Luminescent Sky Blue Meditation Experience


I have been meditating and living consciously for 8 years and living a deeply spiritual life - I have had visions and some extraordinary experiences. However today as I lay in the bath I closed my eyes and quieted my mind.

I remember thinking something along the lines of "That situation is really bad but I feel really happy" just prior to closing my eyes. Anyway as soon as I closed my eyes everything became blue like a luminescent sky blue and it was as though I had not a single thought in my head. Nothing but the blue swirling around. I felt an amazing peace and like I was somewhere else - like my surroundings were not present - like I existed but not physically.

The blue seemed to me in the entire area of my head only - like the rest of me also did not exist. I was wondering if this would be my aura or something related to kundalini.

It was really beautiful and peaceful!


Dear reader,

The various situations we find ourselves in are never bad if, like in your case, we manage to be relaxed and, to some extent, happy. The fact that you managed to calm your mind and relax is exactly what triggered the experience of peace and the beauty of the state of consciousness you describe. For every one of us it is of outmost importance to have inner peace, forgiveness, selfless love and meditativeness in order to be really and truly happy. The best advice I can give you is to be ambitious in this regard.

Thank you for sharing.

With love and light,


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