Spiritual Meditation

Spiritual Meditation is a relatively broad subject, and indeed, each spiritual, religious and meditative practice can claim the term for itself. In this section of Sunnyray website, we will deal with meditation techniques, instructions, inspirational texts and try to investigate every aspect of spiritual contemplation and meditation, regardless of cultural origin or religious background. The only requirement we stick to is that we are looking for material useful for spiritual growth and personal development.

Some of the articles presented here are based on the book I Am Who I Am, by Olga Rezo. Others are closely related with the sunnyray method of spiritual development, from the same author. While presenting this material we would also like to have in mind the science and art of the seven rays. Please have in mind that there is no replacement for an in-person and filled with love contact between the spiritual teacher and his/her students and aspirants. This is especially true if you aer a beginner in meditation or when trying to learn meditation via the internet.

quote about spirituality by Emerson

How can one learn meditation online? This is not impossible, but certainly it is much more difficult as compared with a face to face exchange of words, thoughts, ideas, feelings and energy between you and your meditation teacher or spiritual guru.

Therefore these texts and articles are not as much meant to be a definite guide into spiritual meditation, as they are to be taken as sort of inspiration, encouragement and support on the path of spirituality, personal development and personal growth. Hopefully they will help you get closer to a better understanding of your Divine nature and Higher Self. Maybe if you have not tried it before, you will gain courage to start with some of the meditative exercises presented here. After you have got some valuable insights and come closer to the your own Higher Self, finding your true Meditation Teacher will no longer be an impossible task.

It has been said that once the student is ready the spiritual teacher will appear.

Some of the meditative exercises presented here are simple enough to be conducted without any previous knowledge or experience. All that you need is good will and a little bit of courage to get into the wondrous world of meditation. You should learn how to trust yourself and you should learn how to be courageous, because real courage is facing your own fears.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any question or comment. If there is a spiritual community next to where you live, maybe it is a good idea to see if they are willing to support you. If you feel attracted to those people, you will have a place to start. You can engage yourself and try to see whether there are some like minded people. Know that there are many paths and many different schools of spiritual meditations. However, not every path is good for everyone, so if you try you will surely find your own.

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