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The Metaphysical Properties of Malachite Stones

Note: Crystals cannot be an alternative for medical attention nor can they be a substitute.

The metaphysical stones and crystals have recently experienced a surge in popularity amongst the followers of the new age spiritual movement. Not only are individual stones and minerals believed to possess various beneficial physical and spiritual properties, but they are also very often combined with one another in elaborate crystal energy grids and geometric patterns. The most popular combinations are those where specially chosen crystals or metaphysical stones are assigned to each of the seven energy centers - chakras. Healing is another aspect where these stones are frequently used, either alone or in combination.

Here, I would like to talk about malachite stones. They are not as popular as, for example, amethysts, rock crystals, fluorites, or diamonds, but they can be really helpful in many situations. I will briefly go over the malachite properties, especially over the physical properties of malachite only to concentrate more on the metaphysical properties in the second part of this post.

Physical properties

Malachite is practically a not-transparent stone. Despite this shortcoming, it can be quite an attractive gem as it possesses a nice, characteristic silky luster. It has a pleasant green color that can vary (very often in form of concentric rings) from deeper olive green to rather light green areas.

Malachite tumbled stones

beautiful green malachite tumbled stones

It is basically a carbonate with a lot of copper within. Individual single-crystals are rather rare, and can be found only in form of thin prisms. Malachite is a result of aging of copper ores. It can be found together with Azurite, which is another very famous type of copper based metaphysical stone. Thus, a lot of the properties of malachite are common also to azurite. Due to its elegant color, it has been used as pigment for producing green color since ancient times.

Metaphysical properties of malachite

Minerals and stones in metaphysical sense are considered powerful resonators that are able to transfer their inner vibrations to the environment. Unlike people, crystals always vibrate at well defined frequencies and their energy levels are never changing. When properly cleaned, charged and programmed, they can bring order and harmony in your body, your home and your life in general. Almost all copper gemstones are gentle, soothing and promote a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, reflecting the female attributes of Venus (copper is the metal of planet Venus). As a metaphysical stone, malachite is believed to bring transformation and change. It can help you in transitional times, by stimulating you to intuitively grasp, understand and accept the responsibility of your actions. Quite like opal stones, this stone can direct you towards accelerated spiritual evolution. It is, therefore, especially useful for people already involved in new age meditation or other new age techniques.

It is especially useful for absorbing negative energies and intense electromagnetic radiation of any kind. This intake of energy is malachite's very important feature. Malachite stones are believed to function by absorbing whatever type of energy you want to get rid yourself of. Therefore, malachite is often placed on the solar plexus area, and used for pulling out of the body the accumulated negative energies, emotions, blockages, and psychic barriers.

It is not possible to heal the traumas from the past without conscious knowledge them or if they are buried deep in your subconscious. With the help of malachite, you can identify, reorganize, and release the suppressed negative experiences from the past, as well as get rid of your unconscious blocks, bringing deep emotional healing to your whole emotional being. If you are constantly involved in feelings of guilt, if you carry a burden without even being aware of it, maybe you can try include malachite stones in your collection or in your home.

If you use malachite stones to release negativities from your body or from your soul, do not forget to clean and purify them immediately after the self-healing treatment session.

Some say malachite can help us understand love, as it represents loyalty and friendship in a relationship. Other people compare it with jade, which is a prime stone when it comes to relationships, either romantic or not. One way or the other, the stone malachite's spiritual properties are quite strong and prominent in the area of interpersonal relationships.

Malachite can also promote you creativity, concentration and astral vision. If you want to use it as a tool that can help you express yourself creatively, consider putting it on the third eye chakra and contemplate about your creative potentials. Malachite is related to the green metaphysical ray of the seven rays of light.

