Rock Crystal and Tiger's Eye

Hi. I'm not really familiar with crystals until my friend gave me a rock crystal. She told me to just display it in my living room. Then another friend gifted me a tiger eye bracelet. From what I read in your site, I placed both in a glass bowl and expose it under the sun. Did I do it right? I'm a Libra and my partner is a Capricorn. Is it ok if I have the tiger eye bracelet worn by him? Thank you.


Dear reader,

Crystals and stones are natural objects that can, when displayed visibly in our living space, enhance the natural flow of subtle energy (prana, chi) and make our home a more peaceful place. The ancient practice of Fengshui encourages using natural materials all around in our living space. In this sense, your displaying of your Rock crystal and Tiger's eye in your living room can only be beneficial. I also find Blue lace agate very refreshing and visually attractive stone. It is an excellent stone for the purpose of cleansing your living space. You can read more about Blue lace agate here.

As far as exposing both of these stones to sunlight is concerned, what you do is basically you charge them with Sun's energy. This is also OK. This charging process can, but need not be carried out every day. As for the compatibility between Tiger's eye and Capricorn, I can see no problem with that. There is really no major restriction when it comes to wearing this stone by any horoscope sign.

Thanks for sharing.

With love and light,



jude says:

My husband bought me a pair of tiger eye with solid silver surround ear rings. Is it alright to wear them daily or just a specific day , Namaste


sunnyray says:

Namaste Jade

Yes, it is Okay to wear it daily as long as you feel like wearing it.

Venus Korde says:

My name is Venus Ankur Korde
born in Mumbai on 05th August 1985 at 07:15am, Monday
i am Currently wearing a White Coral (safed Moonga) 8 and half carats

My husband's name is Ankur Uday Korde
born in Jalandhar, Punjab on 02nd February 1985 at 09:00pm
he is currently wearing a panna (emerald) 5 carats in right hand last finger in silver.

Someone advised both of us to wear Lajward Stone(Laps Lazuli) blue colour in silver right hand middle

finger on Saturday evening. Please confirm if we both can wear this or not with the current stones

that we are wearing. If yes then how many carats and how to wear it.
Or coud you recommend any crystals for both of us which we can wear in form of finger rings. If yes should it be worn in gold, silver or copper. please advise i am in a complete mess.

Azhar says:

My name is azhar birth:26jan,1999 can i wear the tiger stone

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