Dream Interpretation - Deceased Friend

I had a dream about a friend of mine the night she past away. It was close to the time she did pass, was the time I was dreaming. The dream was ALL ORANGE. She was in the dream talking to me. It was like a camera flimed her talking to me with an orange camera lense. What does this mean?


As far as I can tell, this dream can be understood as a moment of farewell. Your friend has come to you in your dream to say goodbye. This also means that she must have had a really high opinion of you, as well as tender feelings of love and/or respect.

The final dream interpretation however has to come from your own being, from within your inner Self. If you carefully monitor your dreams, in time your ability to interpret their symbolic meaning will increase. Another indication that can be taken into account is the orange color in your dream. It is usually connected to things or phenomena of spiritual nature, and it appears often when some messages from the higher spiritual spheres are being channeled. This fact should be taken into consideration and interpreted along with the other parameters of the dream. I do not know whether you still remember what the conversation with your friend was all about, what the overall mood of the dream was, and did it provoke positive or negative emotions afterwards, but all this should be understood at least on intuitive level.

I am sorry for your loss,

Many blessings, Olga

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