Malachite jewelry

From Malachite people can produce some beautiful jewelry items:

Malachite Bracelet- Good for Extra Energy, Healing and Protection

Oxidized Sterling Silver Plus Tiny Malachite Gemstones

Christian Dior Gaudron Malachite music box - Video

Malachite Care & Cleaning

If you notice that the color of malachite has changed, most likely it time to release the absorbed negative energy from it. Even if the color of malachite is not changed, you have to clean your stone on regular time intervals. Since it is a relatively soft stone (its hardness on the Mohs scale is around 3.5), avoid using salt, soap, acids and heat. Cleaning it under running water or placing it in a bowl of hematite stones over night are the recommended methods of purification. However, when using water to clean malachite be cautious, since water can affect the coating on some malachite stones. Do not expose your malachites to sun rays for too long. You can charge them by keeping them together with rock crystal stones.


sweet raine says:

Thank you for such an informed explanation of malachite's metaphysical properties. It was quite helpful.

sunny says:

Thanks for dropping by. I am glad you liked the post.

lee says:

To clean malachite, how long should we leave it under running water?

sunny says:

Several minutes should be enough, provided that your malachite stones haven't been used in crystal therapy sessions before.

If you are cleaning them for later use in healing or meditation, make sure you visualize how all the negative energies leave the stone along with the water. Our visualization is a powerful tool, indeed.

sheena says:

hi, i always go to this spiritual store called singing pebbles. and i felt this rock and when i walked out of the store it made me feel the urge to go back in and buy it i just felt a connection with it. its a vision stone. and now whenever i touch it i cry cuz all these emotions and pictures rush into my head and i cant handle it. how do i get rid of positivly? if that makes sense im scared to touch it. and im constently having nightmares every night.

sunny says:

Hi Sheena,

Did you cleanse the stone after you bought it? It is not the stone per se that is negative, but what might have been stored in it. It could be that the emotions of the previous owner, or some other person's emotions are stored in it. If you haven't done so, you would need to purify the vibrations of your malachite stone prior to using it. Then you would need to charge it with some source of positive energy, for instance using the early morning sun rays. I hope you can manage to cleanse and charge your malachite successfully. Otherwise, there is no point of having it around.
It could also be that your energy field is overly sensitive to the energies of malachite. In that case purification and charging won't help. You should consider putting you malachite away for some time, or giving it to somebody as a gift. In general, other people are not so sensitive.

Multiman says:

Good article I found it useful.

Neil Butterfield says:

Very interesting article thanks for sharing.

Tim says:

If, for whatever reason, any of my malachite stones have lost their sheen, is there any way to restore it. Also, I have a large collection of malachicte stones, but notice that I have a subconscious fear of working with them in healing. Could this be because I am afraid of the emotional pain that may be released? Do you have any advice on overcoming this block?

sunnyray says:

Hi Tim,

Malachite is the kind of stone that should not be put in contact with chemicals or even cleaned with soap. You should try to gently wipe it clean with a moist cloth or with a soft polishing cloth. Some people suggest using olive oil to improve the sheen but I generally avoid using oils on my stones.

As for the other question, it is really difficult to give a meaningful advise just based on the given information. Still, try to listen to your intuition. If you feel like you shouldn't be working with your malachite stone, then don't. There are so many other healing stones you could use instead.

Veenuu Sethi says:

My husband's Dob is 2 March 1976...which stone will be best for him to have peaceful sleep and he can focus more on work... Right now he is wearing amethyst and rose quartz. Regards

sunnyray says:

Hi Veenuu Sethi and thanks for the comment. I think you have intuitively selected the right stone. Amethyst is one of the best stones for people born under the Zodiac sign of Pisces. Best regards, sunny

Kate says:

I am considering buying small malachite stud (sterling silver) earrings to wear regularly. Recent inquiry shows heart chakra is closed and solar plexus is weak and wondering if this stone would be good choice.

sunnyray says:

Hi Kate. Thanks for the comment. Malachite is considered one of the stones of the heart chakra. It activates and clear this energy center and carries soft and stabilizing energy. So, you can give it a try.

