The human microcosm possesses seven energy centers - Chakras. These Chakras are located in the Etheric body, and are in close connection to the endocrine system and its glands. As a matter of fact, it is the Chakras that are responsible for correct functioning of the glandular system and for bringing all the crucial parts of the human microcosm in cooperation, therefore enabling normal physiological and psychological response.

In this endocrine system we find a miniature replica of the sevenfold constituting nature of the Universe, as well as a means of manifesting the Seven Great Light Rays that rule over the evolutive life of man. This sevenfold constitution naturally reflects itself in the seven chakras. The higher people climb on the evolution ladder the more important these Seven Chakras are and the more intense their vibrations become. In contrast, the more inactive people get in evolutionary sense, the more dormant the Seven Chakras are.

Of course, the Seven Chakras are not likely to be located within the physical body, but, they are quite close to the areas where the main seven endocrine glands are to be found. Each of the Seven Chakras enables spiritual forces and life for a particular gland, the latter being nothing more than a manifestation of the corresponding Chakra on the physical level.

Muladhara - first chakra - root

Muladara Chakra

The first energy center, Muladhara, is first of the main seven chakras. It is the seat of the kundalini. The Muladhara Chakra opens downwards connecting us with the Earth. The energy flows in and out through this chakra, and the persistence of this flow can improve your health. Muladhara controls the lower part of the body, below the belly. If it is closed, it causes illness of the colon.

The First Chakra is associated with the very important principle of struggling against the following impulses of the lower human nature:

  • The need for security, money, wife, husband, friends;

  • The need for sex, the instinct for preservation of the species;

  • The need for food and drink, indolence of the mind and body, need for sleep (dullness, sloth, inertia).

Root Chakra Stimulation

To stimulate this energy center you have to perform physical exercise. Restful sleep is also important, as well as working with the earth element, such as gardening for example. You can use black and red stones and crystals.

Svadisthana - second chakra - sacral

Svadisthana Chakra

This Swadisthana or Svadisthana Chakra is is second of the main seven chakras. Women have more problems with this part of the body. The sexual energy is creative energy; when blocked, then the first chakra is also blocked. It means that the kundalini energy is blocked, too. It is important to keep it open and to enable the flow through it. It controls masculinity and femininity, making us what we are. When the sexual energy is blocked, love itself is disrupted. Love cannot be made separate from the exiting creative energy that originates in this Chakra.

The second energy center, the Svadisthana Chakra is connected to the principle of fighting against:

  • Sexual lust, greed (for food and drink, possessions);

  • Fear;

  • Falseness (flirting, meanness, untruthfulness);

  • Sadness;

  • Hatred (anger, fury, wrath, aggression).

Sacral Chakra Stimulation

To stimulate this energy center, use the water element. For example, hot and aromatic baths as well as underwater massage. Use orange-colored crystals and stones, or orange foods and etheric oils, like Orange Essential Oil.

Manipura - third chakra - solar plexus

Manipura Chakra

The third energy centre, manipura, is located in the area of the solar plexus. It begins from behind and opens up in front. The love energy is changeable. The plexus energy is the most sturdy energy. When the manipura is open, it maintains a relationship among people. It makes us feel to whom we belong. It maintains friendship. When we are connected with people, we radiate love, we are beautiful. When it is closed, we feel separated from other people - fear separates us and this chakra is blocked. Men have more problems with the manipura.

The energy center Manipura is third of the main seven chakras. It is connected to the principle of resisting:

  • domination, fame, love for honours, criticizing others, cynicism, egocentrism, anger, refined need for food, drink, sex, apprehension, tension, aggressiveness;

  • Manipura contains Fire of the Sun, drinking all nectar coming from the Moon and that is the reason why man grows old and dies.

Solar Plexus Chakra Stimulation

To stimulate this chakra, enjoy the energy of the sun as much as possible. Perform bodily detoxification and use yellow colored stones, drinks and essential oils.

Anahata - fourth chakra - heart

Anahata Chakra

Anahata Anahata is fourth of the main seven chakras. When the heart is open, love flows. Every positive emotion has its opposite - negative emotion. Love -hate, joy - sorrow. When energy flows through the heart, we can express various emotions. All energies are good. If we block pain, we block joy also. To preserve a course of positive things, we should leave a possibility for negative emotions. Love is not healthy until it has passed through the Vishudha Chakra. If energy comes only up to the heart and would not go further, then this energy can be manifested in, for instance, falling in love. Falling in love brings imbalance - one second we are happy, the next we are unhappy, possessive. That is why it is necessary for the energy to flow upwards in order to be transformed into joy.

