Formula: 70-75% SiO2+25-30% MgO and Fe3O4

Hardness: 5-5.5

Obsidian is a stone of truth, protection, integrity, honesty and grounding. This stone awakens the inner warrior and provides courage to enter our subconscious mind and rediscover our hidden abilities. Obsidian, in general, protects our mind from all sorts of negative energies. Because of its reflective, mirror-like surface, Obsidian works like a mirror in which we can clearly see our own mistakes and weaknesses. Moreover, this stone will provide assistance and insight into the possible ways of correcting those mistakes. Obsidian is also believed to block the geopathogenic radiation.

Physical Properties of Obsidian

obsidian stone

The color of Obsidian can be very different, from black, brown, and blue to green, silver, red and bright golden. It is composed out of 70-80 pecent of silica, SiO2 and about 20-30 percent of MgO and Fe3O4 (magnesium and iron oxide). Its hardness is not too high, ranging between 5 and 5.5 on the Mohs scale.

The largest deposits of this stone are in Mexico and India.

Obsidian is a natural volcanic glass formed in the process of rapid quenching of volcanic material. Silica (Rock crystal) comprises some 35 to 80 percent of this stone. The chemical composition of Obsidian is very similar to that of Granite, which was also rapidly cooled down which resulted in avoiding crystallization. In its red, brown or black color, Obsidian is a compact amorphous mineral with hardness comparable to glass. Cristobalite crystals are often associated with some of the spotted Obsidian varieties.

Metaphysical Properties of Obsidian

Obsidian is probably one of the most challenging stone when used in metaphysical practice. Obsidian has been used in the ancient times because it can be fractured conveniently to produce knives and sharp blades. Indeed, symbolically this stone works like a knife, penetrating into the heart of the problem, at times even without scruples from inflicting pain.

Obsidian is therefore a mineral one should show a certain amount of caution and respect to. If you feel that your growth is stagnant and that you need a strong impetus to move forward, there is no better stone than Obsidian. It will help you identify the blockages - the strata of your ego and the weaknesses and personality flaws of your being that prevent you from growing any further. Some aspects of this process will be painful, but the gain will be of great importance. There is also a great deal of pain in self-deception, so it is worth it to make this step.

Those who enjoy in the most intense life experiences will use Obsidian without reducing its sharpness. The other will use additional minerals, such as Rose Quartz or Aventurine, to mitigate the blade of this stone. Or some may prefer Snowflake Obsidian over Black Obsidian, as it has nearly the same properties, it works fast and intense, but with a hint of less intensity.

Obsidian stimulates our self-growth and gives us support during this process. It can bring to the surface some very displeasing truths. It heals the soul and is very good for performing past life regression, where it can heal traumas and negative emotions from our numerous past lives that we have been unable to release to this very day.

Obsidian connects us via the root chakra - Muladhara to the center of the Earth.

Obsidian in Crystal Therapy

snow flake obsidian stone

In crystal therapy, Obsidian is beneficial for improving peripheral circulation and for balancing digestion. If placed under the pillow or beside the bed, it draws stress and tension out of the body and brings calm. Obsidian may also provide insight into the root cause of the problems or diseases.

Types of Obsidian

The properties described so far can be applied to all types of Obsidian. However, some Obsidian variations have their own special metaphysical features.

Black Obsidian boosts self-control. It disperses selfish thoughts and intentions and helps let go of past love. Black Obsidian also brings the gift of foresight. Black Obsidian crystal balls are very helpful in meditation. When placed on the naval area, this stone helps ground the spiritual energies within the body. When worn on the third eye, Obsidian helps break through mental barriers. It can focus the emotionally scattered energies and bring emotional release.

Silver Obsidian promotes perseverance and patience. It is a perfect tool for crystal gazing. Silver Obsidian is of great use in astral and mental projections.

Bright blue Obsidian is a stone of intuition that can be used in fortune telling, past life regression and for induced trance states. It opens the fifth chakra - Vishuddha and aids extrasensory communication.

Green Obsidian helps cure the gall bladder and promotes heart health.

Obsidian should be discharged under luke-warm running water. It is best charged in the early morning or late afternoon sun.


Sarah Louise Philips says:

You have a beautiful website. IF you publish an email newsletter, please add me to your list. Your comments on the various links I clicked about stones etc. were quite helpful. I Am pleased to make your acquaintance.