Jade says:

What is the best and easiest way for me to charge my crystals? I don't have a lot of time.. Any advice would be welcomed and appreciated!

sunnyray says:

Hi Jade. You can use sunlight to charge your crystals, at least most of them. This method doesn't require your presence while they are charging. Some crystals, however, are not to be exposed to too much sunlight, so be careful. You can find more in Olga's encyclopedia of crystals here. Or just grab the free chapter that deals with crystal charging here.

John says:

I have an unpolished 3" Malachite tube opened on one end and bulbous on the other. Can it be beneficial for protection?

sunnyray says:

Hi John. Malachite is one of the stones that people use for psychic protection. It protects by picking up a lot of negative energy, so make sure you cleanse it regularly.

Louise says:

I've been intrigued with this stone since I've "found out" about it and I was wondering if this crystal is a good enough gift to a lover. Thing is he's a troubled man and the more I read the more I learn about how its a bad idea to wear this since it increases negative emotions too...

What do you think? Should I still gift it to him (for "protection" or what not) or should I look for something else?

sunnyray says:

I wouldn't consider malachite as a suitable gift to a lover. Take a look at this list of love stones that I think would be more appropriate.

Nicky says:

Hi, I have recently become a reiki master and always wear a jade and silver pendant, but today I was drawn to the rough malachite pendant that I have, is it ok to wear them together on the same silver chain or will they fight against each other?

sunnyray says:

They should complement each other just fine. Thanks for the comment and congratulations on the Reiki master title.

Ravi says:

I wore a blue sapphire and now I found it's yellow in colour . How ?

sunnyray says:

Hi Ravi. It is not the first time that I hear of people complaining about change in color in their gemstones, especially sapphire. And it is always difficult to give any useful information without knowing more about the history of the stone, its treatment, and handling.

Asuri says:

I was gifted a bracelet, that I thought was jade for almost 2 years now. I recently came across someone who told me that they think it's Malachite. Is there any way for me to send you some pictures? Like I mentioned, I thought it was jade so I'm a little unsure on how to cleanse it after wearing it daily for a couple of years.

sunnyray says:

Yes, you can email them to our contact email address.

Emdra1144 says:

I did a stupid thing when I first got my malachite, I cleansed it in salt. Now the shine is all gone and I don't know if I can restore it. I read that the stone is now toxic, I don't know where to go from here. Please, is there anything I can do to save my tumbled malachite? Thank you!

sunnyray says:

If it is just a loose stone, I wouldn't bother with restoring the shine. After all, Malachite is not that expensive, so I would buy another one. Besides, as you said, it can be toxic, especially if you do any mechanical work with it, like sanding or polishing. The reason is there is a possibility of copper contamination (Malachite is coper based stone). If you are really attached to the stone, the best solution is to give it to a professional to do the job.

Sourlips says:

I had picked up a small malachite stone and was walking around shop with it. All of a sudden I dropped it and a piece cracked off. The sales lady picked it up and said it was still fine so I brought it to the cash to pay for it. When I brought it to the cash the manager asked what happened and I told her I dropped it, she asked if it was a girl or a boy, meaning if the person I was trying to ward off was a male or female. I told her it was a female manager who's office is next to mine at my work. The store manager was covered in goosebumps and she made me pick out a new malachite stone and gave me some sage to burn with it. Does this indicate a bad omen? Is it bad if I dropped the stone and cracked it.

sunnyray says:

Did you want to buy that malachite specifically for protection against that person? Were you thinking of her when you dropped the stone?

paulo says:

Where can i polish my malachite

sunnyray says:

Hi there. It has to be done by a professional gemologist or jeweler. If you don't know what you are doing, don't try to polish it yourself.

