In this article I am going to talk about the meaning of diamonds and especially about their metaphysical properties. Everybody knows quite a lot of information related to these supreme gemstones, but the meaning, spiritual and healing sides of diamond jewels are generally not well known. It is not enough to know all about the gemstone's optical and physical properties, nor about the four Cs (cut, color, clarity, and carat) - there is a more spiritual point to these wondrous crystals. In addition to purchasing diamonds as fashion items and as a mean to express your life style, you should learn about what this crystal can offer in sense of improving your life, your environment, your energy and your ongoing personal growth process.

In short, diamonds represent faithfulness, love, purity, innocence, and relationships filled with love. It removes certain types of deviations in the aura, which can be best imagined as sort of voids, and diamond fills them with the pure energy of love. It inspires creativity, ingenuity, inventivity, faith, endurance, and helps in manifesting abundance in all areas of life. Diamond is a symbol of the richness of the Self. As the hardest mineral of all, it is especially esteemed owing to its beauty, purity, and ability to reflect light in a special manner. Diamond brings purity, and clear positive resolution of all problems that bother us, especially after we have become willing to admit our wrong perceptions and approaches, or our unreal expectations. Diamonds work together with other crystals in accentuating their vibratory, healing qualities and can be used for example in crystal healing therapy.

Color and Physical Properties

Diamonds are created out of pure carbon. They have a very strong crystal structure where the carbon atoms in the crystal are especially strongly bonded. They can form octahedral (classical diamond), trapezoidal and dodecahedral crystals.

In their most perfect form they are colorless and with special fire patterns. Naturally, they can be found in all nuances and colors, from white, black, pale pink, yellow, red, orange, green, blue, and brown, and this has to do with impurities of some light elements, like for example nitrogen. Due to the presence of certain foreign atoms the color of diamond can be altered, for example, only one atom of boron that comes on milion atoms of carbon can effectively absorb the color from the red part of the spectrum and thus produce color change to blue. Actually, diamonds are among the purest crystals that can be obtained either in nature or in laboratory.

One of the best known diamonds in the word, the Hope Diamond owns its color due to boron defects. Natural blue diamonds are extremely rare, and incredibly expensive. On the other hand, if there is nitrogen in diamond's crystal structure what will be absorbed is the violet end of the electro-magnetic spectrum which produces yellow color of the diamond. The colors are an interesting subject and you can find more about the color symbolism of crystals here.

The Metaphysical Meaning of Diamond

The Hindu tradition relates diamonds to the planet Venus, while some other ancient peoples believed that they are connected to the planet Mars. The later is probably due to the warriors' custom of wearing diamond stones in battle for protection and strength. It was thought that diamonds make the warriors invincible and that they fortify their muscles. In favor of this thesis speaks the Greek word for diamond - adamas - which means invincible.

The diamonds have been called kings of all crystals, stones of the mind and gemstones of the masters. This is no doubt, the most powerful crystal imaginable in the domain of metaphysics. It is able of reaching deep into us and opening much more spiritual doors than any other stone. Even more than that, diamond is able to bring abundance and fulfillment of the desires or undertaking you can only dare to imagine. If you dare to dream your own and true destiny, diamond is here to help you accomplish it.

The meaning of diamonds from the more meditative point of view is simple: this gemstone is capable of cleansing your energetic obstacles. By the increased feeling of self respect and self love diamond will also help you understand your own emotional obstructions. Purified by the diamond you will shine up to the eternity and be perfect. That will bring you inner peace and a feeling of calm. Diamond is as well capable of casting away the negative emotions and thoughts that might want to find their way to you, thus increasing your physical, mental, and spiritual energy, and bringing positive mental attitude. It will enable new things to start happening in your life. It will increase your energy on various levels slowing down the aging process. Physically, it will help regenerate the cells in the body. "Amante de Dio", the Italian word means the lover of God. So it will help you make a better contact with the Divine.

Physical and Mental Healing wit Diamonds and their Care

In meditation, as a stone of the intellect, it helps the mind to detach itself from the unwanted and unnecessary thoughts, bringing mental clarity to where it is most needed. Indeed, the picture of a perfect brilliant diamond was often used in the meditative practices of different spiritual traditions for thousands of years.