The fourth energy center, the Anahata Chakra is connected to the principle of fighting against:

  • more subtle egoistic feelings, longing, apprehension, melancholy, concernment, doubtfulness, desire, anticipation, hesitation, more subtle conditions of depression.

Altruistic feelings that can originate in this Chakra are joy, rapture, wonder, tenderness, admiration, a sense of beauty, blissfulness and compassion.

Heart Chakra Stimulation

To stimulate this center, take a walk in Nature, and enjoy the company of your friends and family. Use green or pink colored gemstones, as well as green foods and drinks and green essential oils, like pine oil.

Vishudha - fifth chakra - throat

Vishudha Chakra

The energy centre - Vishuddha is fifth of the main seven chakras. It controls speech, the body, anxiety. This chakra transforms energy into joy. The sixth and the seventh chakras are not connected with the spine, as the other five.

The fifth energy center, the Vishudha Chakra is connected to the principle of fighting against:

  • Selfish fulfilment of one's own desires, sentimentality, pride, conceit, disappointment, remorse.

  • It is necessary to develop unselfish feelings: considerateness, serenity, contentment, worship, respect, audacity, resoluteness.

The Prana in this Chakra is absorbed from the food and therefore it is important what and how one eats. One half of the stomach should contain food, and the other half of the stomach, should be half filled and half empty.

Throat Chakra Stimulation

To stimulate this chakra, employ your vocal and/or creative abilities, like singing, creative writing, or painting. Use light blue gemstones, foods and drinks. Use blue colored essential oils, such as geranium oils.

Ajna - sixth chakra - brow

Ajna Chakra

The energy centre - Ajna is sixth of the main seven chakras. It controls all higher functions: remembrance, memory, intuition, awareness and unawareness. Fifty percent is not used, because we do not use intuitive thinking. Conscious and unconscious activities should be balanced. Ajna is connected to the heart centre.

The characteristics of the sixth energy center - the Vishuda Chakra are:

  • Will, love, intelligence to the highest degree, prudence, tenderness, long-suffering, meditativeness, seriousness, kindness, magnanimity, firmness, dignity, understanding, purity

  • It controls the faculties of remembrance, memory, intuition, consciousness and unconsciousness.

  • It is linked to the Anahata. "From the Heaven to the Earth Blue Flame is burning from the pineal centre.

Brow Chakra Stimulation

To stimulate this energy center use meditation and contemplation as much as possible. Trataka, or focused gazing and concentration are also helpful. Use indigo colored crystals, foods and drinks. Using patchouli essential oil is also a good option.

Sahasrara - seventh chakra - crown

Sahasrara Chakra

The energy centre - Sahasrara is last of the main seven chakras. It is the only chakra directed upwards. It is connected to the universe, channeling most refined frequencies.

  • This centre unites the static and kinetic aspects of consciousness.

  • Man becomes an excellent medium for Divine Planetary and Transcendental Radiations.

Crown Chakra Stimulation

Not much you can do directly, except pray for God's mercy and invoke God's help. This chakra is stimulated from above, from the spiritual realms.


BRIAN says:

sunnyray says:

Hi Brian,
Thanks for asking. Chakra healing is a very complex area indeed. Opening the seven chakra energies in order to induce healing can be performed in many different ways, one of which is definitely by using crystals. If you look around the sunnyray website I am sure you can find much more information about the principles of chakra healing.

pravin Gaekwad says:

what is after seven chakra ? and who we can identifyed that man

sunnyray says:

After the seventh chakra, we are told, there are additional higher seven chakras that belong to even higher levels of consciousness. These chakras are situated above the seventh "crown" energy center, and there is hardly anything we can say about them from our present level of understanding and given our present spiritual capabilities.

deepak upadhyay says:

i want to know how to strat the process to take chakras's power. please give me answer on my mail id. waiting for good response

sunnyray says:

