Question About Small Crystal Ball With Sparkles

My husband bought this small crystal ball with how do I explain this the center sparkles in the sun different colors. He bought it in Laguna Beach Market I can't seem to find any of these on the internet. They came in different size but very pricey, do you know what crstal ball i'm talking about?


It is very difficult to talk about crystals, or crystal balls for that matter, without at least a picture of them. On occasions, even the pictures cannot help in identifying the type of stone, mineral, or metaphysical crystal in question. The pictures can be of pure quality, or they fail to capture the fine details (or the other features which are not so much related to the visual appearance of the stone) needed for identification purposes. If you can provide a photo of the crystal ball, you are welcome to do so. It would certainly be helpful, but I cannot promise anything. If I had to guess just like that, I would suggest some sort of rainbow effect within a quartz (rock crystal) ball, but this is really a wild guess. In addition you say that the balls are rather expensive, as it is the case with the quartz crystal balls in general. The larger the ball the more expensive it gets, especially those of good quality (read transparency). In combination with the sparkling effect you are talking about, the price might go even higher. The crystal balls made of beryl or other minerals can be even much more expensive. Hope it helps.


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