Diamond activates the seventh crown chakra Sahasrara. It unites the body with the mind, and is able to help prevent cardiovascular diseases. It can stimulate the glands of the endocrine system, and help in cases such as leukemia and skeletal problems. It can enhance sight, and help balance the metabolism. It is believed to be able to heal capillary bleeding. Diamond gives an increased power to help resist addiction, especially if related to increased food intake, and cigarets.

Due to its metaphysical features, there is no need to internally purify or do crystal charging of diamonds. So indeed, I hope you have realized what the meaning of diamonds is and how powerful they are in sense of their metaphysical, healing and spiritual properties. The price of the natural gemstones is high, but their benefits can also be substantial if you know how to properly use them in healing, meditation, and crystals programming.

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wendy gill says:

Thank you for sharing your information....are there classes on line? My hobbies are learning and using chrystals.

sunnyray says:

Hi Wendy
Thanks for reading. Sorry, no online classes for now, but there might be an e-book soon...

Antunco says:

It's beautiful!

sonia says:

I did a shaman journey , during it they placed a huge blue diamond inside of my heart ,it was beautifuuly cut do you know what this means


beatification says:

i just like diamond, there is something about it which i cant express.

sunny says:

Yes, indeed, the feeling is unlike with any other stone. Even the cheapest black diamonds will provide you with the king of pleasure you speak about.

daisy says:

Diamond is truly a magnificent gemstone. As a wearer of the stone I can appreciated its beauty and grace. On my wedding my husband presented me with stunning earrings stud, diamond bangle and diamond aquamarine ring. Its really is a majestic gemstone

sunny says:

You are totally right, Daisy - no gemstone can ever come close to it.

Hummus says:

I really enjoyed reading it.

Thank you.

I was looking for a pendulum and it said that that pendulum was with diamond. It costs for $30. Do you think it's real? Seems a quite small pendulum. I don't want to buy fake crystal though...Or it doesn't matter if i have a fake diamond or real?

sunny says:

Hi there,
I believe that you can buy a nice Rock Crystal pendulum for that amount of money, but a real diamond - no way - with all due respect toward the merchant. And yes, it does matter if you have a real, natural diamond versus a man made alternative - at least when it come to diamond's metaphysical properties there is a big difference.

Hummus says:

Thanks for your response. I think I should go for just "nice" crystal. Since my bith rock is a diamond, I was very fascinated to buy something with diamond like pendulum but NO more (unless someone buys my a real diamond)!

sunny says:

You should not be discouraged, however, in your desire to buy a real diamond (or a combination of it). You can do that for a reasonable amount of money, only it won't be a perfectly cut, transparent Diamond. Indeed, you can find opaque, but still very nice looking black or brown one carat diamonds for as little as $150. Being real diamonds, even though not so perfect, they are certainly worth the price.

Magnolia Polley says:

For further information on Diamond Therapy techniques, please reference my book published in early 2006 detailing my study of the healing artistic value of the diamond while working with the Diamond Information Center, DeBeers and Steinmetz. The book is called "The Diamond Path: A Guide to the Art of Healing"... and has been inspired by 15 years of practice using gemstone therapies and other sense stimulating modalities to align and balance the body, mind, and spirit... science and spirit are both respected and addressed here. Please feel free to contact me at if you are interested in hosting a class in your area based on the Diamond Therapy Technique. With all due respect for your study of the diamond...I offer you mine. Magnolia May Polley, founder, CEO and author of The Diamond Therapy and Technique Method.

smith says:

I just got a diamond ring. It's 2 in 1 design. After 2weeks I was robbed at my house. They took a lot of money and valuables. The only valuable thing left was my diamond ring. They don't know it's diamond. Ok my point is this. Since the robbery I can feel the impact of the diamond in my life. Yes i got closer to God. Positive thoughts. And I'm so confident I will regain my loss.

sunny says:

Hi smith,
I am very sorry to hear about all this. May God's love be with you, always. My best wishes to you for a very quick and complete recovery.

Mary Mears says:

Hi, I just want u to know that a preacher came to our church and lay hands on me and called me a Diamond. I didn't know or understand what she meant. But now since I read on about a Diamond, I realize what the LORD was saying to me, and I was really bless by reading this artical, THANK U VERY MUCH.

sunny says:

Thank you too Mary for dropping by and sharing your insight with us.

Adrian Robles says:

Thank you very much for your article on the meaning of a diamond. I am a bass player with the praise and worship team of my church and during worship service I saw a vision of a diamond as I was playing my instrument. I now know what God is telling me thanks to your article.

