Lights Coinciding With Unfortunate Event

Dear Olga,

I have been trying to figure out why two lights might have appeared in my pasture the night before my father passed away.It was low to the ground and looked like fire.The other one was about 15 feet in the air,and white with blue rings.they hovered there for several moments..long wnough for the grounds cameras to capture them,then simply faded away. The date was strange too. They appeared on 4/27 at 10:27 pm and he passed away on 4/28 at 4:28 pm. I believe it might have been my dad during moments of life and death,being the orange ball. and the white one,my mother perhaps? Escorting him? Or,could it be that he was choosing at the time which path he was taking in the afterlife? I dont know.

There were many strange things that happened when he passed away.The storm which formed and hovered over the hospital when he diesd,and then the microburst that ran everyone off after his ceremony.I would love to talk more about it is possible.Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Oh,and now I have owls coming to me every day almost.One I actuall have a picture and video of because it walked into my hands!Later,I noticed the owl had the same hairline as my dad and same look on its face.

thank you so much,Oceanne


Dear Oceanne,

Please accept my warm condolences. Indeed, the events you describe are unusual and mystical, but as a rule, only the people who have experienced such events can make sense of them and interpret them correctly. I would like to encourage you to have faith in yourself, because only you deep down in your soul can find the truth and certainty you are looking for.

Thank you for sharing.

With love and light,


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