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By sunnyray

It has been long since we have explored the online markets in search of semiprecious and precious stones. Crystals and stones are our passion and that's why every now and then we purchase a couple crystals and minerals online. Usually we buy them in form of loose stones, but we wouldn't mind having them embedded in all forms of jewelry as well. Recently were especially interested in checking the world of hematite gemstones.

What are Hematite Stones good for?

There is a lot of literature on that subject, for example you can check our article on the metaphysical properties of hematite stones. Hematite is often used in crystal healing and crystal therapy for a range of issues.

In particular, they are renowned as healing tools for various blood related problems, such as, circulatory problems, anemia, healing wounds and cuts, etc. Still, it is only fair to say that the influence of the magnetic field (hematite exhibits a weak magnetism, see below) on living organisms is still not quite understood.

Unisex Gemstones

We like to think that hematite is one of the several stones that equally well suit men and women. While wearing an amethyst ring would not be quite appropriate for men, a nice men's gold hematite ring is certainly acceptable for everyone.

The Price Range

When we speak about gemstones, this usually means that we are referring to specimens of exceptional purity, color, cut, shape and other attributes. They are expensive! However, all hematite stones look pretty much the same and they are neither transparent nor have they great purity. They possess a sort of black, grayish or silvery metallic shine. If purchased as loose stones, they are definitely not expensive.

However, the price of your hematite jewelry will depend on factors other than the stone. In cases of gold or white gold settings, or even more so if there is a multistone combination (hematite plus diamond, for example, - looks really astonishing) be prepared to pay much more.

The Weight

Hematite is an iron mineral. Iron makes this stone much heavier than all the other silicon based gemstones. Therefore, when compared to other minerals, hematite is quite heavy. One should keep this in mind when purchasing larger necklaces and massive bracelets. In most cases the earrings will be slightly heavier than what you might have been used to, but still without weighting down too much.

Words of caution

Hematite, as most of the iron compounds, is a weakly magnetic material. Magnetic jewelry can be very beneficial (see above) but should only be worn by people without pacemakers, or pumps. Also pregnant women should consult their physician prior to using this type of jewelry.

Great looking hematite jewelry pieces

While there are many online locations where you can buy hematite jewelry, our favorite is Here are some great looking items with positive and affirmative user reviews and feedback.

Hematite - Swarovski Crystal- Sterling Silver

These leverback hook dangle hematite earrings can be considered perfect for their reasonable price. Swarovski crystals accompany the main stones, and this usually means extra elegance and balance for various clothing styles. The leverbacks will make loosing these earrings almost impossible.

Hematite & Swarovski Crystal Sterling Silver French Hook 1.5" Long Dangle Earrings Swarovski hematite earrings

Sterling Silver Faceted Hematite Teardrop Briolette Earrings

What is characteristic about these earrings is their nice length with faceted silvery-gray hematites and sterling silver support. The stones have multiple facets that only enhance their unique luster.

Sterling Silver Faceted Hematite Teardrop Briolette Earrings hematite faceted earrings

Hematite Band Ring

This is a gorgeous magnetic unisex faceted hematite ring, with 6 mm size. Its dark gray color will suite both male and female hands. Be very careful with this ring, as hematite stones can easily be broken, especially if shaped into thin objects like this ring.

This ring enables utilizing hematite's spiritual and healing properties - its huge benefit is that it comes in direct touch with your skin, unlike some of the other hematite jewelry pieces. Due to an interaction with your energy field different individual sensations and feelings at or around the ring are possible.

6 mm Hematite Band Ring hematite band ring

Yellow Gold Cultured Pearl with Hematite Necklace

This is a nice combination of cultured pearls with hematite. Some may argue that pearls are more compatible with moonstones, but in this case they are perfectly matched with one nice faceted hematite.

14k Yellow Gold Dyed Cultured Pearl Necklace with Hematite Drop Pendant, 17" hematite pearl necklace

Chakra Hematite & Crystal Healing Bracelet

The beauty of this bracelet is in the metaphysical properties of the hematite stones. It comes with 7 Swarovski cube crystals that augment the aesthetics experience. They match the physical colors of the seven chakras and symbolically remind you to keep your chakras in balance.

Chakra Hematite & Crystal Healing Bracelet hematite chakra bracelet


Whatever you choose you cannot be wrong. Hematite stones can be very cheap, so even if you do not want to spend too much money on expensive jewelry, a nice affordable hematite ring and bracelet will look very nice, at the same time bestowing upon your aura their beneficial healing features.