God Bless!

sunny says:

Thanks for the nice words Adrian. God Bless you too!

Diem says:

Diamond indeed is an irresistable gemstone. As a wearer I am absolutely inspired by its power and sparks. It energy and radiant is enchanting and exquisite.

sunny says:

So true Diem, so true!

raissa says:

Beautiful article. A nice diamond pendent to myself is my next mission.

sunny says:

Thanks Raissa, and may your next mission be completed very soon!

Kristi says:

Just got a diamond tattooed on me

I’m really happy with it - it sits behind my right ear - and I was originally going to have a star tatted but went with a diamond at the last moment - surely I was drawn to it for these reasons listed above! Thank you for sharing!

sunny says:

Thank you too Kristi, for dropping by and for sharing your thoughts with us!

Chums says:

Hi, thanks for the wonderful explanation of the Metaphysical meaning of diamond. My college sweet heart just gave me a present a promise and anniversary ring. I love it so much and I can't stop looking at it all the time especially when the sun hit on it and the sparkle is so amazing and un-describable feeling inside me upon watching it's shine. Thank you and I enjoyed reading your information about it.

sunny says:

Hi Chums,
The sparkle of Diamond is something that truly separates this great gemstone from any other stone or crystal. Thanks for sharing!

Billie says:

I just had a reading where I was told the reader saw white diamonds in the palms of my hands and bright light shining out from the diamonds. What do you think this means?

sunny says:

One possible interpretation could be related to the energy centers in the palms of the hands. Every human being possesses two important energy centers in the palms, and this reading could mean that your centers are strong and active, irradiating energy in the surrounding space, just like diamonds reflect intense fire and light around them.

Chris says:

Just curious. I just bought some diamond earrings and by reading your article I'm under the impression that you don't have to clean your earrings. So I wont have to clean my diamonds with palo santo or spiritual cleanse them? Thank you, I really enjoy your website

sunny says:

Hi Chris. The idea is that diamonds are so powerful stones that they sort of spiritually cleanse themselves. But you can always use incense or other ways of spiritual purification if you like. And, many thanks for your comment.

carl says:

just asking.... can the inherent purity of diamond be adulterated by some black rituals? If so, can it be reversed?

sunny says:

Diamond is one of the gems we belive cannot be adulterated and that's what make it such a beneficial spiritual stone.

Anthony F says:

In this morning's meditation/journey, I was told "see through/with the clarity of the diamond." It was the "right eye," only. Thank you for the information of this article.

sunny says:

That is a great insight, Anthony. Thanks for sharing.

Sue says:

Hi I was lucky enough to be walking down the street and hello I looked down and there was this little heart necklace with a diamond in it. I wasn't sure so I got a jeweller to look at it for me and yes it is a true diamond. Is there any meaning on this or is it bad luck. I luv your site and thank you for taking the time to read this. Sue xo

sunny says:

Hi Sue,
This question is in fact very general and not necessarily related to diamonds. It has to do with all types of found objects: should we take them, leave them be, try to find their owner, or do something else? There are different opinions and I think everyone has to decide for themselves. I personally never touch them, even if they are as valuable as diamonds.

kathryn says:

Recently I bought a vintage diamond ring because I could not resist the stones and thought about them for months. Previously I was determined to make danburite the last of the crystals that I would bring home. Do the diamonds indicate that I am making progress in the right direction? I explained it to others as wanting to honour a special family event. Thank you!

Bekele yohanes Abiy says:

Diamond has more power when used in spiritual activities, like success, love ,money & ward off from evil. Please if you have one, don't sell it even if you are in money crisis because it is hard to return your life in previous condition.

Sarah says:

Diamonds as spiritual stones:

Hey I was wondering about the black diamond I saw a beautiful sterling silver dragonfly pendent with black diamonds from its head to the end of its tail ..could you please tell me it's spiritual meaning and should I purchase it ?

sunnyray says:

Black diamonds have a similar meaning to their transparent relatives, except for the black color which should add some extra protection and grounding. As for the second part of your question, you alone should be the judge of that.

ruby nicor says:

I'm just curious about the black diamond because I have a dream about it so I'm searching the meaning of it.

premnirmoha says:

My experience with black diamond is very different. I've felt subtle pains in my brain when I hold them, which has been a clear indication for me to keep away from them. It's not an uplifting gem. It will challenge you to face the darker aspects within yourself. It's a matter of attuning your awareness to its frequency and experiencing it for yourself. Your felt sense will indicate if it's right for you. All gems have something to reflect back to us. When certain challenging aspects need to be faced, black diamond can be a tool to aide in that transformation. If not, then on the contrary, it could be quite unsettling and ungrounding.

