Onyx and Tiger's Eye - Do They Combine?

I've just been given both an onyx and a tiger's eye bead bracelet. Will it backfire if I wear them at the same time? Any ideas on how can I optimize their effects at the same time? Thanks!

Answer: Hi there,

No, your bracelet will not backfire on you. On the contrary, both stones can be combined at the same time and on the same bracelet or necklace without any problem. They are both silica based stones, with similar grounding and protective features. Both onyx and tiger's eye are very good for the lower chakras. I assume the color of your onyx beads is black, which would mean that they affect particularly the root chakra. Tiger's eye, on the other hand is suitable for the third, plexus solaris chakra.

tiger's eye stone
Metaphysically, they are very powerful stones with strong and direct energy. The golden part of the tiger eye will, however, step down the intensity of the black shades and increase the ability to manifest your personal power on the physical plane.

As for further optimizing their effects, I would say you have a pretty much balanced combination. Make sure, however, to purify the stones regularly in case you use them in any practical metaphysical work (healing, chakra balancing, etc.). On the other hand, you can charge and program them in case you want them to help you enhance some positive vibrations and energies of your own (inner or outer) world. Even if you dont want to take that road, the stones will steadily and quietly work in the background with their positive vibrations.

With love and light,



Rafael Mortan says:

I have to say 20 years ago i would've told you this is all FAKE.
LMAO to be so young and ignorant lol
Your site is very informative and helpful

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