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By sunnyray

Recently, one of our readers asked a question about the price of tiger eye and the possibilities of its online purchase. Here is a short overview of what we found both affordable and beautiful from the extensive selection of tiger's eye stones.

General Info

Tiger eye is a semi precious stone, but it is relatively inexpensive. You can buy it either as loose stone, or, more often, as an integral part of a jewelry article. Both ways, you will get the full range of its metaphysical properties. Look here if you are not already familiar with the spiritual and metaphysical properties of tigers eye. In short, it is an excellent stone for attracting prosperity and abundance. That is why many people choose to have it always in their pockets, around their wrists or their necks. That is, if they opt for wearing tiger eye jewelry. You can also read this information about how to charge tiger eye.

Once you have seen and touched this stone, you can never misidentify it. It is one of a kind type of gem. What makes it memorable are the oriented fibers that enable it to show chatoyancy (which is another name for a type of luminescent bands - more difficult to describe but quite easy to understand once you have seen this optical effect). The typical color of its alternating bands is yellow and brown.

Tiger Eye in Man's Jewelry

Tiger eye is also a great stone to be included in all forms of men's jewelry, in contrast to, for instance, amethyst or rose quartz which are difficult to be imagined as men's stones. Especially suitable for men are rings and bands made out of this semi precious stone. If you are purchasing a tiger eye band - a word of caution. Tiger eye is fragile if carved into a band or ring. As much as it can be shiny and attractive, even a moderate pressure can make it crack or break.

The Price Range

The price range of tiger eye stones starts very low and generally it won't go too high. You can find it for less than a dollar, and sometimes the price can be redicilously low. The jewelry is naturally more expensive, since there can be other stones combined, as well as noble metals - usually silver and gold. Due to the vivid sunny colors of tiger eye, gold is a metal of choice, but this usually means buying more costly jewelry. Our online place of choice for tiger eye is We love shopping there due to their excellent gamut of products, fair prices, and customer support.

A Selection of Tiger Eye Jewelry

If you want to buy loose tiger eye stones, you can purchase a set of golden tiger eye stones, for less than $1 a piece. This collection of 9 polished tumbled golden tier eye stones, comes with a 3 times 4 inch bag. Each stone is polished to a high degree of smoothness and lustrous shine. The individual stones vary in size and shape. The minimal weight of the whole set of tigers eye stones is 4 ounces.

Tiger eye is an excellent stone for making prayer bracelets. Starting from this really, really cheap Tibetan Buddhist Bracelet (don't ask us what the catch is, we have no clue), the price can go up toward the moderate range, like in the caswe of the following elegant 108 beads tiger eye prayer necklace presented on the photo below.

Tiger eye is a gemstone that can be combined with an array of other stones. Here is our favorite combination - tiger eye, turquoise and white pearls. The pearls are fresh water cultivated pearls, the advantage being that they come at affordable price, retaining a great deal of beauty of the sea pearls jewelry. The photo could not possibly describe the quality of this piece. The stones are large which means that the overall weight of the necklace will be slightly higher than one would expect it, but not overly so. However, the beauty, color, and texture of the stones is unsurpassed - at least in our opinion.


The variation of sterling silver or 14k gold with golden or brown tiger's eye can be limitless. The deep, earthy tones of tiger eye make it suitable for all sort of jewelry items - be it earrings, drop earrings, rings, pendants, brooches - you name it. We cannot possible list here all the combinations of different gemstones that perfectly match tigers eye.

That's why it is ultimately up to you to select the price range, metal, combination of colors, and type of tiger eye jewelry you would like to wear. In any case, however, the beneficial influence of this wondrous stone will be there, constantly sending its soothing energies, encouraging you to take the next step on your life journey with courage and determination.