sunnyray says:

Hi premnirmoha
Thanks so much for your opinion on black diamonds.

premnirmoha says:

You are welcome. I am investigating the subject of therapeutic diamonds. It was information brought through many years ago by Ginny Katz, (author of 'Gift of Gemstone Guardians') now known as Isabelle Morton. She recently returned to the scene again. Her website is Diamonds that carry the spectrum of the 7 color rays are powerful therapeutic tools. Does anyone have more information on this?

kishore says:

Hi, I am a scorpio born on 1-11-1970. I lost my job 3 year back. For the last 3 years I have not earned any money, but lost everything, property, etc. I am wearing a Diamond Right on the Ring finger for the last 2 years with blue sapphire on the middle finger and mercury in small finger. I also tried Tiger Eye for a few months last year, I removed it and kept aside. What has gone wrong with me? Why am I not progressing or having no earnings or gains?

jennifer kolhagen says:

Could we not then make a giant diamond cut in octagonal form. Arrange inside a gold 5 dimensional sphere and place it in the sun and spin. Would this not signal healing energies throughout?

Obi sharvan says:

Diamond is something that I couldn't hve gotten it's meaning in relation to love but since my fiance bought me diamond ring for our engagement and then she asked me to tell her the meaning of it? There after I was forced to google and then after I told her, then she said that, that was exactly what I meant to her and so I do have no otherwise but to thank you for your explanation. Thanks alot.

sunnyray says:

You are very welcome, Obi. Thank you for the nice comment.

linda says:

Sunny: in the article above Sonia comments that she did a Shaman journey and a diamond was placed in her heart. I also had an angelic healing/visitation where after the healing a huge diamond was placed in my heart/chest. I am trying to find other people who have had the same experience so we can find out what it means. Would you be able to find out how I can get in touch with her. She is the first one I know of who mentions the same experience I had. Thanks so much!

sunnyray says:

Thanks for the nice comment. I sent you a private response.

this one says:

Quietly I ask a simple question- are there any historical references or informations concerning a three diamond {of four points each) impression upon a persons body in prominent position?

Nimoo says:

Hi , I wanted to buy small pendent with real diamond . I went to see. There were two stones look a like. He said one is diamond and one is not. The real diamond was about $600. The shop was a carat diamond merchant. Please guide me how I can find out if it is real or not. Also I wanted to know that the machine which beep on real diamond is always true? Please help me because I don't want to buy fake with that much money.

sunnyray says:

Dear Nimoo,
The only way to be 100 percent sure is to purchase diamonds from a reliable source. In addition, you cannot possibly expect to buy a real, sizable diamond for only $600.

fatma says:

Dear Sonia, I had an experience about diamond. When I had a cosmic energy inititation, the diamond has been put in my chest..

Firstly I could not notice that it was a diamond!! I thought that it would be a pyramid or pearl... but its figure was like a reverse pyramid... Then I noticed today that it was a diamond... and I started to search it, what it means in my initiation and wants to say... I found out some information about it like a balance of life... I am writing some of them for you:

"Its other name is Dreams of stone... Its uses are to clean for blockades of brain function and individuality... and for healing all body and mental functions. It combines human mind/soul/body... and holds them together... It symbolizes abudance, allegiance and innocence..."

Thank you and best wishes,

Jenni says:

Great website, I love diamonds!!!

sunnyray says:

Thanks Jenni, we love them too. They are irresistible.

Jennifer says:

Thank you for this! I finally have the information I need! Thank you one last time!

sunnyray says:

Thank you for the comment, Jennifer. Many blessings.

Sandra says:

In meditation, I was given insight through a vision of a round cut diamond. The message was: "We are all facets of one large faceted diamond, which is CREATION. We see only from our small side of the diamond but none the less every side is attached and part of that which is God."

sunnyray says:

Sandra, that's a beautiful experience, and indeed a very deep insight. Thanks for sharing.

Indira says:

Has anyone had experience of working with diamond in its natural carbon form. Is this recommended?

sunnyray says:

Rough diamonds obviously lack the optical properties of polished diamonds, but as far as energy capacity and potency goes, they are comparable, and even in some cases more suitable.

