me to stay in your company all day, so that I don't stray away and don't forget You even for one second. Help me to resist the call of nothingness and temporariness, to respect real values, to see the right choice, and to make the right decision. Save me, O Lord, from taking the wrong path. Only when I am at one with You, I become what I am supposed to be. Only then can I select the best for myself, can I forgive, can I love my fellow man as I love myself. And You, my Lord, I love You more than that, more than anything.