Olga says:

Thanks for the kind words Sarah. I really appreciate it. You can subscribe to my email newsletter here. With Love and Light, Olga.

Branimir Mitrović says:

Greetings. When I was little I got as a gift Obsidian. I did not know until today its properties. Now I'm 28 and as far as I can see it could be a great help for me. It is a green Obsidian, however there is very little information about him. Except that it is good for the heart chakra. If you would be kind enough to take the time to write me its general properties, and specific actions I would be very grateful.

Olga says:

Hi Branimir,
Thanks for comment. Green Obisidian is believed to have more or less all the general properties of black Obsidian, with the added benefit of being good for the heart chakra, just like you indicated yourself. In addition, it is also thought to help cure the gall bladder and promote the health of the circulatory system. With love and light, Olga.

Jose says:

Your article is perfect. I like how detailed and specific it is. But I have a huge question and hope you can shine some light on me. So I bought a obsidian Buddha necklace that once I saw I was immediately drawn in once I saw it. I didn't know much about the different stones and how each and everyone has a unique metaphysical powers to them. But the one I have is like a dark brown/green almost black looking with like gold speckles in it. I didn't see you explain anything about that one so I wanted to make sure since you have a lot more knowledge on stones what are the unique properties of this one ? And how does the Laughing Buddha that it's made into changes anything. I'll deeply appreciate any light you get to shine on me. With much love Jose.

Olga says:

Hi Jose,

It is hard to tell what the stone is without seeing it. Judging solely from the description, it could be obsidian. Now, the fact that you were drawn to this particular type of stone, means something. We are often drawn to stones whose energy we need in our auric field. This, of course, may change in time. Also the shape of the stone could mean something or could point to something. What that particular symbol means to you is also up to you to decipher. Hope this helps a bit. With love and light, Olga.

Michael says:

Snake told me that green obsidian is about communication with other planets and that it promotes good spirituality and grounding as well. That its Snake's crystal. In addition to the normal properties. It's not everyday a spirit guide tells you this. And I felt compelled to share it. Love Michael.

Olga says:

Thanks Michael for sharing with us your insights regarding Green Obsidian. I really appreciate it. With love and light, Olga.

alexandra says:

I have just received a bracelet that contains snowflake, mahogany, and silver sheen obsidian . I am new to owning anything like that and it seems like every time I look at a different Web page it says something different for recharging and cleansing. Is there more then one way ? Does it have to be a full moon or any moonight? Does it matter if it's cloudy ? Thank you

Olga says:

Yes there are many different ways of recharging and cleansing. And, no it doesn't have to be moonlight. To get some ideas about how you can charge your obsidian, check this page. As for the ways of cleansing, you may want to download our free report here. Thanks for commenting.

Nawras says:

I bought an obsidian bracelet with some carvings in it, its very nice looking But with that aside. I can feel the intensity of this stone, it's quite awesome and quite frankly, it's too much sometimes. It does make you feel grounded and it does boost your confidence. But sometimes you just don't want to deal with the suppressed negative emotions it brings out. I can only wear it for like an hour a day. Do you think that I will get used to it or maybe I should wear a more gentle grounding stone? Thanks

sunnyray says:

I can see that you are quite sensitive to the energies of the stone. And that is a good thing to be sensitive but, of course, not overly sensitive. As you said yourself, you have two choices, to use your Obsidian sparingly or to try another grounding stone. As for bringing out the suppressed negative emotions, using this stone could be a way of eliminating them. So you can use your Obsidian bracelet whenever you feel like working on your emotions and cleansing of your astral body. Our energy field is constantly changing, so you may even get used to the stone at some point. Thanks a lot for the great comment. With love and light, sunny.

Paul says:

You have a nice website/blog page here - clear and informative by with an underlying feeling of compassion . I was given a Black Obsidian stone by a friend . Found it protective bit like being surrounded by a thick impenetrateable black wall .But it trapped negative emotions In . So I stopped using it. Tried Rainbow Obsidian under my pillow & found myself going back to past bad experiences & being overwhelmed by black hate & red fire anger. Shifted that stone 6 foot away from me & am now begining to lighted up & fill up with golden sunshine love .No problem with any other stones .I Like Black & brown tourmaline,haematite selenite blue tara quartz golden rutilated quartz etc etc . Will now only use my obsidians as a last ditch defence . Lesson learnt .Thanks for your kind advice -Paul

sunnyray says:

Hi Paul,

Very interesting observations. I like how you discovered that protection can also mean trapping one's own emotions. Thanks for sharing.