Diamond Bormentar says:

Good. Now I know what diamond means.

Rajashree says:

My DOB: 14.6.1973, 9.51pm, Kolkata, India. A practising astrologer friend in Oct 2013, gave me a blue diamond & in less than 20 days, everything started going haywire. She still insists on a blue diamond. Can't do much also. Would be helpful if u can answer me on my mail id. Regards, Rajashree

sunnyray says:

Thanks, Rajashree, for your comment. It is difficult to say anything without knowing the details of your situation. Given the info you provided, on the one hand, I can say that we humans are so complex beings that no astrology can really being to take into account all the possible influences that are at work at any given time. On the other hand, in order for an important change to occur in our lives, things have to go haywire first, as you put it, so that we can get the much needed space for the change to be able to manifest itself. God bless!

ricciblackbird says:

I am 61 and focusing on things and people who have value to me. I had admired choc diamonds at an independently owned jewelry store for years and finally bought small but true choc diamond earrings and matching pendant. The pendant I hung on my mother's 18K gold chain; she passed twenty years ago and is with Jesus. Since my purchase, I have worn no other jewelry but these. Something shifted in my paradigm when I began to wear these choc diamonds. I feel confident in my own skin and balanced; as if I now really know myself and delight in who God has made me. It's a new and lovely outlook.

sunnyray says:

Thanks for the comment ricciblackbird, and God bless!

Colton says:

I'm interested in knowing whether a laboratory made diamond made from cremated human remains would hold special energetic properties. Anyone have any ideas on this?

sunnyray says:

That's is an interesting idea, Colton. I guess it is feasible, but I doubt anyone has ever tried to realize it. And I really have no clue what kind of energetic properties such a diamond would exhibit. Thanks for sharing though.

Ying says:

Thank you for the lovely informations on Diamonds. I had been wearing a very dainty ring with 3 small diamonds since over a year, but since the past one year everything had not been good for me and recently it struck me whether it was the diamond. May I know if diamond suits all zodiac persons.

sunnyray says:

Hi Ying
That's an interesting question and a not so easy one to answer. The modern and traditional interpretations of birthstones say that Diamond is a stone of Aries and Taurus. But in principle, all stones should suit all people. On the other hand, we are all very subjective beings, with different energies and different conditions of our bodies. Even the same stone may work differently, say, one year from now, simply because we have changed. In your case, you would have to try and find out if your Diamonds are working against you in some respect. I would make sure that the stones are thoroughly cleansed and recharged, before trying anything else.

Raunak says:

Hi Sunny,
Good Wishes for you! I wear a small solitaire on ring for some time now. Meant to ask your opinion that - if more of such small diamonds put on the ring - do you think overall metaphysical power of the ring shall increase.

Thanks in Advance.

sunnyray says:

Hi Raunak
Yes, your conclusion makes sense. Thanks for commenting.

Abu Fadel says:

Hello Sunny. As everybody I would like to thank you so much for this article but I have a couple maybe silly questions. The first question is, I have looked and looked and looked at diamonds and tried to figure out which diamond is better than the other. How do I tell the difference between good and even better? I read a lot of the Internet and everything is always conflicting. Secondly, unfortunately I am a smoker so how do I use the diamond again to quit smoking and cut down on eating please help. Thanks again

sunnyray says:

Hi Abu Fadel. Please check the forum.

Bilo says:

My ex husband bought me diamond rings but after my marriage broke up I got rid of all my diamonds. Last night I bought 2 sets of diamond earrings and I felt really happy with my husband and this article has answered a lot of questions I had about diamonds! Thank you

Julie says:

This is a very informative article. and just what I needed. I'm at a crossroads, and was having a chat to my guides, who took me to talk to 'The Masters' during a meditation, where I got handed a White Diamond.....and this explanation gives me a bit more direction. Thank you. Travel safe on your life's path.

patty brey says:

I suppose due to the powerful healing ability of the diamond is the reason the illuminati have created an artificial scarcity of this gem and limited availability of it!

sunnyray says:

Interesting observation, Patty. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this subject.

belinda says:

I've worn a diamond since I was 15. It's about the only gem I like wearing. Others make me feel ill when I try to wear them. I think mine has protected me. Could this be true?

sunnyray says:

Hi belinda
In many respects, Diamonds are really special stones. I totally understand why you feel that way. Thanks for the comment.

