Spiritual awakening and spiritual growth

Here we will like to talk about the various aspects of spiritual awakening and about the process of self growth which if conducted properly will lead to this final stage of spiritual development called awakening. Along the way we will learn the definitions as well as how to approach this complex area of spiritual growth, knowing that our ultimate aim is to awake, or in the spiritual terminology, to achieve enlightenment.

Our origins and spiritual obstacles

Every spiritual seeker knows that we are created out of life and light and by the power of Divine love. This is also how our Star, our Sun, and through it, our planet Earth are created. We are children of the One God, and deep in our hearts we possess the essence, the Divine spark, that which we really are. What is needed is only to awaken to the infinite possibilities of our True Self, but this is in no way a simple process.

The reason why this is no easy road is because in the course of time we have accumulated various imperfections in lower four of our seven bodies and the Divine light has become surreal, deeply buried, and forgotten. These impurities have put a barrier on our path of enlightenment, and still stand there between us and the Light. The veil of obliviousness about our One Primal Cause has now become the ultimate secret of our existence.

Longing for spiritual awakening

We, as humans, in our imaginary reality participate in what can be depicted as the battle between good and evil. Our soul, separated from the Origin and tormented daily by a lot of ambiguities and misconceptions, becomes a battlefield. Numerous spiritual seekers conceive different theories, but what is more important is how to approach our spiritual practice which is the only tool which will lead one day to our final spiritual ascension.

A long time ago we set off guided by the Sun Ray of Shambala to explore the inner paths of heart, seeking and longing for God and for the strength of Divine love in us. We believed in it with all our being. We did all this in our endeavor to be what we really are, longing to become Love in every word, movement, feeling, thought, and deed, to be a manifestation of pure Divine love, to be at one with God, to become Christ in us.

The Key to Spiritual awakening

The key is to have a strong desire for enlightenment, that is, to become conscious of God in us, and us in God, since God is everything. This brings along an increased responsibility. The realized responsibility will enable us to get to know ourselves, to forgive others and ourselves, to improve and learn to love ourselves, and finally to attain control over our own thoughts, feelings, and actions. This will result in an increased self-esteem, self-love, as well as love toward the Truth and Divine laws. Furthermore, the veil of illusion will fall, and since we have been made in the likeness of God, we will be able to see God's Glory.

In the additional lessons that belong to this section of the website we will go step by step through all the necessary prerequisites and/or stages of spiritual self growth --- a process that will bring us closer to the final awakening.

We need enlightenment, not just individually but collectively, to save the planet. We need to awaken ourselves. We need to practice mindfulness if we want to have a future, if we want to save ourselves and the planet.

Thich Nhat Hanh


brian says:

i like so much of this website bwcause i have known the eternel spirits.

Chukwunedu Ossai says:

I am so much touched by the tone of your words and the logical way you have expressed your writing. Obviously,our life should be full with expression of deep love to one another, showing respect and consideration to our fellow human spirits cos this would help in our ascent. Thank you for sharing. Much love

sunnyray says:

Thank you for your nice words Chukwunedu. I wish you an abundance of of love, light and enlightenment in your life.

Mike says:

...do we live in a time of spiritual awakening?

sunnyray says:

Hi Mike
Yes, you may say so. The time we are currently living in reflects the change of the astrological age of Pisces into the astrological age of Aquarius. In a sense, we already see the dawning of the age of Aquarius, although it is hard to locate this transition in time exactly. It is more precisely to say that this shift happens during a long period of time, say something like hundreds of years.

In any case, Aquarius, as a sign of progress and new ideas, brings up plenty of new energies. These energies help awaken our interest in spirituality, self-realization, personal transformation and greater freedom on a scale never seen before.

zac says:

I have been sensing a strong desire to awaken spiritually since a couple of years ago. I want to break free from the traditional way of thinking and to start working on more spiritual goals. I feel I am more and more intuitive. I am becoming increasingly sensitive to the negative energy that accumulates in certain environments: crowds, sport events, and so on. I wonder if these can be signs of spiritual awakening? Thanks.

sunnyray says:

Hi zac. I think there are many misconceptions when it comes to spiritual awakening. That is not to say that your signs don't mean a certain form of spiritual awakening. They indeed mean that. What has been discussed in this article is the ultimate form of awakening, which is called enlightenment. When enlightenment happens, there is not a single ounce of doubt. I want to encourage you to continue with your efforts and to follow your spiritual journey all the way down to this ultimate spiritual experience.

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