How to attract abundance

Hi Olga,

My name is Lana ....

I would like to know if you can help me create alot of abundance. It might be a direct question, however I feel we all should be direct and really know what it is we want.


Dear Lana,

If you want to create a lot of abundance, imagine - visualize yourself as a very successful person in your business, and how all persons with whom you collaborate are satisfied, gladly contributing to your abundance.

This answer requires two things. The first thing is your ability to visualize. The more advanced your ability to visualize the better. There are various exercises that can help you develop your powers of imagination and visualization and I will not go into that here. I can only say that Tratak is one of the methods that come to mind which are suitable for learning imagination. Very briefly, tratak is a type of fixed gazing which involves concentrating on a single point, or on a suitable symbol.

The other point here is that you cannot attract real abundance without real work. It is important to see yourself as successful business person, who is able to work creatively, and this creative work is bringing satisfaction to all the other people involved. By doing so you will naturally expect to be rewarded appropriately for what you do because as a Divine being you deserve it and have the right to attract all the best things in the world.

At the end I should also mention that it is very important to follow the rules of fair play in this kind of game of creating abundance, as well as in the game of life in general.

Best regards,


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