LORRI says:

My daughter can see auras. The other day she saw something different - a "blue diamond shape" near my eyebrow. WE both wondered what on earth that could be.

sunnyray says:

Hi Lorri
That's really a wondrous gift. And seeing a diamond should be a sign of something beautiful and Divine. Thanks for sharing.

Cres says:

Hello there and good day.!!
Hope all well..
I've got one gold ring with 7 small diamonds,, I've noticed one of the stone has crack in a form of a line top part of the stone. Is it still alright to wear and any bad effect to the wearer as far as success love and prosperity are concern.

Thank yOu and hope to hear from yOu very soon.!!


sunnyray says:

There are different opinions on crack and imperfections, but I think the metaphysical effects of your ring will be positive, despite the little crack.

Archana says:

Hi there, thanks for the post. I am Indian and collect several diamond jewelleries. I recently and for the first time lost a stone from my wedding ring (gifted by my parents). The ring had 6 small say 4c stone each. I lost one stone and continued to wear it only to find another stone disappear a day later. It is not considered good omen in our culture. As if an evil eye has been cast and that the dismond took away the negative vibes and saved me. Can you share your advice?

sunnyray says:

I think that you alone should determine the symbolism of losing stones from your ring. What you indicated above as the likely reason could very well be the truth. Thank for the comment, and God bless!

Thomas says:

Hi... I am a newly recovering drug addict... About 18months in sobriety... Iv never looked into the meaning of diamonds or black diamonds before... Around Christmas time I received a diamond ring with 4 small diamonds ... Since I got this ring things have been a bit easier as far as my mental and emotional state... However about a month ago I started to have horrible nightmares about relapsing and losing everything if worked so hard to achieve... As of late, I purchased a single black diamond ring... And wear it on the opposite hand... The two rings worn at the same time seem to help me negate those dreams and help me stay focused on my life and with my priorities... I'm not sure what to think of these magnificent stones all I know is what I feel.. And I can't stop looking at my black diamond ring.. It draws me in and seems to call my name... Pushing me on in the right direction... The diamond ring with the 4 stones doesn't call my attention as much however when I take it off I feel an instant overwhelming feeling of off balanceness ... Please help me understand more about these stones... Both black diamond and regular diamonds seem to have an amazing power over my mind and emotional state... And the two together seem to make me always feel in balance and not worry so much about life in general.. I feel at peace more then I ever have now that I wear a black diamond as well... Thanks for the artical.. Please email me back so we may continue this conversation...

Thomas says:

Thanks for the comment, Thomas. I'm glad that you find your diamond rings so helpful. In fact, everything that helps, however small, is significant. I wish you all the best in your efforts to maintain peace, love, and prosperity.

Kevin says:

Over the last year I have been having a ton of visions of a diamond when I close my eyes. I'm not new to the metaphysical side of things but never understood the meaning of a diamond in a vision. Coming across this website helped me understand more. Thanks.

sunnyray says:

Thanks for reading Kevin. Your support means a lot to us.

jess says:

Hi! My boyfriend gave me a little diamond pendant that i pretty much wear permanently. I don't usually take it off ever. (Have been wearing it about 6 months solid so far).

Recently I have started getting much more interested in crystals. Your page has helped a lot. Since I wear this diamond pendant all the time I have a couple of questions. Firstly, is there any crystals I should avoid wearing it with? I have mostly been wearing crystals related to my leo zodiac. E.g Tiger Stone. I am also wearing Rose Quartz with it. Additionally are there any crystals it works very well with?

I also want to know if I am meant to cleanse and recharge my necklace. It is from a jeweller so I have never considered doing that before!

Thank you!!

sunnyray says:

Hi jess
As far as I can tell, Diamond goes pretty well with almost all the other crystals out there, including the ones you've mentioned in your comment. For cleansing and recharging please check the corresponding articles in the left menu. Thanks for the comment and take care.

Emmanuel says:

Hi I'm really enjoying your information on diamonds, about 3 years ago a friend of my told me something good about diamond ring he was wearing but i did not take it serious, although I really admire it, I did not border to get one but now because of what I have just read I'm going to purchase one by the grace of God.

Thanks very much and God bless you.

sunnyray says:

God bless you too Emmanuel. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

Sk says:

Which finger to wear diamond ring What is the cost of 1 carat vvs1 clarity D colour diamond bcoz it differed at various stored I enquired

sunnyray says:

Diamond as a Venus stone is suitable for the ring finger.