Diana says:

I love this website. So much information. Easy to read and access in a hurry. The info encompasses everything that I am looking for. Thank you.

Alan says:


I have recently purchased what I believe to be black obsidian stones. I have placed these stones all around my house, on window sills etc. ever since placing those stones I have noticed an increase in negative energy between myself and partner bringing truths to the surface. I am very open minded and have little knowledge on stones/crystals so I have been rather sceptical about the negative energies and feelings being the result of these stones. I do however now believe it is not a coincidence the stones are drawing out negativity etc. My only problem is I have no idea how to fix certain issues and I hoped the stones would provide some clarity for me. Could I also ask, how do I know for sure on the future that the stones I'm purchasing are in fact black obsidian what proof is there?

Best regards


sunnyray says:

Hi Alan. Thanks for sharing your experiences with obsidian. I would suggest using some additional stones that help soothe and dissolve the negative feelings your obsidian stones bring to the surface. For example, you might want to try, Rose quartz, Kyanite, Fluorite, or similar stones. As for knowing for sure that the Obsidian stone is genuine, please check this post. Kind regards and God bless!

Amethyst says:

Hello, I found a glass-like rock one day and thought it was just a chunk of glass. I picked it up (don't remember where) and took it home anyway.

That was years ago, today I've started studying the properties of these beautiful stones. It all started with a small quartz I found during my walks; at some point I came across what looked like an (not bright blue or green)aquamarine glass colored stone. It was then I discovered that it was indeed obsidian, but I've studied on it more and looked up that these kinds ( the one that I currently have) were man-made. I wish I could show you a picture, because this one doesn't look man made ,it still looks like the day I picked it fresh from the ground.

After looking around a bit, I kind of wish I had taken more care of it, I didn't know I had such a beautiful stone in my presence years ago....out in the open! From now on I'm going to take good care of it, just like the quartz I found.

If its okay I would love more information about this, I would also be grateful for advice on how to take care of this wonderful stone.

Thank you!

sunnyray says:

Hi Amethyst

Thanks for the comment. We all share your enthusiasm and admiration for these beautiful gifts of nature. Obsidian doesn't require too much care. You may cleanse it in running water. Being a volcanic glass, it has pretty much the same consistency as ordinary glass. I don't know how you decided it was man-made, however. In any case, warm welcome to the world of crystals and minerals.

Kuro says:

How often do I cleanse my black Obsidian?

sunnyray says:

It depends on how often you use it and for what purpose. In general, every two weeks, but if you feel like it needs cleaning, it probably does.

dest says:

after buying this Obsidian stone today and reading the review from people iam very afraid to use it now idk if i should use it and give it to my partner

sunnyray says:

No need to be afraid, dest. Obsidian must have entered your life for a reason. Try to see if you can improve your life and your energy by using it. I believe being positive and open for everything that's going on around us is a good thing. With love and light, sunnyray.

carmen says:

Reading these comments im scared as well to use this stone. I purchased it in a bag with other stones for protection for my son. Do you think that this is appropriate for that?

sunnyray says:

I don't think there is a good enough reason to be scared to work with any stone. Just make sure to cleanse them prior to working with them. Children are instinctively drawn to or repelled by them, so they usually know if a stone is compatible with their energy or not.

ReeCapri says:

Good day, I have a black obsidian, shaped like an egg for strengthening my pelvic floor and love muscles. I have been using it quite a bit, (recently divorced, among other life stressed)
Can I use it too much? Or is it good for purging now? I boil it everyday, but should i do something special to clean the energy?
I have been having intense dreams, when I wear it at night. Sometime even psychic dreams. ( I'm sleeping and know who has called me or emailed me while I was sleeping)

sunnyray says:

I don't think you are doing anything wrong. Especially given that you have such vivid dreams and psychic insights.

Kerryn says:

Hi my name is kerryn. I found tour article very helpful. I'm currently using a crystal body layout while meditating to work on my spirituality and universal love using labridorite (third eye) blue kyanite (throat) pink kunzite (heart) chrysoprase (solar plexus) red jasper (sacral & base) as well as serpentine (left hand) and black obsidian (right hand).

