If your thoughts are disturbed, they cause tensions and disturbances in your body. As the flow of thoughts never ends, it is of utmost importance to carry out mind relaxation on a daily basis in order to relax your body.

Mental and Physical Relaxation

The opposite is also true — by relaxing your body, you can relax your mind to a certain extent as well. First of all, your physical body should be taught to be completely still; you should master the art of sitting. Once you have discovered the most comfortable position, the bodily balance and relaxation of all muscles will come naturally. Here you can find a description of the so-called progressive muscle relaxation — a simple but powerful exercise for physical relaxation, which if done properly will induce partial mental relaxation.

Practice Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga goes one step beyond physical relaxation. If you have never tried practicing Hatha Yoga, you might find it strange that there is something more than pure physical exercises, stretching and twisting. But, in fact, there is. The Yoga exercises have been devised by some very wise people of ancient times, people who were capable of realizing the intricate connected between our body and our mind. Focusing on each of the Yoga poses, there is nor room left for your mind to contemplate the mental disorder and stress, so it is naturally led into peace. Most of the Yoga postures are simple enough for you to practice them on your own. Others require guided instructions or even trained instructors in person, so you might think about attending your first yoga class.

Go For a Walk

Just go for a walk — even a short visit to the park can make you happier, more relaxed, and healthier. A recent study in the Journal of the Royal Society B, revealed that exposing your body to green nature and the outdoors may help you slow down and boost your optimism and self-control.

This is really a tip that makes sense for everyone. Today we have all, more or less, accepted the sedentary lifestyle, using our TVs, tablets, cell phones, and game consoles all around the clock. No wonder we have so many obesity problems, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes type 2.

Not only will you relax your mind and body, but you will be able to recharge your batteries and boost your brain power by more than 50 percent. Just a couple of hours outdoors during which time you will be disconnected from the wonders of modern technology can mean a great deal for your creative, problem solving skills.

Use Music

Listening to some calming music is a great way of relaxation. Calming music usually doesn’t include rock, metallic, rap or other forms of harsh-sounding, annoying tunes. Relaxation music usually doesn’t include vocals. Nature sounds, instrumentals, binaural beats, meditation music, Tibetan bells and singing bowls, are some examples of sounds that naturally produce a lot of alpha brain waves, which in turn help your relaxation.

Mental Relaxation Using Breathing

Our breathing process is very much connected with the state of mind. When we are mentally agitated, our breathing is also changed. One of the best ways to calm down our mind is to use deep breathing techniques. Whenever you feel stressed you can use breathing exercises to relax your mind. Pranic breathing is one option that works very well. Another option is to use daily beginner’s meditation that involves conscious breathing.

Mental Relaxation Using Tools

You can use various tools to help you relax, even toys. For example simple Zen gardens like this.

Relaxation Using Coloring Pages

Coloring Pages with Mandalas and Secret Geometries can be a great tool to make you relax your thoughts, and make your brain much calmer. You can paint either offline, in which case you should make printouts, or online.


Only after a proper bodily relaxation it will be possible for you to concentrate on your thoughts. If we take a look at our inner world, we will find a ceaseless association of thoughts. They are here as a consequence of the automated activity of our intellect. There is a constant turmoil of ideas, names, definitions, memorized experience, future obligations, etc.

Our thoughts are like clouds. All spiritual sciences deal with the problem of how to stop the process of constant thinking. As soon as we try to stop the process of thinking, that very attempt comes from the mind and belongs to the process of thinking. Even if we are sitting, not trying to do anything, our mind continues to work. In order to calm down the rush of thoughts, we should let the mind do whatever it is doing and just watch it, just be a witness, disinterested, neutral observer of the stream of thoughts. We should watch our thoughts as if the mental body did not belong to us, as if it were none of our concern.

While earlier we used to help it run, now we do not cooperate. If we are indifferent towards it, not doing anything in any way, the mind will flow for some time and will stop by itself, only because the impulse has been lost and the energy has been used up. That’s the moment when we can feel great relief and endless bliss. That’s the true power of meditation.

Simple Meditation Technique for Mental Relaxation

So, let us recapitulate what the proper exercise is and how to relax our mind. It is very simple. After you have sufficiently relaxed your body, close your eyes and do nothing for 10 minutes. Just be there, present, and try not to fall asleep. Just follow your thoughts, but without interference. Be there, be present, and do nothing for ten minutes. This is by far the best way to do mind relaxation. Simple? Yes, it is, but at the same time not an easy thing to do.

Beyond Meditation

When the mind is least excited, we have the possibility to establish a deeper contact with our personality. When the mind stops, we can use our concentration to channel up life energy. We are capable of thinking with our heart. To think with one’s heart is the easiest way to enter the depths of one’s mind. By emanating proper and pure brain waves while performing our effortless mental recreation, we are able to change our moods, and allow our mind to cultivate noble and pure thoughts, building a habit of daily serenity and joyfulness.

When the thoughts subside, the illusion vanishes because the thoughts are the root of all illusion. When the fuel is used up, the fire returns back to its source, and likewise the mind returns back to its source, to God within. Then it experiences a timeless reality, a state of freedom and absolute independence. By stopping the thoughts, we manifest intuition, coming very close to the source of self-knowledge.

May all people in the world have pure thoughts, and then they will have peace in their souls.


Elisa Good says:

Nice article - thank you for the useful information. One of the best ways to destress the mind is to practice visualization. It really helps. The other thing I dear to recommend is art of drawing or maybe even pottery making. Making art keeps the mind focused and away from stressful thoughts.
Best Regards
Elisa Good

sunny says:

Hi Elisa
Thanks for the nice suggestions. Yes, anything that in a constructive way helps focus the mind is potentially a good method of relaxing and moving away from stressful thoughts.
With Love and Light.

sampada says:

Can modern music be a source of relaxation disturbance?

sunny says:

I am not sure what you mean by relaxation disturbance, but if you mean a difficulty to relax, then I would say yes, it can. That's why I prefer classical music, but even classical music in many cases can be too intrusive. The best type of music for relaxation includes natural sounds, devotional songs and meditation music, for example Tibetan chanting or Tibetan music.

simon says:

I drink lots of water and this is important to keep my body hydrated, which helps me focus better and relax more. So everyone should drink plenty of water.

simon says:

Hi simon, and thanks for the comment. However, I don't think that one should drink plenty of water just like that. Sure, whenever thirsty, one should drink water as the best possible drink there is. But one shouldn't make a big thing of drinking water, and certainly not for relaxation purposes.

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