ERIC says:

thanks you for sharing your articles .it may be my to understand my dreams about diamond.please email this article to me.

Cres says:

Hello there and good day.!!
Hope all well..
Can yOu please tell me the benefits of wearing a diamond necklace or ring as far as love success and prosperity is concern, I'm wearing this gem almost everyday.. another thing - why other websites or people saying: yOu can wear your diamonds on a Friday - any comment on this please..
Hope to hear from yOu.
Thank yOu and God bless.!!

sunnyray says:

Hi Cres. Appreciate your comment. I don't think there's any truth in what people are saying about Fridays and diamonds. Take care and God bless you too.

Cres says:

Dear Sunnyray,

Hello and good day.!!

Hope all well..

It's me again.. just wonder what is the effect and benefits of wearing a diamond necklace everyday.. and also when the person is having rough times in his or her life..

Thank you and hope to hear from you ASAP.!!!

sunnyray says:

I can't see why it shouldn't be OK to wear it every day.

Mon says:

Hello and good day.!!

Mon here.

Can you please tell me if rough or raw diamonds still the same metaphysical properties uses compare to that polished diamonds.?? and in your own opinion is rough diamond will stand out as far as necklace is concern..

Thank you very much.

sunnyray says:

I personally love raw diamonds, even though I haven't seen too many in my life. To me, they are even more magical. So yes, I think they will have the same metaphysical properties, but of course, they won't be as attractive in a necklace as the polished ones.

Mon says:

Thank you for the reply.

A follow up question please - does diamonds whether rough or polished needs cleansing and charging to be more effective as far as magical benefits is concern.

Thank you, more power and hope to hear from you again. God bless.!!

sunnyray says:

Diamonds are pretty durable, both rough and polished. While they are pretty scratch resistant, they may crack or chip because of an impact, or even on their own, due to natural imperfections within the structure. As for the magical benefits, they need no special cleansing or charging, although it may still be performed if you feel like doing it.

Mon says:

Dear Sunnyray,

Good day.!!

Hope all well..

What is natural, rough diamond crystal,, is it still the real diamonds we are talking about please.??

Please let me know, because I saw one of this kind and a very nice looking pendant and describe as natural, rough diamond crystal from Africa, also the magical properties..

Thank you and more power.!!


sunnyray says:

Of course rough diamonds are still real diamonds. The difference is they don't look as great as the faceted ones. On the other hand, because of their unchanged natural state, they could indeed be more powerful.

Mon says:

Dear Sunny ray,

Thank yOu so much for your reply. I'm becoming interested into rough natural diamonds now a days compare to faceted or lab works diamonds.

Again, thank yOu and more power. !!

Mon says:

Hello there and good day.!!

In your own personal opinion which is much better to wear as far as the magic is concern diamond ring or diamond necklace.

Thank you and hope to hear from you, God bless.!!

sunnyray says:

Hi Mon. Thanks for the question but I never use magic so I wouldn't know.

Mon says:

Hello there Sunnyray,

Follow up question please - blue sapphire or diamond to wear everyday for luck and prosperity.??

Thank you and good day.!!

sunnyray says:

I would choose diamond.

LizzieSkye says:

You don't need an actual diamond I looked at te stars and saw many diamond shapes tonight. Which made me ponder on why I saw them and what they symbolise. I live in the city but I saw many diamond shapes of stars in the sky. Great read. Interesting and I believe I saw those stars aligned for a reason as I was sad and now I am hopeful. Thank you

sunnyray says:

Thanks for sharing, LizzieSkye. I too believe everything happens for a reason. With love and light, sunnyray.

Starla D'Esperanza says:

I enjoyed reading your article on Diamonds and I am not doubting anything you wrote about diamonds, but my question/observation is this: if diamonds contain all of the metaphysical, emotional and physical healing properties you (and others) write about, then why do 50% of marriages in the United States fail since I would hazard to guess that maybe 90% of all brides and some grooms in the U.S. are given diamonds in their wedding and/or engagement rings.

sunnyray says:

You are right of course: it is up to us the realize the potential of the Diamond. It would be foolish to believe that the Diamond, or any crystal for that matter, will act on its own without our conscious cooperation. Unless, of course, we get a pre-programmed crystal from someone, in which case, that someone is projecting his/her will onto us.