My question is would mahogany obsidian be a more appropriate stone in place of black obsidian due to its gentler effects and should I be using a stronger grounding stone to balance the extremely spiritual nature of this combination? Thanks

sunnyray says:

Hi Kerryn
It is a pretty nice layout you've chosen. The answer to your question depends on how you are feeling while meditating. If you feel like you spiral out of my control or if you tend to be too emotional during your meditation, then yes. I would use a stronger grounding stone. But if you are already balanced and well centered, then no, I wouldn't change anything. On the other hand, if you are grounded too much you might want to choose a gentler stone like mahogany obsidian. It is very individual, and you would have to monitor your inner state to be able to course correct.

Taona Oswald says:

Guys, I want to understand how the use of obsidian will help me. And how can use it? I am not getting it.

sunnyray says:

In general, you would want to program your obsidian if you want to use it for a specific purpose, like protection or grounding.

Tami says:

I have a black Obsidian eye. Is it the same as a regular black Obsidian or more powerful?

sunnyray says:

If it's cat's eye you're talking about, then yes, at least to my mind.

Lee says:

Dear Olga,
I was just told by a psychic that I have a negative energy that is not only part of my past life but part of my genetics. I truly believe what I am being told, however they are wanting lots of $$$ to get rid of my negative energy. She has told me that I will continue to spiral out of control unless I do something. I saw your website and yesterday I had ordered a black obsidian that is carved to look like an angel. Will this be safe for me to wear? I read in a couple of posts that the stones energy can actually cause more negative energy and that is not what I need. I need to cleanse myself and my soul of this negative energy that is keeping me from having a life. Please help.

sunnyray says:

Hi Lee
Forget about what your psychic has told you. I don't think they can do anything useful to help. We all have been given, if you like, some form of negative energy, or to put it differently, we all have some karmic debt from our past that we are supposed to work on and transform into a positive energy. But, this should happen with our own conscious effort, through self growth, prayer and meditation, for example, not by somebody else's action. And this is usually a life-long process. It won't happen instantly. So, be patient and prepared to improve. Using crystals is a good thing. Combine them with good and positive programming. Use the cleansing powers of the seven rays, as well. The Violet ray has the strongest purification action, that you can invoke daily during meditation and working with crystals. The White ray has also very strong purification properties. Hope this help, and many blessings.

Khushi says:

Its good to give us such a nice information but i have an question that with which metal we should wear onyx? if you have an answer plzz tell!!!

sunnyray says:

Whenever I can choose, my favorite metal is gold. It makes a perfect combination with onyx. The other option is silver, if gold is not a possibility.

Martin says:


First of all thank you for this valuable information and your work on this webpage which I find really helpful.

I have question regarding obsidian cleansing/discharging with Tingsha. Is it good method ? Or better to use proposed one in article with luke-warm running water.

Kind Regards,


sunnyray says:

No, it's a great method. If you have a preference for using sound, by all means go for it. Sound can be very powerful in combination with crystals. Thanks for the interesting question, and many crystal blessings!

Ana says:

Hello i buyed a black Obsidian bracelet because it was saying it protect from negative energies a few ours after i wearing it cracked. Today elt on the floor,can i used again? and can i use it with a love and good look stone bracelet?

sunnyray says:

You can use the same bracelet or get another one. Obsidian is not that expensive not to get a replacement, and yes you can use it with your good luck bracelet.

Sandy says:

Thank you for your concise & sensitively written information. I have been on a long & difficult journey, creatively & rationally dedicated. I have intuitively slept with an obsidian ball under my pillow for many years during those times of hardship & stress. It is Mexican, black with rainbow circles on one side an a green 'eye' circle on the other side. I am honoured to have it & know is the time to cleanse it & use it, firstly to heal myself & then to lead my life again into faith of the Unknown but this time to connect with others on a mission of 'medicine' healing. How best can I cleanse this sensitive tool & use it (see into it) as my spiritual guide?

sunnyray says:

Hi Sandy
Thanks for the comment. I suggest that you continue to use your intuition as there is no better resource to guide us forward. Also you may want to check this page to get some ideas about cleansing, and this page about guides. With light and love, sunnyray.

Helen says:

I heard Nostrodamus used this stone to fall into a trance to leave his body.When returning he had written in automatic writing While researching I stumbled on your page.Thank-you

sunnyray says:

Thanks for the interesting information, Helen. Good to know that Nostradamus used obsidian during his trance state. Thanks for commenting and all the best.

