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Pink Ray - Pink Flame and Archangel Chamuel

From the third Ray of the pink Flame we see the manifestation of the activities, intents, and wisdom of the first two rays: the first Blue Ray and the second Yellow Ray. Here we see the qualities of creativity and adjustability. Through the pink Flame the needs are expressed, plans formulated, and material is selected. This is a Ray of Divine love, tolerance, adoration, and gentleness.

Pink Flame Invocations should be performed on Tuesday when this Flame is especially active, and when its manifestation reaches the highest intensity. The most prominent representative of the Pink Ray is Archangel Chamuel. Along with Elohim Orion, He works with the energies of the pink flame.

Archangel Chamuel is an Angel of adoration and glorification. He is able to increase and multiply all positive things, if you only ask Him to. Archangel Chamuel will show you the way of compassion, love and forgiveness. He amplifies the flame of love in your heart, by providing for Divine love and comfort.

If you want to get rid of all the negative emotions, call up Archangel Chamuel. He will teach you how to transmute such feelings into something positive. He will show you how to imagine an adequate positive emotion of extreme meaning and value, and then, how to find the golden midpoint between the two opposite emotions - this narrow edge one is advised to balance upon in order to be able walk the path of unconditional love. Archangel Chamuel will awaken in you high respect, so that you can devote your being to God. He will bestow you with positive emotions of love and adoration, and fill your heart with love and joy.

Love knows no limitations; it accepts all people just as they are. True love does not judge or moralize. True love is powerful, it overcomes insult, anger, and separation, it is stronger than the ego. With you inner eye see the pink light that surrounds you. Let love flow out of your heart to your loved ones, to the ones that you do not love, to people you do not know, to all the people on planet Earth, all animals, plants, crystals, to all Divine creation. By spreading your life you create a bridge upon which Angels can descend and bring hope and joy to the world. Your reward is going to be a blessed life, filled with love. The female counterpart of Archangel Chamuel is Charity.

The representatives from the world of crystals for the Pink Ray (Pink Flame) are green tourmaline, jade, rose quartz and fluorite. These crystals are connected to the anahata chakra.


Daniel Cox says:

O_O wow, I am a being of the 3rd ray. I AM Love, in action here. I can call upon Archangel Chamuel to help me be LOVE and give love ^_^ sweet!
Thankyou website maker for this wisdom, so easily attained. I LOVE YOU :D

sunnyray says:

Thank you very much for your beautiful comments.
Love and Blessings!

Marissa says:

aww he such a sweet angel... awww I love him now and I will make him lots of love. If I was his girlfriend or wife and I'm in love with him right now I want to give him a big hug and kiss him. to show love him to :)and I want to be his soulmate forever in my hearts :).

Nedu says:

Ohh, Archangel Chamuel, May you fill our heart with love this day, that we may repeatedly awaken and radiate this love to the benefit of our fellow human spirits. I love you Archangel Chamuel. I love you website creator. Thank you for sharing.

sunnyray says:

Thanks to you Nedu. We send you our love too.

Wendy says:

My dad passed away peacefully early Tuesday morning. The "pink angel" cloud appeared over the West Palm area where we gather to celebrate his life - 3/13/13 - Florida is "God's waiting room" (slang). The same day I found a BELL bike helmet visor on the road around which he used to ride his bike. Ding! Ding! YAY! He got his wings! My dad is Ferd Nadherny. I understand his obit will be in the NY Times Friday and Saturday. No doubt about it; He IS a true angel! Oh God, how I love my Dad! I'm glad he's with you now!

sunnyray says:

Thanks for sharing Wendy. God bless.

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