Spiritual seekers and their spiritual searching

In the processes of self growth and spiritual awakening, every spiritual seeker comes to a point where he or she would like to go deeper in their experiences. But, if one wants to go deeper into the spiritual levels which are generally unknown, sooner or latter there appears a common mistake.

Namely, we should not long for the spiritually unknown, because every desire is only an obstacle on the road. Instead, we should go deeper in what is known to us. The known is the gate to the unknown. If we have loved, or if we currently love somebody or something, we should go deeper in that love. The one who loves and the object of that love will disappear, and the Divine will become visible.

So, we should strive for the known, for what is close to us, for what is real. Usually, we want to go far and beyond, but we do not dare to take the first step. We ask for the last step, even though we known that we simply cannot make the last step at the beginning.

Spiritual seekers and their desire for perfection

The second pitfall some spiritual seekers fall into is our background inner voice telling us that whatever we have done we could have done much better. The perfectionist is alway pitiful. The perfection has today become a sort of neurosis. The more we long to be perfect the more frustrated we become. Whatever it is that we are doing, we should do completely, and we won't be obsessed with the end result. Let us focus our attention on the wholeness. We will be complete if we give our best, without thinking of achieving perfection. If we always put all our energy in what we do, we will truly be accomplished and have at our disposal many possibilities to grow further and succeed.

Seeking implies seeking in time

Seeking for something means seeking in time. Seeking is sort of postponing, since the seeking always happens in the future. The time is irrelevant. The mind which is looking for something, creates time. Only when there is time, we can seek. Time is byproduct of our desire. The more we seek, the more time we need. Therefore, the time allocated for our consecutive lives is endless. This is in the essence of the Eastern way of thinking, wherein time creates more space for desires.

The Western people would like to be aware of time; they would like to do many things because they believe that there is only one life. So, there is not enough time to do all the things we want to do. That is why the Western world has become so aware of the time. Time is the fourth dimension of space. Our desires cannot be put into motion without time and that is why every desire creates time and consequently future. In this process, we can always delay the present moment, which is by no means time, but life. Instead, we should to the highest degree into what is given to us. For example, if we want to answer the question what God is with all our heart, we will get the answer. Whereas religion tries to give us answers, religion gives us the necessary consciousness to go deeper into the essence of things.

The unknown is not opposite to the known. The unknown is just hidden in the known. Therefore we should not go into the future. We should not seek, we should just be. In the seeking we are in a hurry. In the being we crystallize ourselves, because we possess intensity in the present. In the present We Are. This opens an invisible door. This door can be found without searching and seeking. So let us spiritual seekers not seek -- let us find.


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