Lynne Wheatley says:

Hello, I recently went to a market where a Buddhist mink was reading palms, so I thought I would give it ago. She looked at my palms and ears and told me that I had a broken heart and that it was good that I had family around me. My husband passed away 7 months ago after 7 months of being terminal with lung cancer. During this time I was staying strong but have since his passing to be having a hard time with grief.
The monk sold me a bracelet with black obsidian 17 in total with an aquamarine in the centre. I was wondering what the significance of this bracelet would be for me.
Thank you

sunnyray says:

Hi Lynne
I don't know about the numeric symbolism of the 17+1 stones in your bracelet. However, the type of stones, especially the obsidian seems to be relevant and helpful for your particular situation, i.e., grounding and dealing with emotional loss. Thanks for the comment and God bless.

Sarfaraz Ahmed says:

Sir my DT.15.10.1954 place in b.Rampur India time o.b.don't know. Sir I'm suffering anexiety phobia no will power confusion panics nervous problems last 8 years. Sir i want to were black obsidian with Green Adventure combination. Sir can I use both stones together. Please help me guide me as a human being which jem stone is were with black obsidian stone combination. I'm very grateful and thankful to you please guide me. Thanks.

Pie says:

Is it advisable to wear obsidian while sleeping? What effects does it have on the wearer when sleeping?

sunnyray says:

Nothing speaks against that. However, the effect may vary from one person to another, so stay vigilant and notice the (possible) changes in sleep patterns.

Alice says:

Hi so much valuably information on obsidian much appreciated.thank you Alice.

sunnyray says:

Thanks Alice, we appreciate your feedback very much. Many blessings.

Sepi says:

This stone couldn't come in any better time into my life, in a short period of time 3 of my crystals broke very strangely and I don't know why I thought I need to buy some new stones and This that I was being attached to their energy and I wasn't using them wisely, now one of my new stones is obsidian, I can't love it more, it has a really balancing energy for me, keeps me grounded and away from negativity; brings a sense of security, power and lets me flow! And doesn't have a distracting energy for me, cause some stones are such for me! It's just perfect I love it. And I remembered that stones should be used wisely and in the right time!

sunnyray says:

Thanks for sharing, Sepi. Many blessings to you.

ehab says:

for all hello and i have question for admin this page Olga about Obsidian brown where the information ??
greetings to you olga and for all

natasha says:

hello, great website! i got brought a golden sheen obsiden ball. i was wondering how you recommend to cleanse it. and also where shall i place it for day to day? i read about it being over used and i am conscious of this. thanks for your help!!

senguttuvan says:

Yes,once again I come to comment page. Yes, my very close neighbour have 3.00 kilogram superb rough obisidian original volcanic family gemstone in hand. But we do not know that item's value and healing related information to senguttuvan

Chuck says:

Hi. I purchased a black obsidia pendant. I did this because I like the fact it's a stone of truth and the stone for a sagitarious. I like that it draws in negative energy and it's metaphysical properties. So mainly my intent drawn to it was for protection and truth and many things I read that seemed to call to me. However. Through lots of searching I get a simple nice pointed star. Star of Saturn. Hexagram. 6 points . Lots of things I've read about the 6pointed star is pretty powerful. Like it's used for conjuring the spirit realm. And many other things in sure your aware of. So in one regards I got it for safety and certain properties and in other regards I was drawn to the 6 longed star used in occult practice and with different intent. I love it. And was going to give it as a gift. But after wearing it it's mine. But I would like a non sugar coated version of what you think about wearing a heavy powerful stone that is a 6pointed star and am I contradicting myself?

sunnyray says:

Sometimes we are attracted to certain stones and to certain shapes not without a reason. Even if we don't know consciously why, we know that deep inside. Our energy body knows. When that happens it is normal that we are attached to such objects. Yet, they are just tools to help us on our journey of self-discovery. Therefore, it is best to look at them in this manner, as companions temporary in our possession, without any sort of attachment. Best regards.

H2o says:

Black obsidian heavy crystal ball given

Paula says:

Hi I recently went for reki and was advised that there was a negative energy in my house and to use obsidian crystals..I was advised to place 4 in my loft and he was very specific were they were to be placed can you advise how often should I cleanse and should I use with any other crystal many thanks paula

Norma says:

Recently I went on a Western Caribbean cruise. At our last stop in Cozumel, I got to go to Tulum and see the Mayan ruins. By bus, on our way there, our tour guide spoke to us about the Mayan people, their beliefs and also about a certain healing rock named Obsidian that they used for healing. She passed one around for all to see. When I touched it, I felt something that I can't explain, but to make this story short, I found a man selling 5 palm size Obsidians outside the ruins. As I went to touch them, I instinctively stopped, looked at all of them before going directly to the 3rd one with a golden sheen. I almost felt as if the rock picked me. I bought it and brought it back home. I'm trying to use it right and care for it as well. Any advice for a beginner would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!