Karen says:

Can you charge malachite in the full moon's rays? I feel more of a connection to Luna than the sun.

sunnyray says:

Hi Karen
Yes you can. Especially if you feel the connection. In fact, Malachite is a copper stone, and copper is considered the metal of the sea. And, we all know that the Moon has a special affection for the waters of our planet. Thanks for the comment, and many crystal blessings.

Donna Jenkins says:

Just purchased a malachite display egg from Congo Africa and it is beautiful! I dug a hole and put it in the earth to charge because I knew it to be to delicate for the sun. Do you agree with this method of charging? Also Yes the full and new moon along with amethyst and all others from the quartz family going under the moon as well?

sunnyray says:

Hi Donna
Yes, absolutely. That is one of the most effective methods. After all, the crystals and stones are coming from the earth, so that's their most natural environment. And yes, Amethyst, being known to fade when exposed to sunlight, as well as the others from the quartz family can benefit from moon charging. Thanks for the comment and have fun.

Ariana says:

Hi, I have a malachite ring that I wear constantly, I love it to death and I've rarely taken it off since I bought it. I notice that the article says to cleanse using running water. I wear this in the shower with me, is that sufficient, or should I make it a more deliberate endeavor? Should I envision my intentions while cleansing it?

sunnyray says:

Cleansing in the shower should be enough for most practical purposes. A more deliberate effort, for example envisioning your intentions would be required is some special cases, for example, after crystal therapy, or if you want to implant your intentions (programming) in the stone.

Fred says:

I am planning to buy a brand new
Malachite. Kindly advice for how often should I cleanse it and charge it?

sunnyray says:

It depends on what you plan to do with it. If you use it often, in self healing or meditation, I would cleanse it every day. If you program it with a special intention, then you don't clean or charge it until its purpose is achieved.

Fred says:

If malachite necklace absorbs ex rays and other electromagnetic frequencies let's say during air port security checking,what the best way of cleaning it?since I hear that when crystals absorb such ex rays they maybe dangerous to ones aura.

sunnyray says:

I wouldn't worry too much about that. We are surrounded by electromagnetic waves of all kinds, starting from cosmic radiation to cell phone radiation. So X rays are nothing out of the ordinary, especially for stones and minerals. That said, you should cleanse your malachite regularly, for example, check the comments above for some suggestions about cleansing.

Jessica says:

Hi, thank you so much for writing the above it's very helpful. I brought a malachite today hence why I am here reading this, it stuck out at me so I brought it, it makes me feel quite sick but I want to stick with it. I just wondered, while I was in the store there was a stone there that had the same properties as the malachite but was milder but I can't remember the name, do you know what this may be? Thank you in advance for your help and writing.

sunnyray says:

Thank you for commenting Jessica. Azurite comes to mind as a similar stone, not by appearance but by composition. If Malachite is making you feel bad, you should put it away for some time and try again to work with it at a later time. Everything happens for a reason. Take care and God bless.

Mary Jane says:

Hi Sunny. I have been researching help for vertigo and using Malachite. Would wearing a necklace or bracelet be best and are they ok to wear all of the time? Thanks.

sunnyray says:

It is very individual, some people can, others not. You should give it a try though.

wend says:

Hi Can I ask, what would be the best stone for my throat chakra? I have had lots of trouble with self expression, I'm an earth sign, I have found the info on malachite stones very useful, as I have been wearing one, and now I know how to cleanse it, thank you

sunnyray says:

Hi wend
Thanks for taking the time to comment. You are not alone in having to deal with self expression. I can tell you that the throat chakra is really a problem for a lot of people. Best stones for dealing with this chakra are the light blue ones: for example, Lapis Lazuli, Aquamarine, or Turquoise to name just a few. To really use them properly, you would have to program them for, say, perfect self-expression.

