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Manipura chakra - very fundamental facts

Manipura chakra is the energy center located at the area of the Solar Plexus. The real awakening of the Kundalini power happens only here, as it can be experienced very strongly, with loud and thundering auditory impact. Once this chakra is awaken and we start mastering over it, no longer are we capable of so easy falling to the lower levels. It is the first safe haven illuminated by the Sun that rises our life energy. Manipadma is the tibetan name for this energy center, which means jewel-lotus.

Manipura is the center of the will power. Realized people live in this center of energy, discipline and endurance. Manipura means jewel-city, its color is yellow like an amber, its vehicle is the ram. It has 10 petals, its element is fire, organ of action are the feet, the corresponding element is fire, its planet is Mars, its sense organ is the sight, whereas Manipura's formula is RAM.

In its negative aspect it is the seat of greed, overeating, insatiability and fear. Can you remember feeling a kick in your Solar Plexus when scared?

The positive aspect of this chakra is Peace. This center is ruled by the Sixth Light Ray - The ray of Peace. When it is fully purified and once a complete control over the Solar Plexus is attained and the feeling of Peace expanded - then we gain full protection against fear and the destructive tendencies of other people, as well as from our own lower physical impulses. It is in Manipura that we really free ourselves from our illusion and our complexes.

This chakra is a center of physical and material strength, center of will and dynamism, with emphasis on ruling over the lower regions. Its exact location is 2 inches above the navel. When it is not blocked, Manipura manifests itself in the increased sense of self-esteem, clear vision of one's own meaning of existence and in the realization that dreams other people find impossible can indeed be fulfilled. The Spiritual becomes basis of all life activities. There are no longer secrets about the physical body - no illnesses either. The Moon in the Bindu extracts nectar that falls down to manipura, where it is being annihilated. But if Manipura is awaken, the energy of this nectar goes back to the brain, rejuvenating the whole body. There is no longer ageing. The blockage of the third chakra manifests as lack of material safety.

Crystals and the third energy center

Crystals that open the third energy center are yellow or golden in their color. They are: amber, yellow (imperial) topaz, yellow calcite, tiger's eye, yellow jasper. Furthermore, citrine is connected to the manifestation of abundance and balanced use of will, golden calcite that integrates new energies and beliefs regarding personal improvements, and pyrite that brings creative ideas of plenty. Yellow is the color of balance, and renewal of the nervous system. It is also the color of the intellect. Yellow is naturally linked to the Sun ("Solar"). Its frequency is connected to the frequency of our conscious mind.

Rare stones:Serandite | Pink Amethyst | Nuummite | Shungite | Sugilite | Ametrine | Boji stones

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