Seeing Blue and White Light in Meditation

I have been meditating for the past 7 years and also constantly fighting against ego and sex problems. since the past 3-4 years i have been seeing blue and white light. can u tell me the reason for it. is it good or bad???


Hi, Given the limited information you have provided, I would guess it is a good thing. I believe, your meditation has obviously improved after your seven years of exercise. I would say that you have managed to get rid of a substantial amount of stress and properly relax yourself to a much deeper level (and not only your physical body but also the other more ethereal bodies). If that is ineed true, it explains why you are now able to see within your auric field white and even better blue color. It is most likely a cute nuance of sky blue or azure blue color.

Now it is necessary to meditate in such a way that your thought clatter and intellectual disarray are reduced to the absolute minimum. Only then will you be able to go deeper in your meditative state. Invaluable help you can find in the eastern technique of pratyahara yoga. It is a simple, yet powerful exercise where you follow your thoughs without interference. In that you have my support and my blessings.


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