Elaine Nelson says:

I love how the awakening is occurring to so many regarding the divine Mother Earth created to sustain God's people - it isn't just nutrition exercise rest and spiritual connection , the earth yeilds for us is gentle ways - my mom told me once if I add too much salt to food i can add sugar and it won't be ruined. Crystals that blow you away radically are doing thier work, and if you are too overwhelmed - be patient and gentle with yourself - get rest , drink water, eat healthier and also - research your crystal of mass impact and odds are there is another crystal you can use in conjunction with the stronger one to bring the vibration and resonance down to tolerance. Or you can ask you spirit guides, higher self or God of creation to ease your experience - sometimes people have been in a hypnotized state for so long - that the awakening can be abrupt & frightening. My two pence says - buckle up buttercup - if it's radical God has a super natural path laid out for you. Learn to calm through meditation and breathing trusting helps a lot too

emom says:

Someone told me you should never wear Malachite jewelry as it attracts all the negative electromagnetic properties and is dangerous. Is this true? I love this stone and just bought a beautiful pendant, but am afraid to wear it over my heart now.

sunnyray says:

@ Elaine: Thanks for coming by and commenting. Great insights!

@emom: Yes, it is known to attract negative energy, but that's the way it protects you. If you want to wear it, cleanse it often.

Shannon says:

Hi i brought a malachite Crystal today & was wondering if handling by others affects the crystals energy or well-being for me?.. & also while using this Crystal is it better to be thinking positive thoughts more than negative things?

Thank you

sunnyray says:

Hi Shannon and thanks for the comment. You are right on both counts. The handling by other does affect the crystal's energy. And yes, positive thinking is the key while working with crystals.

Zyphrum says:

sunnyray says:

@ Elaine: Thanks for coming by and commenting. Great insights!

@emom: Yes, it is known to attract negative energy, but that's the way it protects you.

i recently got a rather large stone and nothing but trouble has followed. we got robbed (at gun point), a car crashed into where i work, we got scammed of $800. i'll set it in a fountain that we have for a day or so. if that does nothing trash it goes.

crystal says:

Hi. My daughters have been telling my husband and I that they are being followed by a negative energy. I took them to the store to find something for them to wear as protection. They both choose malachite rocks and amethyst necklaces as well as a bracelet with pyrite and tiger eye on it. So the very next day after they choose their stones my daughter's malachite stone cracked in half. I don't know how to properly dispose of it. Also did they choose the right stones for protection? Thank you very much in advance.

sunnyray says:

Hi crystal and thanks for the comment
Malachite absorbs negative energy, Amethyst is a fantastic spiritual stone, and Pyrite helps in grounding. So, this is a good combination, especially if your daughters have been drawn to it. Check the full list of protection stones here. As for the cracked malachite, you should definitely dispose of it in a proper way, not just throw away, as Malachite can contain toxic elements. Now, coming back to protection from negative energy, there is a saying: "Don't fight darkness, just bring in light". So, the stones are fine, but never actively work on fighting negativity, just focus your attention on spiritual work, meditation, prayer, and other positive spiritual practices. All the best!

Amethyst says:

Hi there!
I'm new to crystals, and I think I jumped in a little blindly. I used indirect salt cleansing, not knowing salt wasn't the best cleansing method for Malachite, having placed it in a small glass container that I partially buried in a larger container with salt. However, I also had it wrapped in thin copper wire to hold it on a chain. I was silly, and I'm not sure if it was the salt, wire, or both; but I realized it was cracked with a small chip missing. I'm curious if that damages or alters the crystals vibrations. If so, what are the best steps to take in cleansing and charging it?


No, malachite is POISONOUS when it gets in touch with water!! Careful about your advises!!

sunnyray says:

Thanks for the warning, but never did we give any advice regarding drinking malachite elixirs or charging water with malachite. Of course, that is poisonous. But you can safely cleanse your malachite under running water.

Ramazan TURKHAN says:

suunyray you are legend one.. your answers goes to the exact point

turzo says:

LISTEN EVERYONE, NEVER clean Malachiete under running water it becomes toxic. search google

sunnyray says:

Hi turzo. Thanks for the info. You may want to check this post:

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