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Main Doors and Their FengShui Significance

By Jove Arthur

According to fengshui experts, the front door or main door of a residential home or a business establishment plays a big role in the flow of chi or energy.

The front door is also called the “mouth of chi” as it attracts the good energy for your house. This energy provides nourishment so the strength and balance of the front door dictates the quality of energy brought to the house and the people who live in it. A house that has the best quality of energy will gain financial success, strong family ties, and good health for the people who live in it.

It’s not difficult to have a healthy, strong and balanced front door. Here are tips on how to maintain the flow of positive energy into your home:

Your Main Entry Should Have Good FengShui

The main entry of your house is very can make a difference in the type of chi your house gets.

Chi begins its entry through your main entry so if it doesn’t have good fengshui, all your other efforts to improve the chi of the entire house will not work.

Match the Door Color with the FengShui Direction of Your Door

Did you know that the direction of your front door determines how much chi can flow into your home? In order to harness the best quality of energy, go with a color that is in harmony with the fengshui element of your door’s direction.

Door Size Does Matter

The size of your front door should be proportionate with the size of your entire house. There should be enough door space to allow positive energy to come into your house and flow freely. If you’re planning to expand your house or add a few more floors to it, you should not forget about changing the size of the door space to maintain a balanced amount of energy within your home.

Take Good Care of Your Front Door

Doors are often exposed to the elements like direct sunlight, rain water, snow, and changes in temperature. These factors can all contribute in its deterioration and eventually, will cause damage your door. It is important to take good care of your door at all times and maintain its wellness. Don’t leave the hinges squeaking and avoid rusting of the door handles. Keep the surface of your main door well painted and don’t leave any Christmas ornaments attached after the holiday season is over.

Maintain a Clear Path 

Make sure you keep the flow of chi to your front door is continuous. Remove any object that can block the path of energy such as trash cans, flower pots, or statues. If the energy is permitted to flow easily, your door will harness more energy for your house.
As mentioned above, the color of your main door can also spell the difference in the quality of chi or universal energy your house absorbs. However, you must not forget that the color should be in harmony with the fengshui element of your door’s direction. Read on to learn about what colors fit well with the different directions:

Main Doors Facing South

In fengshui, fire is the element for the south. This means that your door should be painted with fengshui fire element colors such as red, yellow, orange, magenta, bright pink, or purple.
If you want a more natural and environment-friendly feel, you may use earth colors such as brown and green for south-facing doors. This is fine since wood feeds the fire according to the productive cycle of the five fengshui elements.

Main Doors Facing North

If your front door faces the north, you can paint your door with either blue or black. The fengshui elements for the north include water and metal.

It is important to note that the seating direction of the house also plays an important role when it comes to fengshui. The back end of the house is what holds the good energy in place once it comes through your front door. This means that you have to make sure both the main door and the back door are kept strong.  Bear in mind that if your front door faces the north, your back door faces the south and vice versa so use the appropriate colors.

In addition, you can put up artworks like paintings and sculptures of fengshui elements on the back side of your house. These will also provide the fengshui element energy for your house. Nevertheless, the first step you need to take is determining the fengshui energy map of your household. You may use a fengshui compass to define this or you may ask a fengshui expert to check your house for you.

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About the Author

Jove Arthur is an experienced carpenter. He continues to do carpentry works as his pastime even if he is busy working as a sales manager at Door Emporium, which offers high-quality mahogany doors, wood entry doors and artistic wood French doors.


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gina says:

What does a brown front door represent in Feng Shui?

sunny says:

I am not a Feng Shui expert, but from what I can tell, the color of your front door should match the direction of the front door, or more specifically the corresponding element of that direction. For example,

Front door facing East -> Element Wood -> colors green and brown
Front door facing South -> Element Fire -> color red
Front door facing West -> Element Metal -> colors white and gray
Front door facing North -> Element Water -> colors black and blue

haile says:

I would like to say that the way your front door looks, its first impression is very important. This is what other people first see about your house. It may convey a good or a bad message. Your entrance, may suggest wealth and abundance, or disarray and neglect. This is a message you send to other people, but more importantly, to yourself subconsciously every day. Let your home welcomes you, as well as your visitors, the right way. Let it convey a message of love, abundance and peace. Let everyone that intends to ring the doorbell be overwhelmed with love, beauty and comfort. Anyway, all your guests have to wait for some time in front of your main door. So, give them the opportunity to generate a couple of positive thoughts about you and your home before you open the door.

haile says:

This was great tip, haile. Thanks so much for sharing it.

tris says:

Hi. These are useful tips, but one important is missing. Your front door should open inward, not outward. If it opens outward it may affect the entire feng shui of your home. It shouldn't be too hard to fix it to open inward. Because you want to pull chi in, not push it out.

viakula says:

Hi, In the above comment, it was mentioned "Your front door should open inward, not outward.".

My front door has 2 doors, one Main door and the other one is glass storm door.

The glass storm door opens outward and the Main door opens inward.

what would be the impact with the above door positions? Please advise.

sunny says:

Hi viakula
Thanks for the question. I'm not a feng shui expert and I hope some of the experts will correct me if I am wrong. I think it is a good thing that the main door opens inward, and not so good that the other door opens outward, as it contradicts the main principle of letting good chi inside the house. I don't know how serious this is and if you can do something to alleviate the situation other than removing entirely the glass door.

chrissie says:

I am going to paint the outside of my south facing wooden door red. what colour should I paint the inside of the door?

sunny says:

I would use the same red color, or if you want to change the nuance, pink or purple.