The process of chakra awakening is a life-long process. You need to start practicing meditation techniques combined with chakra balancing and concentration on the chakras. The whole process of awakening should be a part of your regular spiritual growth and self realization. I would not recommend trying to harness the power of the chakras apart from your efforts to realize your Divine Self. Those powers are not coming from outside, however, - they are the powers of your own true nature, of your own true being and you use them only in concord with the purpose of your Divine Self.

anir says:

i want to know how can i get all the siddhis as mentioned in srimad bhagvatam by opening all the chakras . please mail me your response in ma email-id . thank you :-)

sunnyray says:

Hi Anir,
Working on the chakras just for the purpose of getting the corresponding siddhis is not a good idea. It never ends up the right way. One should never seek powers just for the sake of having powers. The proper way is to seek enlightenment, inner wisdom, spiritual development... Then, the chakras are being developed and opened just the way they are supposed to be, gradually, over many incarnations, and in accordance with the guidance of your Higher Self - God in you. The siddhis then come naturally, and only to help you serve God and your fellow men better.

Julie Dostie says:

Hi, I came to this site with the guidance of God. I have many questions and not sure where to start. So I would say Hi, my name is Julie, hope you are enjoing your day. :)

sunny says:

Hi Julie,
I hope you are enjoying the content on our site as well. Please do not hesitate in case you want to ask something.

Jermaine says:

Hello. I am one who has and is in search for enlightenment. I wish to know my true self for I feel it will open up a plethora of understanding and wisdom. I ask for your advice in what I must do to proceed in this endeavor.

sunny says:

Hi Jermaine,
Indeed, you describe very well the benefits of true enlightenment. I would like you to encourage to let your aspiration guide you toward the spiritual path that is best suited to you. It is said that " when the student is ready the teacher will appear". Achieving enlightenment is often a life long process, and it is advisable (especially at the beginning) to have a qualified teacher who will guide you through the process.

Dr.Sathiamoorthy says:

i want to know what is the method to activate all this chakras

sunny says:

There are numerous methods, for example, breathing exercises for chakras, to name just one of them. It would require a personal contact to be able to accurately learn how to activate the chakras.

Jeremy says:

Hi, I am planning on starting my spiritual journey and want to open my chakras. Should I focus on The Root Chakra and work my way up one by one, or should I try to open them all at the same time.

sunny says:

Hi Jeremy,
no, that's not the best way to start working on the chakras. Actually, I would advise against working on any particular chakra at the beginning. It is much better to start improving one's own character traits first. In parallel, one should try to purify one's thoughts, emotions and work on cleansing the etheric body from any past wounds and scars accumulated there. This preliminary phase can take a very long period of time, but it will enable natural and automatic opening of the chakras, and what is most important, the chakras will open in the right sequence. For example, it may be important that the heart center, in conjunction with the third eye center, is activated first, because these two centers govern the proper functioning of lower chakras. This will happen automatically, without your taking care of the individual steps needed, provided that you have purified your character, heart and mind first. This purification process is often painful and takes time, but it is absolutely necessary. In addition, deliberate manipulation and/or too intense effort associated with these energy centers could, in principle, damage the subtle etheric web around them, and thus can be counter-productive.

kari says:

Hello, I have a voice problem. I stutter :( It is horrible. I also have a thyroid problem and I know both are related, since the thyroid is the gland that corresponds to the 5th chakra. ( and stuttering is blockage of energy in the 5th chakra) What would u recommend for this stuttering? I want to get rid of it. I do breathing exercises, and voice lessons, but it doesnt go away. I also did a quantum jump meditation ( to a place ,where my alternate self does not stutter). Well, I still do :( I just dont know what I am doing wrong here. Thanks in advance, if you could help me

sunny says:

Hi Kari,
The best advice I can give you is to try to get rid of your prejudices. We all have different prejudices, and it is usually very difficult to deal with them, but if you can manage to bring them to your consciousness and eliminate them, your problem will be solved.
With love and light, Sunny

DannyBoy:) says:


I was in tears this morning, from feeling so out of spiritual balance and not knowing how to build a foundation onto which I can grow a positive pace towards true enlightenment.

I have a great foundation of physical and mental enlightenment, I know in my heart that I have much more learning and repairing in order to master myself.

I turn 33 this year, and until a couple of years ago I was in complete slavery to my emotions and in turn created habits and desires counter-productive to living in balance.

