Morning Prayer for Guidance and Wisdom

The following prayer about guidance, wisdom, and spiritual life was written on the 21st of November, which is to be considered the day of the year when the flame of Archangel Michael is especially strong.

The Word of God is what every human being needs. In the spiritual life of all of us, there is a constant need to let God live within, to become aware of Him, to accept Him, to love and adore Him, because God is indeed in us and we are in Him. There is a need to listen to Him, to become aware of the Word of God in our meditations and to implement It, as well as to live together with God, respecting God's advice by fulfilling God's plan for us daily, with delight and love. We should refer to His Will not just as God's Will, but Sweet God's Will, no matter how things sometimes, because of our imperfection, might seem.

prayer to God for guidance

Each and every day in the week is specially endowed with a range of Divine qualities. Each day of our spiritual life brings new qualities, which are to be contemplated and meditated, so that we are able to increase our love, to become more conscious, and to be able to implement the Divine intention.

Each morning, when in meditation, I receive the blessings of that day, for instance, the energy of healing, peace, wisdom, love, tolerance, balance, etc. I let myself be overwhelmed by this Divine energy, I live in the here and now, I live a full life, and I live the essence. This is the path to spiritual enlightenment.

The Divine essence is the foundation of the entire superstructure of life. In meditation and prayer we are able to establish contact with that Divine essence. It is both our spirit and our inspiration. To be in unity with God in us means to be in unity with all life and everything that exists, to have Divine wisdom, and to live filled with Divine love, or with some of its variations.

When I Am in God

There is nothing else in my heart but God. The Son of God lives in me.

God is One. God is everything. Let us be a part of God, let us be one with the Creator!

When I am one with God, I comprise the whole Universe; I am one with our Solar System, as well as with the most remote galaxies. That way I help spread the Word of God. The Divine love is expanding more and more and the infinity of the Ageless grows.

Now, the everyday problems and obstacles in my life seem easy. My heart is capable of forgiving because now, immersed in the Divine love, my heart can understand. Everything is pure and imbued with the Divine quality of love. The energies of the newly born day are pouring over my body and unloading into it new qualities that will be manifested today in harmony and love. The sky has turned blue and the sun rays has become melodious, the air is full of oxygen and prana, and the fruits and vegetables I intend to eat today have become juicier.

Prayer for God's Guidance

You, greatest and only God, bless me and help me stay by Your side all day, so that I don't stray away and I don't forget You even for one second. Help me resist the call of nothingness and temporariness, help me respect the real values, see the right choices, and make the right decisions. Save me, O Lord, from the wrong ways.

Only when I am one with You, I become what I have to be. Only then can I choose the best for me, can I forgive, can I love my fellow man as I love myself. And You, my Lord, I love You more than anything and everything, with all my heart, soul and body, with all that I am.

In the name of the Father, Mother, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen. /So be it/


fernando outlaw says:

love Yahweh

Angel says:

Truly beautiful prayer. Thank you. You've made my day. God bless.

Leni says:

Praise the Lord. God bless you. Thank you for this.

Diane says:

Thank you i wanted to know how to pray in the sparit your site helped a lot

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