What are the Most Fundamental Divine Laws?

The laws of science end where the brain stops - in the area of the mind. We are not limited to the senses as means of cognition, we can know directly through Christ in us, using our direct channel with the Divine Love.

Harmony with the Eternal Truth

Our human love is a relative truth. The Divine love is an absolute Truth. Linking the individual with the Lord is a possibility to express Divine love. Because of the illusion in which we live, our separateness from God, we are not able to see the Essence and to give ourselves to it. God is in us. If we accept that Truth, our life will get a new dimension, the dimension of Divinity and fragrance of eternity.

The Law of Action and Reaction (of Cause and Effect)

Everything we think, we do or not do to something or somebody else, produces a corresponding opposite reaction. What we do to others or for others, we are doing to ourselves or for ourselves. We are in union, connected with our common nature and thus are subject to the same laws, in this case the Law of Action and Reaction.

Shaping according to the Divine Order

We can view God, Truth, Divine Love through two aspects: male and female, now and then, here and there, selfhood and the other of selfhood. Only in the relationship between these two aspects the appearance of matter and energy emerges. Our lack of total devotion to God reflects in separation, which is in turn reflected in matter, time, space, energy, and mass, For example, as observers we are male looking though time and space which are female.

Establishing a partial relationship with the other of ourself we produce energy and mass and as a result matter appears. Our bodies, feelings, minds are shaped in the same way according to the Divine order.

The Creation does not exist, it did not happen. It only seems that things have been created, but actually that is not the case. It seems to us that energy exists, that light exists. In physics, nobody has ever fully understood light, we are only talking about light and discovering its effects, but light still remains only a theory. There is a condition of things which assumes that light exists and a situation in which it seems that it does not exist. The same holds true for heat, gravitation, electricity and other forms of energy. It seems that they exist or have been created, if man takes a position.

There is no male and female. There is no here and there, for we are nowhere, here and there do not apply. They just seem to exist when an individual takes a standpoint or a wrong attitude towards the other. Then we think that everything has been created. Even when we say "No" most softly, we create a partial relationship, and not a full devotion. Matter is a partially experienced Divine manifestation. We do not accept other people fully because we do not experience them as Divine Beings. When we decide to accept only a part of the other, the part which suits us, we have said "No" to the other parts. If we take an object and accept it fully, that this object ceases to be matter and is transmuted into a Divine quality. God is everlasting, not created, God is Love, Truth, Mercy... That what we think is not us, that has not been created and that does not exist in time and space, that is God. Whether a man accepts or rejects something, it does not affect its existence. A part of anything or anybody, that we refuse to accept as Divine, appears as matter to us. But that part is not turned into matter. It does not change. What changes is only what it looks like to us. Our bodies are formed according to the Divine order. That is the Law of Shaping according to the Divine Order.

The Law of Achievement

Success is achieved through concentration, sexual abstinence and fair deportment. With the help of concentration we easily overcome obstacles. With sexual abstinence we obtain energy which we can channel into action. We allow ourself success only if we have been fair in our dealings. As soon as we feel guilt, we shall not allow ourself to succeed. These are the rules of the Law of Achievement.

The Law of the Way

The degree to which someone is sincerely trying to follow his convictions represents the depth of his religion. All religions spring from the same Eternal Truth. Various religions exist because of various cultures, languages, genetics, etc. conditioned by diverse traditions. If we would place a stone and sit around it, each one would see it from another angle. If we were to describe it, all descriptions would be different, but in their essence still the same. If we would start to go in circles around the stone and to look at the stone from many angles, there would be no end to that way. All the ways ultimately meet in the essence - God. Our way follows Divine Love and Knowledge from all traditions. Divine Love and Divine Knowledge are the same regardless of the tradition in which they manifest themselves, because God is one. This law is called the Law of the Way.