I grew up in a family that even though they love and have the best intentions for me, they felt it necessary to raise me with the understanding that from birth I was corrupted by sin and that in order to save myself I must submit to a vortex of truth/misinformation/&Dogma. I never bought into the fear and so when my intellect deduced that their path was not for me, I rebelled and lost that transparency that a loving family should have.

Not having that connection, along with no value or moral based on my own selfish desires and preservations, I found drugs my "numbness" of choice.

To make a long story short, through years of emptiness something unseen slowly guided me towards truth. I learned how to analyze, weigh, filter, and recognize truths from information sources. I am constantly re-evaluating my knowledge to rid myself of misinterpretations and inaccuracies.

I feel like I have a good foundation of wellness and enlightenment in my physical and mental states, but years of drug usage has created a feeling that I can't describe other than to say it comes in waves and when it comes I become worn out and tired and my progress seems to look more like defeats rather than success. And often I resort to drug relapses. Unfortunately my talent for using drugs under everyone's radar has kept me in this cycle for the last two years.

After crying for answers this morning, I felt like I had a revelation that my spiritual body has been damaged/weakened and is easily influenced by negative entities that I seem to have attracted from my self destructive behavior.

I never once feared the stories of demon possession, or the dark-side that was explained to me as a child and so I think my lack of fear and belief has possibly kept me from becoming a host directed by negative entities.

Now that I recognize and believe that negative entities exist I am concerned that I have indirectly attracted them regardless.

I know that I need some sort of spiritual healing and that it needs to come from myself and that I was born with the ability to master the negative and flow with the positive.

I have no idea where to begin this spiritual healing, there is so much information out there and I can't get a reading on the correct/proper/responsible way to accomplish this...

(Side note: through my studies I have come to understand etheric energy and we are circuits that flow with this energy - so a couple of weeks ago I thought I would start meditating. I tried for about 10 minutes and a wave of feeling I can't explain made me feel exhilerated but weak like I was hypo-glycemic or something. When the experience was over I was glad I tried it because, sure enough it tempered my belief that I was on the path of truth. The other side of this coin is that I am not foundational concrete in the spiritual part of my body and my inner most self reflects that I am not in full control due to my damaged/weakened spiritual body)

I know truth comes from within and maybe me writing this was just to acknowledge my weaknesses. I don't have anyone in my circle of loved ones who have sought out a path different from our upbringing. And while I just met of glimpse of you from this webby, I sense sincerity, love, truth and understanding from you ... any advice would greatly be appreciated - In Love & Truth

sandeep says:

This read about 7 chakras was a great knowledge. Would like to know more about it and how to make all chakras in balance.

carrie says:

Can people activate the seven chakras alone?

sunnyray says:

Yes they can. In fact, the seven chakras are already active in every individual, even though they are not working with their full capacity.

Pramod rajput says:

Hello, if we continuously practise, than how we will know about the chakras: how many of them are opened and what their condition is.

sunnyray says:

You will feel them inwardly, you will feel their purity, their energy, their light. Also, their benefits to the physical organs and to your body as a whole will be more than obvious.

dustyload says:

Thanks for the post. Very interesting discussion. I have a question about opening the chakras with vibrations, chanting, (sounds). Has any one tried and what's the best way to do it.

sunnyray says:

You can use the sound indicated above. Or just chant the vowels ("a", "e", "i", "o", "u", for the first five chakras) and then Ohm for the rest of them. Just make sure you chant in such a way that the vibration is felt in the body in the area of the corresponding chakras. Hope this help, thanks for the comment and God bless.

Antonio says:

What is mean by element of chakra? I heard 7th chakras element is thought.. Is it true? What is difference btwn anjna chakra and crown chakra.. I have doubt about sahasrara chakra..i heard thought is the element of 7th chakra.. Is it true?and what is the difference between 7th chakra and 6th chakra? In 7th chakra is our thought creates our reality??

sunnyray says:

Thanks Antioni for the comment. Your guess is as good as mine. It is difficult to talk about the highest chakras in terms of words, even thoughts. These energy centers are more connected with a direct, non-dual experiences of the reality. In terms of location, the difference is clear, but in terms of experiences, both the 6-th and 7-th chakras bring very spiritual and lofty experiences.



harry bow

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