Colette says:

What if you have glass patio doors for your entrance?

sunny says:

Don't worry. Just hang some lightweight cotton cloth over the glass. A solid door is preferable in Feng Shui though.

Jay says:

I have a business. My front door is facing north. I have it painted black. But next to the front door I have my garage door. Should I paint it as well black?. I have people walking in the garage door more often then using the main door since I have an open lay out inside.

sunny says:

Hi Jay
I'm not sure how important that is, but I think it couldn't hurt painting your garage door black as well.

Feroza says:

Hi my front door is north which is a bad direction for my husband being kua 2 and he is the only breadwinner of this family please assist me with a feng shui cure thank you

Elmira Rodriguez says:

Hi, we're still planning to build our dream home. Is it okay if our house will face west?

sunny says:

For a west facing front door, it is important to choose the appropriate colors and other feng shui elements that will strengthen the flow of energy.

The element of the West is Metal, meaning that the primary colors should be white and gray. The additional element is Earth, which gives you a wider spectrum of colors to choose from, like earth or sand color, or light yellow color.

Never use one of the following colors for your west facing front door: purple, black, orange, blue, or pink. These correspond to other feng shui elements not really compatible with the primary metal element.

Chai says:

The main door of our flat opens outward, then inside facing a wall with small window,left side bathroom door facing our living room door, it has only about a square meter size (the space between the doors) I cannot do anything like making it open inwards since we are just renting the flat. Can I put something or so something about it? PLS I NEED ADVICE for we cannot afford to transfer flat again.

sunny says:

There are a couple of things that you can do if you cannot change the direction of your front door:

(a) Make sure you clear the space in front of the house as much as possible to attract good feng shui. That might include, for example, a clean pathway to your front door, and a visible house number. Remove any possible garbage or clutter both inside and outside of the main door.

(b) Improve the feng shui of your main entry area, so that you can make the incoming chi stronger. For example, a side table with a lamp or a vase with flowers may welcome the flow of energy into your home. If like in your case the space is small, you can put a small rug with a beautiful colorful design. Avoid having a mirror facing the main door.

(c) Make sure the color of the door matches its direction and improve the quality of the door itself if you can.

Hema says:

Our main door , faces the south. THe pathway to the main door in our apartment is clear. Our door is brown in colour , very strong and wide and opens inward.I have hung a mirror facing the entrance, should i remove it ? Please let me know. WE have been troubled with a lot of serious health issues and a few emotional ones too after we occupied this house. It is our first own home. Any other alterations to be done to improve the situation?

sunny says:

Hi Hema. As far as feng shui is concerned, a mirror shouldn't be facing the main entrance. If you can, move the mirror so that it is not directly in line with the front door. In the very same way, a mirror should not be facing your bed. Of course, the flow of chi energy through the house shouldn't be considered the only cause of potential problems. You should also try to work on the other areas of life as well. Thanks for the comment, and many blessings.

Anita says:

I am not sure what is considered my front door! From the street, the first door I enter faces East. I then have to walk up stairs to actually enter my apartment (this door faces south). I also have a balcony door that is on the second story that faces east. Which one is my "front door"? Please help! I am a novice at this.

sunny says:

Your front door is the door of your apartment, not the door of the entire building (also, not the door of the balcony). Hope this helps.

anne says:

Hi ,is there specific shapes or designs for main door? if yes what are the shapes and designs for the main door facing west?

sunny says:

For a west facing main door choose white, gray or earth colors. Also, shiny metal design, black or metal pots or containers, or metal finish of the door. Use square or round doormat with square or round design. Use water shapes or wavy features. Avoid triangular shapes or sharp objects, or red or purple colored elements or pots.

Susan says:

I bought an old house. The front porch has been closed in and has a solid door that opens out onto the sidewalk from the curb. Faces south.

The original front door, which is also a solid door, faces east. It's a few feet from the first one. So you unlock, come in, turn left, unlock, and go into the house.

Which is the front door in feng shui?

Thank you.

sunny says:

That's a bit tricky. I think the door you feel being the "heavy" entry door to your home is the right one. Think about which one has the most impact when you approach your home and use that one as the front door. Thanks for stopping by.

Irene Tong says:

When fenshsui said put a salt bowl on the left side of my front door.
Which is the left side of my front door? When I am standing outside the door and looking at the door's left side or when I am inside the front door and looking outside the door? Confused??

sunny says:

This is probably the salt water cure. You should be standing inside looking at the door.

Kelli says:

Should you be outside facing your front door or inside your home facing your front door, to tell what direction it is facing?

sunny says:

Inside your home, facing your front door.

Lisa Clark says:

I want to hang a dragon in my outdoor area, near the door i mainly use to enter my house, should it be on the left or right, looking at the door, the door is glass. I have one inside my front door on left side looking out .

Robin Thorne says:

Diliema, can't change my outswinging business door. Anything I can do to help chi from escaping. Its Smallest of shops at 96 Sq ft.

sunny says:

Hi Robin
Thanks for dropping by. In essence anything that helps you absorb more positive chi is good. You can use for example these tips to fix your outward-opening door. Hope this helps.

Erin Mayo says:

Problem, Condo Door swings outward and I can't change it or paint it. It faces SW. Any tips or cures?

sunnyray says:

Yes, you can say it is a problem, but it doesn't mean you can't have good feng shui. There are some tips you can implement to remedy the situation.

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