Yee Ying says:

Fascinating and perplexedly accurate analysis of the effect and embodiment of the diamond... Thank you for bringing the needed understanding to me in making the selection of a gift to my cousin and another for a loved one above me.

sunnyray says:

Thanks Yee Ying. Many blessings.

Prerna says:

I am very fond of Diamonds, but really not sure if they give best results with Gold or Silver & if Opal is perfect substitute for it.

Galactic Wizard says:

Firstly, When understanding the "meaning" of stones and material matter, You all need to remember that no-one has the one true ultimate answer, the meaning you give things will determine what you get out of it and at the end of the day you are the determiner of your reality you are the boss and everyone may have a slightly different experience with the same material or gemstone (even vastly different experience) so I will give you my view and experience with the incredible and severely undervalued natural Black Diamond so far. Black diamond gives not only the clarity, confidence and protection etc. of regular earthly diamonds but they can help one access dimensions beyond this plane of existence and from times before this solar system was formed, the evidence for this is that they were carbon dated to have landed about 3.8 billion years ago around the time of the first single celled organisms on earth which was the first life on this world. They very well could have brought it with them who knows? so it lands 3.8 billion years ago(when Africa and Brazil where still joined hence the 2 location only) it has been said to have drifted in space for roughly 2 billion years before landing, what world was it from? a supernova explosion from one of the first material bodies of the universe, imagine the memory it may carry and could be tapped into. Black diamond I see is the ultimate meteorite as well as the ultimate gemstone it is the eye that watched all that we know come together, it was here before all of it, it would have all the properties of meteorite and connection to higher realms as well as diamond properties the king of jewels, which in my eyes this is a "next level" treasure. Though it's just as well not everyone is in-tune and aware of these things or it's price would be 10 billion times that of regular earthly diamond. (for clarification I am only speaking about legit original carbonados found only in Brazil and central Africa, please discern from the heat treated regular earthly black diamond.)

sunnyray says:

Thanks for the comment, it is much appreciated.

Galactic Wizard says:

- Black Diamond Update -

One thing firstly that i'd like to add is that when evaluating the meaning to go by your own intuition and what you receive from things. Also to look at the NATURE of the gemstone in question, i.e is it hard, soft? clear? orgin? how is it formed, what grows/creates it? what environment is it from? and so on..

After spending some more time with this incredible gemstone, I would like to share some new discoveries and insights.

I would say that it is a teacher which demands respect this world is a baby to it in terms of linear time. It will cut through illusion like a hot knife through butter and no earthly psychic attacks or magic can break it's shield. it's not "nice" nor "nasty" it is neutral and true, I find very much that it would absorb energies and thoughts (since it's dark) and cut away everything false both inner and outer depending where one directs their focus and energy to reveal truth and cut away all that isn't true within ones thoughts or ideas assisting ones ability to see the truth behind all. Be careful with this one though because it's no joke, it will dismantle your whole personality and reveal truth that you may not be ready to face, hard truths so this isn't for everyone, only if you are ready to let go of everything that is not true.

I used it and tested it with both inner world and outer world and so I tested watching TV and it enhances the ability to see past and cut through all the fake and insincere smiling faces and all the agendas behind the words.

I found that Black diamond is a harder material even than regular diamonds so it's ability to cut is profound and unmatched, also bringing cosmic intelligence and beyond which soars far above the game in the fields of this world I really feel that I've probably not even tapped into 0.01% of what it has to offer and teach.

A reminder that Gemstones are used as tools to help and aid and assist one to discover more within and reveal, I would say they can be used as a crutch to discover more of your own inner dimensions and to consciously use them in that way is healthy as oppose to giving your power away and having dependence to them. This is all about discovering that you are "God" So I would advise to use them to look within and not to look with eyes to the outer play of form unless you are consciously playing with reality as the "godself".

have fun !

Galactic Wizard

Ghada says:

Thank you for your very rich abd detailed article.
U want to buy a diamond ring but Im wondering if the carat would matter, my budget is for a ring between 0.2 and 0.4, would that make any difference if it's 0.2 and 0.4? As I'm more interested in the spiritual aspect rather than how it looks like.

Miranda says:

By nature diamond amplifies both positive & negative. We're all human & can't be positive minded all the time. The way I get around this is to have my diamond programmed/charged so only positivity affects me. It works. Although any stone can be done this way, I found diamond is by far the best of the best! I wear/use it exclusively now.

anonymous says:

I dream of solid black ring with diamond, what is the interpretation?
I hope you can response Thank you in advance

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