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Ruby Ray - Golden-ruby Flame and Archangel Uriel

The sixth golden ruby Ray is a Ray of love, devoted service, spiritual healing and idealism. This is a Ray of determination, abstraction and aspiration directed toward the causal areas of the human being. In the core of this Flame we find equity, disposition towards spirituality, ability to experience inner light, capacity of recognizing good. The basic attribute of the sixth golden-ruby Ray is the quality of peace, attained as a consequence of understanding and accepting the truth, and only after the previous total consecration and dedication.

The Ruby Flame Invocation is performed on Friday when this Ray exhibits its stronger outpouring, impressing with the intensity of its golden-ruby flame. Archangel Uriel, the Angel of Divine service, is the most prominent representative of the ruby Flame. From the kingdom of Elohim, this ray is represented by Elohim Tranquilitas.

Archangel Uriel, as a female Divine counterpart has Donna Grazia. The color of His Flame is ruby. He is an Angel of Divine service and is the greatest of all Guardian Angels. Archangel Uriel is the leader of all Angels of protection, therefore also of your own Guardian Angel. He spreads everywhere the quality of peace and the sense of brotherhood and sisterhood. When you seek for inner peace and calm call up Archangel Uriel and ask Him to spread above your head His wings of protection.

He will help you distance yourself from the pain stemming from your past, be it physical, mental or emotional. He will free you from the irrational fears on one side, and from the unnecessary desires on the other. Archangel Uriel will bestow you with tranquility, grace, and healing on the spiritual level, as well as provide for your protection. His ruby Flame is capable of provoking unconditional love, spirituality and devotion to God in every individual. His Divine complement, Donna Grazia, possesses a very pronounced yin energies and qualities of mercy that are able to initiate in us selfless service.

Visualize yourself surrounded by the golden ruby Flame, and pray for peace, calm, love and inner joy. You can transmit these wonderful qualities of happiness also to all people, and always be at one with them. This higher mercy will lead you toward greater joy and freedom. Ask for the uplifting of you consciousness to the higher level of spirituality. Thank your Guardian Angel for being your protective presence. Ask Archangel Uriel to help your Guardian Angel to constantly keep you on the path of purity, harmony and happiness.

The representatives from the world of crystals for the Ruby Ray (Golden Ruby Flame) are yellow crystals, like citrine, yellow calcite and amber. We connect these crystals to the Manipura chakra.


Jana Lucaccioni says:

a channel once told me that my husband was a Knight of the Ruby Ray. Can you explain this to me?

sunnyray says:

Hi Jana,
While I cannot comment on what the channel really meant by using the expression "Knight of the Ruby Ray", I can tell you that there are people specially endowed with the blessings of a particular ray. I guess if a person is really gifted when it comes to devoted service, idealism and love, you can say he/she is a Knight/Dame of the sixth ray.
With love and light, Olga

Zeljka says:

Hi, wonderful article... I found it while searching for a connection between Jeshua and Ruby Golden Ray. And who else is making that ray? Can we say that a certain Order of Ray is a general characteristic of a person, his or her spirit, the way he or she is? Since there are such an enormus variety of peoples ways. Differences, different rays, but combined together they make Humanity, as the Rays make Light when joined into a single flow.. Is Jeshua a part of Ruby Ray and who else is there also? I will appreciate any information given, thank you dearly, zeljana

sunnyray says:

Hi Zeljana,
Thanks for your nice comment. Yes there are many other Divine beings making this ray. For example, from the orders of Devas, we know about the mighty Elohim Tranquillitas who is in charge on this ray. Elochim Tranquillitas is the Elochim of Peace. From among the Ascended masters we know about the bellowed Lady Master Nada who is also very active on the Golden Ray.
As for the constitution of the microcosm of every individual human being, yes, you are totally right. There is always an interplay of rays. For example, every human being has a characteristic personality ray, but there is also a soul ray - both of them can be different, but need not to. Also, one can argue that there is a ray of the physical body, and also rays influencing the higher bodies. In fact, we are all constantly under the inluence of all the Seven Rays.
With love and light, Olga

Casey says:

While in Peru, a Ruby Ray of light appeared; I was apparently the only person who could see this. Please help me understand what this might mean?

sunnyray says:

Hi Casey,
The Ruby ray is highly devotional. Could it be that you were filled with idealism, love and devotion at that time? It might be a sign or a motivational force, but it is up to you to determine the full meaning of that experience. Thanks for sharing!

Ruby Ray says:

Hi, my actual birth name is Ruby Ray, what does that mean?

sunnyray says:

How wonderful it must be to be named Ruby Ray. That could only mean that your life will lead you toward love, and if you are a spiritual person, toward unconditional love.

Jessica says:


I experienced twice in my life when I saw a kind of flame (fire) by gold likes waves upwards in a beautiful way, I looked at elsewhere and my eyes were closed then opened though "the thing" still followed me until "it" was extinguising slowly. Could it be archangel Uriel?

sunnyray says:

Dear Jessica
That must have been a beautiful experience. Did you have any emotional or mental sensations as well?

Jessica says:

I'm not sure.. It was a while ago that I did see, but maybe any emotional when I thought of someone then and just enjoyed.. :)

sunnyray says:

Great, thanks for sharing. I can only say that every single experience that comes from within brings us closer to God and to our true Self.

Toyosi says:

I was just wondering if you could find out if you are an angel/knight/dame of any of the rays

sunnyray says:

People want to speculate about their belonging to a particular ray based on certain number of outer features. The only way to be sure, though, is to receive inner knowledge from God in your — your Higher Self.

otiasah biokpomabo christopher says:

the ruby ray is the ray of Christ love and human beings are linked with rays in connection to their frequencies thy vibrate at conscious or unconscious time in life. the Chohan of the ruby ray told me of my activities here on earth in this embodiment that i shall only give service then and then i will have happiness in life. but ignore it and went to university but later things started changing until i return to ray of life and i started enjoying life. i use this decree. OH RUBY RAYS FLOW THROUGH ME AND ENERGIZE MY BLOOD STREAM WITH THY RUBY LOVE OF DIVINE SERVICE



sunnyray says:

Great that you know what your dominant ray is. Knowing of one's ray makes one's spiritual practice so much easier. The blessings of the Chohan of the Ruby ray, the Beloved Ascended Lady Master Nada, are very powerful indeed. Thanks so much for sharing, and God bless.

Kyle says:

U may not realize it but you are teaching the worship of angels.

sunnyray says:

Thanks for the comment Kyle.

River says:

How do you find out your all different vray information, I meditated and was told the diamond ray

sunnyray says:

That is the best way, the direct way (meditation). We are talking about metaphysical information, which means there's not really an equivalent way to access it in the physical world.

anonymous says:

I had a vision while I was listening and meditating upon the chaplet if archangel Raphael and I saw a red background and small crosses with a ruby crystal were coming towards me with such a force. What can that be? Could you please explain? Thanks

sunnyray says:

Any vision that comes to you while you meditate is significant and carries a message. However, no one can help you decipher this message but you. And, don't think too much, the meaning usually comes in a spontaneous way.

Vid says:

Hi, the Light Being who connects me to the golden ruby ray is not Donna Grazia or Lady Nada but Mary Magdalene -- but maybe those three names refer to the same ascended master?

Shri Mata Shamla Devi says:

Beloved Sunnyray

Thank you so very much for this divine information.

I am writing from ROSA (Republic of South.

I began this glorious Journey to Self by September 1993.

Now the Circle is complete.

In divine love and golden light

Shri Mata Shamla Devi

sunnyray says:

Thank you for the nice comment. Boundless Divine love to you too.

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