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Sleep is the Best Meditation

By sunnypopali

"Sleep is the best meditation", as said or we are all aware. So it is essential for us all to have a high-quality sleep. If you are maintaining a normal routine and having enough sleep, then your body will wake up obviously on time.

Owning a supportive, relaxed mattress set is very important for achieving excellent sleep. So it is vital for everyone to select the mattress which best suit your sleeping style. While selecting a mattress you also have to consider about your sleeping habits as if you sleep straight or on sides etc. The selection will affect your health too.

There are millions that suffer from inability to sleep. These reasons are closely related to mattresses which are tough and irregular in shape which might be not chosen the right way.

An inadequate sleep at night will wipe out your next entire day and will also cut down your energy level regarding work, also raises the stress level. Selecting the mattress is of prime importance, and chooses the mattress that best suits you. There are variety of mattress are available several are firm while others are soft. This will depend on individuals need to choose from firm mattress or soft mattress.

The mattress you will choose also relies on your own size, weight together with your back problems if any. Those are susceptible to back pain ought to purchase memory foam mattress because it provides heat sensitivity. There are various kinds of foam mattress: latex (which springs back when you get up) and visco-elastic, or 'memory foam', which doesn't, but leaves an imprint of your body.

You have to change your mattress regularly. The maximum lifetime of the mattress is from 8-10 years. You must spend on the right kind of mattress that suits your health. So you will have excellent health and will enjoy your entire day.

It is often advised that keep your sleeping environment dark, cool, silent and out of disturbance. Some people also consider blackout curtains, eye covers, and plugs in ear, humidifiers, fans and some other peace sleeping devices. If you have sleep problems maintain a sleep book and consult your doctor. If anything affecting your sleep like you sees bad dreams or something makes you awake while you're sleeping, record in your sleep book this will better help your doctor to research your case in greater details.

Doctors also advice that we should maintain comprehensive sleeping habits, for ex if one have habit of sleeping 8 hours a day - so that should be maintained or one have fix sleeping time that is daily 10 pm and fix awakening time for ex 6am , that should be maintained. Also daily exercise is equally important it keeps you fit and energetic throughout a day. Once exercise schedule is done - one must eat well in breakfast - Remarkable quotation by Adelle Davis (1904-1974) "Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper"

We hope above tips can help you to achieve good health, better sleep and the best benefits it provides. These tips are recommended for "normal" adults, but not compulsorily for kids or individuals afflicted by medical problems.

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Written by sunnypopali


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Molly says:

I like this post, and its premise that meditation and sleep are connected. I like to go to sleep between 10 and 11 pm, which I find very essential for a good rest and for getting the full benefit of this type of natural meditation.

sunnyray says:

Thanks, Molly, for the comment. I would like to reiterate your thought that sleep is indeed a form of natural meditation. Because, let us think for a moment what we do in meditation. We try to establish a deeper contact with the spiritual part of our being which is already present inside of us. When we go to sleep, this very same process happens naturally. Our consciousness is withdrawn from the physical reality and goes back to the astral, mental and spiritual realms where it is nurtured by love and light. That is why, if we go to sleep satisfied, in a pleasant environment and on time, we find ourselves so refreshed and restored in the morning.

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