Positive thoughts - the purity of thoughts

The hidden life of our own thoughts

All that we wish to improve, we must first get to know well and understand entirely. A good elementary school teacher, if familiar with the nature of the children they are teaching, will be able to lead them on the right path. Likewise, we should acquire better knowledge of our own mental content. Furthermore, we should be capable to discover the hidden life of our own thoughts.

The most potent primeval force in the world, at the beginning and at the end of the whole creation, are our thoughts. Especially if they are clear, directed, positive. The dynamic power of our positive thoughts is a result of the vibration of subtle psychic substance, affecting the more coarse mental matter. This vibrational force is like the force of gravity...

...it attracts other thoughts from our surroundings.

It also produces deep impressions on other people's mental bodies, and that is why the properly directed and used positive thinking can cure illnesses, create, build, destroy, sustain,... it can do virtually anything.

Our thoughts are alive

Our mind (mental body) is like a wireless device: it transmits mental waves and attracts thoughts of similar quality. In other words, the thoughts you put out determine what kind of energy you will receive back.

That's why it is crucial to send out positive thoughts, like thoughts of peace, tranquility and harmony. These vibrations of mental energy travel in a form of concentric circles in all directions of the great mental plane. All thoughts are alive, they carry vital energy. Although intangible, they can be characterized by weight, form, size, color, quality, strength, and power.

Positive thoughts created with great intensity and imbued with emotions (or similarly created negative thoughts for that matter) bring fruits much easier and sooner than weak thoughts void of emotions. The type and quality of a given thought correspond to a certain rate of vibration of the mental substance on the mental plane. The more intense a thought, the more efficient the action associated with that thought will be.

Cause and effect

Thoughts drive us to action, and this in turn creates fresh impressions in our mental structure. All atoms of our body are endowed with intelligence, but without our being aware of it. Their work is controlled by the autonomous nervous system. Thoughts and impulses of the mind are transmitted by neurons which are subject to the influence of the various mental states we are in. Negative thoughts, for example, thoughts of hatred, jealousy, lust, selfishness produce vague images in the mental body, obscure our understanding, distort the intellect, cause loss of memory, and disturb order.

Benefits of positive thinking

We can greatly help our body:

  • If we cultivate positive thinking,
  • If we develop positive attitude toward life,
  • If we have faith in life,
  • If we strive to live in peace and tranquility, and
  • If we allow our life force to manifest with love.

All this will increase the vitality and resistance of our body and our mind. We will have less fear, worries, and anxiety. Not knowing the consequences of our mental actions ((i.e. of our positive and negative thoughts)), as elusive and fleeting as they might appear, is not the best position we would like to find ourselves in. Because, we can set great forces in motion. If these forces are positive, noble, bright, and powerful, they will excite kindred minds and attract a lot of good things for us. And vice versa!

In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.
Dalai Lama

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