Meteorite, especially the variation with higher nickel content, enhances the mental energy and promotes telepathic communication. It makes a bridge to the higher levels of awareness and promotes establishing contact across distance and time.

Meteorites are usually of brown or grayish-black color. They are quite easily recognizable and are exotic enough to play the dominant role in many mineral collections. One of the ways to classify them is the relative nickel to iron content present in the compounds.

There are several rare sulfide deposits that also contain elemental iron and nickel. These locations are the only true earthly finds of iron within the Earth’s crust. Elemental iron found in Nature does not necessarily originate from our planet, as it is rarely found in the crust and does not occur in the processes taking place there. One of the theories is that elemental iron in Nature originates from the meteors that came crushing down on our planet a long time ago.

Formula: Fe–Ni

Hardness: 4–5


Meteorites are mainly alloys of nickel and iron. Meteorite iron can be obtained from these alloys. Meteorites are some of the earliest known sources of iron. Because of the well-known features of iron, you should take some measures to protect your valuable Meteorite specimens. Corrosion is the worst enemy of these compounds and you should limit their contact with air and/or moisture or store them together with some desiccants to draw the moisture away.

Meteorites’ metaphysical energy can be rather strange and odd, so make sure you have checked your affinity toward working with them. Usually, this energy is in harmony with the energy of the Macrocosm and can be used to align your own energy field with the universal energy. Meteorites attract Cosmic wisdom. They facilitate the channeling of heavenly love and help us establish communication with the Angelic and Divine beings whose natural environment is the cosmic space.

iron nickel meteorite

Meditation with Meteorite is a totally natural way to make a connection to your earlier lives. Meteorites help reduce the chaos in your life. They keep you focused and may alter the state of your mind. They are generally considered helpful in our human evolution. They help by virtue of accelerating our mental growth and development of dormant psychic abilities.

Meteorites should be discharged for 12 hours alongside Hematite. They should be charged once a month in the sunlight or in a bowl of Rock crystals and Amethysts.

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Raunak says:

Hello, Thanks for bringing Meteorites in your collection of knowledge base. Could you please elaborate on your statement " Meteorites should be discharged for 12 hours alongside Hematite."

Also could you share - what kind of meteorites are best? Moldavites/Tektites etc and what size is best to use?

Thanks & Regards

sunnyray says:

Hi Raunak
Thanks for contributing to this website with your comment. The statement simply means that Hematite can help cleanse Meteorite. I would choose Moldavite over any other meteorite stone.

lex says:

Moldavite is not actually a meteorite, but a chemical reaction to one hitting the Earth and fusing with certain elements. As such, they pair very well with meteorites and can actually play the role of an amethyst & hematite towards a meteorite to keep it at double its natural potential with virtually no drawbacks, since it will be balanced.

sunnyray says:

Hi lex
Thanks for taking the time to comment. Really appreciate your thoughts on Moldavite. It is indeed a fantastic stone.

Mandharava says:

I have an extremely powerful meteorite found in the grounds of Samye Monastery, Tibet. It is believed that Guru Rinpoche, the 2 Buddha of our time made it rain Metiorite to suppress the daemons that were causing obstacles when the monastery was getting built. It is one of these Meteorites that I own. I can e.g. more if anyone would like one free of charge.

Marina says:

@ Mandharava. This is very interesting. I surely would like to accept your offer of sending one of the meteorites found in Tibet to me, free of charge. Thank you

James Martinez says:

I would love one as well thanks.

Lotus Girl says:

Mandharava: pls could I also sincerely ask for one of the Samye meteorites you mention. I have a very strong connection with that monastery and a 9 years ago spent a lot of time there. It is difficult for me to return there now. I would deeply appreciate one of these pieces if it is available and you feel to gift me one. Many thanks.

Mary says:

@Mandharava : If it is possible, I am also very interested in a Samye meteorite.

Nate Otto says:

I would like a small 1 or piece of 1 if you still have the any of them, i can make a trade with some that i have if your interested.

Rebecca Caldwell says:

Mandharava I would be interested if you have any left and would be willing to trade you a piece of Nebula Stone in the ruff which is my favorite stone to work with?

Doll Faller says:

Mandharava, I have had 2 meteorite pieces made into rings that I use to channel healing energy to people and to the earth. I would love to have a piece of this meteorite if there is still some left over. I can pay for a piece of this meteorite, please let me know if you still have any.

STAN says:

Hi Mandharava Could I have a small piece too.I usually carry them where ever I go. Is there any combination stone with Meteorite?

Surinder says:

Hi Mandharsha I am aware it's dome time ago but pls can you sent me one meterorite gems to me for my personal use and healing others . Appreciate your support or let me know where I can get one many thanks KIND rehards surinder

Nicholas Holden says:

Hi Mandharava I love the inspiration that you share around the world for the great of mother earth, I would be willing to buy a piece off you if any is still available, thank you and bless you. Nick.

Kaz says:

I too would like a piece of meteorite if you still have some please.

James Bartholomew says:

Hello Mandharsha. I am drawn strongly to meteorites and always have them around me. I would love to have one of your pieces if you have one to spare. Blessings and light. James

Nika says:

Dear Mandharava, thank you for your story of Guru Rinpoche, and your kind offer. I would be very grateful for one of your meteorite, if that would be possible. I am an artist and will be very glad to paint something for you as my gratitude.
Many blessings your way, and happy holidays to everyone!

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