Ro says:

Hi thank you for a wonderful website, especially the discussion section. Mostly I'm attracted to blue or blue-green stones like aquamarine, celestite, and turquoise. I also appreciate the grounding and beauty of jasper. I had always avoided obsidian because I thought it would be too intense for me. But the last time I was in Quartzite, I felt drawn to purchase this obsidian sphere. After cleansing, I tried a meditation with it. I was very respectful and careful, and not much for now I'm keeping it on my altar, covered with a cloth. However, I just purchased a lovely gold sheen obsidian pendant and WOW--I have been having such intense dreams every time I close my eyes! This after being out of touch with my dream self for many years. I've also had a couple of really bad headaches. Although I am prone to them, these were worse then usual. And I've been super-tired. I had been wearing the pendant constantly, but would cleanse it each morning under warm running water. After reading your website discussion, I feel like maybe a need a break from the pendant, at least for a little while. This is by far the most powerful effect I've ever felt from any crystal, and that includes moldavite. Yet I feel this gold sheen pendant is meant for me. Any further advice on how to work with it? Thank you!

Shauna says:

Hi there!
I recently bought a large piece of mahogany obsidian. I wanted to turn it into a necklace to be wearable but I would have to break it up. My question is if this is a bad idea to divide it into smaller pieces if it may ruin the energy within it. Or if it's possible to break it but then cleanse it. Thank you so much!

sunnyray says:

I wouldn't do that. Not energy-wise but you will have other problems. If you break it, you would have to polish it.

Adriana Carrillo says:

Hello! I purchased a black obsidian almost two years ago when I travel to Cancun, Mexico, i was drawn to it immediately and felt vibrations while touching it, i felt immediately better just by having it in my hands, but when I got back at home i had it in my hands and dropped it and shattered from one side, i felt devastated and since haven't feel the same, still love it and have it on my dresser but almost never touch it. If an obsidian breaks should we stop using it? Or does it looses its "powers"? Thanks in advance! Loved your blog btw!

sunnyray says:

You can still use it. It might not have exactly the same powers, but you may still find it useful, especially since you were so drawn initially. Thanks for dropping by.

Kathy Moser says:

Just purchased black obsidian stone necklace. Can i wear it if i have an implanted defibulator. Cant have anytging with magnets near it.

sunnyray says:

Hi Kathy. Stones and crystals contain impurities even though in their pure form they may be free from any impurities. Therefore, it is difficult to say if your obsidian stone necklace contains magnetic impurities or not. The best would be to check it with an expert gemologist.

Shevy says:

I have a black obsidian feng shui bracelent. What arm do I wear it on?

Guy says:

Hi, Sunnyray! I have a black arrowhead Obsidian that I love very much. I wear it to work in the day and sleep beside it on the bed at night. However, one day I woke up with a terrible, terrible pain at the buttcheeks. Doctor says there are three jagged cuts, which made me think the Obsidian might have cut me in my sleep. Is there a meaning to this? I'm a bit wary of sleeping next to it now.

sunnyray says:

Any special reason why you were using obsidian in the first place? Usually amethyst works better for inducing peaceful sleep. In any case, the arrowhead obisidian should be placed securely close to the bed. It will work equally fine.

Guy says:

Hi, Sunnyray! Thanks for responding to my comment. The place where I work at is, unfortunately, very full of dark, negative energy, not just in terms of the people and the work culture, but also of the paranormal as well. I wear a Black Obsidian arrowhead necklace and a Black Tourmaline bracelet on my left wrist at work to protect myself from all the bad energy. I'm hoping the arrowhead will cut me off of any links to the bad energy so I don't get sucked into dramas and conflicts at work, and I don't bring it home after work. So far it seems to be working, which is why I thought to sleep with it, for protection. I have an Amesthyst bracelet which I wear whenever I catch myself with negative thoughts, but I don't wear it to sleep. Should I keep my Obsidian and sleep with the Amethyst instead? Thank you.

sunnyray says:

Hi Guy. There is no rule here. Why don't you try both variants and see which one works better for your specific situation?

Your Comment:

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