Bitterness and sweetness do not lie in the object, but in the mind, in thinking, they are created by thoughts. Things are connected with thoughts. All that exists - sound, touch, form, taste, smell, sleeping, state of deep sleep,, feelings, auras - is the product of the mind.

Every thought has its likeness. Everything that we see outside, has a copy in our mind. The mental contains all images of outside things. The mental creates the world in accordance with its own thoughts, it plays. Friends and enemies, virtues and faults, good and evil, pleasure and suffering are just one's own imaginations existing in the mental body of the individual. The mind which has no visible form, creates the visible world, creates illusion. Dreaming creates another dream within a dream. We float in the ocean of thoughts. Some of them we absorb, others we reject. Each one of us has his own world of thoughts.

Thoughts can transform us, renew, build in a positive or in a negatives sense. Thoughts change our destiny, make us successful or not. A prudent man will discipline his thoughts, will be awake, cautious, supervise his thoughts, analyze them, differentiate them, select positive, and nip the negative in the bud.


Impressions created in the consciousness after the thought has entered, are not a true reflection of that thought, but they are a result of that thought and the predispositions already present in the mind body. As long as we do not eliminate the predispositions already present within us, before we receive a new thought, we will not see the things as accurately as they really are.

Meditation will help us perceive the distortions in the mind caused by prejudices and complexes. Prejudices developed by a person about an object, create strange metamorphoses in the mind body in the area analogous to that type of thought.

When we suffer from some deeply rooted prejudice, a blockage is formed in the free circulation of mental energy and matter in the corresponding part of the mental body. It results in an unhealthy condition, whose consequences are the loss of ability to think clearly and properly. If there is a great number of prejudices, the mind body will vibrate violently and it will limit its ability for sound reasoning.

The presence of prejudices narrows down the consciousness and causes limitations in everyday life. If we want to preserve our mental health, we should learn how to be positive towards negative thoughts, turning our attention to other thoughts, if possible towards those having a higher and nobler character. This is the first step towards building a positive mental attitude .

Since the mind can think only one thing at a time, by directing our attention to something nobler, we shall eliminate a bad thought in a natural way. After we have practiced this method of fighting bad thoughts for a long time, we shall have created a habit of reasoning and the mind will automatically reject evil thoughts.

Then, there will no longer be a need for a conscious effort to keep evil thoughts away. A new rate of vibration is introduced in the mind and nothing that is not in accordance with that higher rate of vibration, can affect it. This is the way how to purify the mind body and build a positive mental attitude. The constitution of the mind body is not changed, only finer combinations of mental energy become predominant, which facilitates expression of higher types of thoughts.

No evil thoughts can influence us unless there is something within us responding to them. In turn, the constant vigilance and the attained positive mental attitude to the thoughts coming from the outside world will preserve the peace and purity of the mind and develop its stability which is necessary for meditation.