Violet Flame Invocation - Seventh Light Ray

Saturday is represented by the Violet Flame. This ray brings into one's microcosm Divine qualities of Love, Mercifulness, Compassion, Transfiguration, and Freedom.

violet ray

Violet Flame Invocation for Saturday

"Tenderly Beloved Presence of God, I AM in my self. I am now renewed. I Am in the majestic Primary Life that I have received from my Father.

For all my transgressions until now, I invoke the Law of Forgiveness. I accept the almighty effect of the transforming Violet Fire now and forever! Flame, burst high now, burst through my magical Light Tube, through my "hoop of inviolable fire". Therein I have gifts of Divine Life, unpolluted and pure.

Now I am what God wanted and wants, my personal Holy Christ Self in action. I AM Christ Consciousness, that is now being proclaimed and eternally maintained.

Beloved Presence of God, seal me into the column of Violet Fire that is transforming all human creations in me and around me into Perfection, as well as everything coming to me for liberation. I Am completely released and free!

Wherever is the centre of Sacred Fire or a vital current knowing something about Violet Fire, the energy has an opportunity to be saved and returned to its Original Universal Cause.

O what joy to move in the universe releasing, loving and contributing to the serene mastery of one's own Divinity. AMEN. "

Note: This is only a shortened version of the Saturday Invocation!

You can also directly invoke the help of Archangel Zadkiel and Elohim Arcturus, who are responsible for the energies of the Violet flame and for the Seventh light ray in general.

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