A School caled Life - The lesson of awareness


"...What we are going to do with our life depends entirely on ourselves. Our lessons are reduced only to the area of awareness. Our goal is to develop awareness. If we observe the nature of awareness, we shall notice that it is always directed to something else, some other thing or object and in that moment we forget ourselves. When we are aware of something outside us, then we are not aware that we are aware. Our awareness becomes focused to something else and our attention has gone astray from the very source of awareness.

The subject is not to be lost or forgotten when we are focussed on an object. That is how we are introduced into a double-focussed awareness, simultaneous awareness of the subject and of the object. By expanding our consciousness we increase the power of memory, concentration, visualization, and imagination. As a result, we gain countless precious side effects. We begin to look with the eyes of the mind and everything becomes accessible to us. Consciousness can be developed only in a dimension where there are no objects, where there is only awareness. That is the way to pure awareness..."