Dream Interpretation about a Close Friend After His Funeral

I had a dream of a close friend the next day after his funeral. he came into the room i was sleeping in with another guy, but i didnt really pay attention to him. my friend came in and woke me up like he normally would. i was confused because it felt so real. he asked where our other friend was, i answered downstairs. but i also said "your dead kyle, we went to your funeral last night". he said "naw, im just chillin, ill check you later", he shook my hand and left the room. a couple days later my friend downstairs told me he had a dream of kyle trying to wake him up. another week later he had another dream where he talked to him. he told kyle he was dead and that he didnt belong here. he needed to move on. why was here? and why did he say he was "just chillin". why didnt he move on right away?


I have the impression that what you call a dream must have actually been a kind of vision. What was there present was the etheric (or ethereal) body of your departed friend trying to tell you that one day in the future you will certainly meet again. The etheric body stays within the earthly realms for some time and does not leave our levels of existence right away. It will move on after a period of time, for example, after saying goodbye to all those people he was somehow connected to. If we are psychic, or say, able to concentrate and relax to a certain degree, we will be able to see the departed friends in our ordinary daily consciousness. If not, we will be able to encounter the departed friend in our dream like states of consciousness. Either way, your friend obviously intended for you to have a vision of him and to say goobye.

Many blessings, Olga

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