Seven light rays meditation

The meditation course runs about 90 minutes per day, seven consecutive days usually in the afternoon hours, during which time the focus will be on mastering the Transmuting Violet Flame meditation and the other sixth Light Rays meditations. It also includes pranic assimilation through rhythmical breathing, relaxing all four lower bodies, awakening and balancing the chakras (energy centers) and invocations for the particular day in the week.

The invoking of the seven light rays is accompanied by experiencing Divine energies. This has as a result complete energy purification and energizing. It awakes the consciousness of the seven-fold nature of the Causal Body, as well as enables one to assimilate the attributes of each of the Flames.

The participants should come comfortably dressed. The participants are given the Seven Light Rays Meditation booklet with the integral text of the meditations, whose shortened version can be accessed at Seven Light Rays Meditation for each day in the week.

For additional information: email or phone: +381637035720