It is said that the longest journey you can ever take is the one that leads from your head to your heart. The unique gift of Sodalite is to help you achieve just that. This stone clears mental confusion and brings inner peace. Sodalite is a bridge between the worlds of thoughts and feelings.

The color of Sodalite is royal blue, with occasional white spots. It can be polished to a high gloss.

Discovered at the beginning of 19th century in Greenland, Sodalite has significant deposits in Canada, Brazil, Bolivia, China, and Portugal. Rare specimens of transparent Sodalite, highly sought after among the mineral collectors, have been discovered in Namibia and in the lava of the volcano Vesuvius in Italy.

Formula: Na4Al3(SiO4)3Cl

Hardness: 5.5–6

sodalite stones

The name Sodalite has its origin in the chemical element Sodium (Na) that enters the structure of this stone. Sodalite is a member of the family of feldspathoids. This family is very much like the alkaline Feldspar group, with the only difference being that it is poor in silica. If there were enough Quartz during the formation of Sodalite, instead of a Feldspathoid, we would get a real Feldspar.

sodalite sphere

Sodalite helps get rid of guilty feelings and irrational fears. It promotes acquisition of knowledge, learning, communication, and increased awareness. It is an excellent stone to be used in group work, where it secures friendship, agreement, common goals, and purpose. If you practice group meditation, use Sodalite to help you increase the feeling of peace within the group.

This stone is also efficient if you need to heal the wounds in your personal relationships and put an end to conflicts and misunderstanding.

Sodalite promotes creative traveling and manifestation of ideas on the physical plane.

sodalite stones

If you want to change your old habits that you cling to out of fear, Sodalite is one of the best stones. It will help you understand that you don’t necessarily have to do things the way you are used to. In fact, Sodalite is here to remind you that nothing is going to change unless you make it change.

Sodalite resonates with the energy of Archangel Michael. Archangel Michael represents the protective love of God, He is the defender of our faith in God, in all of life, and in the goodness of all beings. Archangel Michael is the guardian of the light of the human soul on earth.

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In crystal therapy Sodalite purifies the organs, increases the immunity, activates the metabolism, and improves the digestive system. It can be used against insomnia. Sodalite balances the endocrine system, reduces the blood pressure, and calms the nerves.

From time to time Sodalite may change color and become cloudy. To reactivate it, put it in water with Rock crystals for 12 hours.

Sodalite can be discharged using running water. Using charged Rock crystals is the best technique for charging Sodalite.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sodalite a Rare Stone?

No, not really. The only Sodalite that can be considered rare is the transparent (colorless) sodalite crystal. Note that this is a crystalline form, not the usual poly-crystalline tumbled form. Another rare form of Sodalite can have an optical property called tenebrescence, which means that the color becomes more saturated (more purple/pink) when exposed to UV light. When exposed to bright light, it turns its color to its natural blue. This process is reversible.

Can Sodalite Have Purple Color?

Yes it can. It can even change its color to purple, as described above. Hackmanite is the name of this pink, lavender, or purple variety of Sodalite. This stone is considered to have more enhanced metaphysical properties than ordinary Sodalite. The difference in composition is due to a higher sulfur content in the former.

Is Sodalite Water Soluble?

No, not really. We use water to cleanse our tumbled Sodalites and we never noticed anything strange.

What is Sodalite's Associated Chakra?

The throat chakra, also called Vishudha. This chakra controls the bodily expression and speech. Here we feel the subtle and more blissful energies of love.

Where Can I Buy Sodalite?

Always buy your stones in person. Find a mineral store in your town, and set aside some time to explore. Moreover, try to feel what are the individual specimens that attract you the most. Buying stones online is to be considered only if you don't have any chance to go shopping in person.

How Can Sodalite Help Me?

After wearing Sodalite, people report enhanced public speaking and communication abilities, better intuition, improved divination and psychic visions. Many tarot readers wear Sodalite.

What's the Best Way to Use my Sodalite?

If you have Sodalite jewelry, simply wear it as you are supposed to. Try to sense the response of your body and mind. Does it feel good? Are your energy levels improved? What happens when you take it off? A Sodalite necklace might be a better choice than a Sodalite ring, for example, as it will be close to the corresponding energy center (throat). If you have a lose stone, keep it close to the throat or brow area of your body (for example when laying on your back) for some time to pick up the beneficial vibration of this gemstone.

What About the Other Colors of Sodalite?

White Sodalite is a possibility, although not that common. It may look like Albite (feldspar mineral). Green Sodalite is rare. It can be used for gem production. Vivid Red Sodalite appears in the extreme case of tenebrescence (see above). Another rare gem quality sodalite is the Yellow Sodalite.


Karin says:

Sodalite and water is a terrible combination.
Never place Sodalite (like almost any other ...lite crystal) in water. Or salt.

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