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The magical world of crystals book by Olga Rezo


What does it mean to program a crystal? Crystal programming is a process of implanting our selected thoughts and feelings into the crystal's energy pattern. You and your crystal are co-workers in the field of expression. The programming of crystals is similar to charging, the only difference being that in the former case you charge the crystal with your own energy and intentions. But don't take the word "programming" literally. The crystals are not mechanical devices with which you can do mechanical things. Try to build a personal relationship with them.

precious stones can also be programmed

When you ask them for help, you should try to establish a specific relationship with your crystals and treat them as if they were living entities. Crystals have their own intelligence and consciousness, so ask them to be your associates in the world of manifestation.

Both thoughts and matter are composed of energy particles - the only difference being the rate of vibration: matter vibrates less intense and is more dense as compared to thoughts. The energy patterns of humans tend to be erratic and chaotic. We often jump from one subject to another and completely disregard order. Crystals, on the other hand, tend to have highly symmetric molecular or lattice structure, thus, they irradiate energy in a consistent and continual manner. This is one of the reasons why we find ourselves attracted to crystals at the first place. Their energy can help us harmonize our own. Many people not been able to meditate due to the high intensity of discordant and erratic energies, have managed to do so after placing suitable crystals in their meditation space and thus inducing an atmosphere of peace, calm and serenity.

Crystals have the properties of intensifying and irradiating mental and astral patterns and intentions they are programmed with. Once you have programmed your crystals they will emit the energy of your intention as long as you don't reprogram them, thus redirecting their purpose. The programmed crystal will know what to do - it will irradiate the pater you have implanted into it. So remember: The most important part in the programming is your intent transferred to the crystal.

Approach your crystal as if you were addressing a conscious entity of extraordinary purity and elevated vibration.

Further on, it is never too much to emphasize that the pattern we would like to program our crystal with, should always reflect our most high spiritual tendency of our inner being. Everything less than that, including our material and/or non material desires of the outer self, or even worse, desires that involve other people, no matter how noble they may seem, represent a serious error and should not be practiced.

As far as the particular technique of programming is concerned, there can be found different approaches. Here is one very efficient method of crystal programming:

  • 1. First determine as to what the purpose you would like to program your crystal with is, and write it down on a piece of paper. Translate your goal into mental images.

  • 2. Find a quiet spot, light some incense, and see to it that you are rested, in good mood and concentrated. Relax all the muscles of your physical body and relax all your higher bodies. Try to stay in your heart and feel love. Feel the harmony within. You should feel at one with yourself, with others and with God.

  • 3. Perform the following pranayama of visualizing rose air: the rhythm should be 4x4x4 (while inhaling and counting to four, visualize rose air as it enters your body through your nose - let this image be clear. Let the rose air disperse throughout your physical body from head to toes while counting to four, then see clearly as the rose air leaves your body through the nostrils while counting to four). Repeat the cycle seven times.

  • 4. Perform the exercise of pratyahara. While sitting comfortably and with eyes closed, be a neutral observer of your thoughts. Let them flow, detaching from them, for as long as 10 minutes.

  • 5. Take your charged crystal in your right hand.

  • 6. In this state of concentration and calm, put the crystal on your heart. Transfer to it your energy of love.

  • 7. Put your crystal on the forehead and project your clean, perfect mental images of what you want to accomplish. Now your intent, thought and feeling are projected into the crystal, and the crystal is going to keep them in active state of vibration, as long as you do not decide to reprogram it.

  • 8. Always take this crystal with you if you have programmed it for personal purposes. It will be a great friend of yours, greater than you can imagine. Put it in a bag made out of decorative natural materials. So prepared, you can put it around your neck, in your pocket or purse.

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