I Am Who I Am - Guide into Spiritual Development by Olga Rezo

guide into spiritual development

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I Am Who I Am — Description

Inspired by the tradition of mystical Christianity, this book is a unique guide into spiritual development. Combining the Eastern and Western spiritual wisdom, Olga Rezo shows you how to improve yourself, come closer to God, attain the necessary qualities in order to make a direct contact with God and His entire creation, as well as how to enjoy the full power of Divine love. This book invites you to light up a light in your heart and attain deep spiritual insights and enlightenment.

All spiritual seekers are similar in their longing for the Truth. But the truth is not easy to find. That is why we should always pray and meditate for mercy. Mercy is the essence of spiritual purification. Liberated from the past correlations, interactions and causality, you can do wonders if that is in line with the Sweet Will of God.

In this book you will discover:

How to improve yourself,
What are the most important Divine Laws,
What is the constitution of your microcosm,
What is your Immortal trinity - Higher Self,
How to enjoy your own growth and spiritual awakening,
How to reach the higher levels of consciousness,
Prayers to the Seven Archangels working on the Seven Rays of Light that build up the human body on the path to Freedom,
and much more

In the following, you can find links to some selected excerpts from this book. You can read about the importance of sustained attention, concentration and channeling life energy for spiritual development and self-growth. The nature of desires is intimately connected to the skill of mastering our thoughts, and understanding our will. You can read about the skill of meditation here, as well as about the most beautiful aspects of spiritual awakening, namely, the manifestation of the Spirit of life - our Christ self.

What others are saying?

“Real spiritual development and acquiring life changing wisdom are not easy tasks at all. This book is invaluable if you really mean to devote your life to spiritual development. In that case you will want to keep it close to you, and consult every one and then along the path of enlightenment. The truth is often painful, but like all medicine, it's good for you. ” - Anon, website comment

“I'll never be able to thank you enough for your excellent presentation on Meditation. For the 1st time in my life I'm able to understand the concepts of Will, Ego, Mind, Consciousness and the function of the soul, mind and ego.” - Larimar, website comment

“It is so nice to finally discover somebody that I can closely relate to, because I had a spiritual experience when I was a young boy. I personally know that what you are teaching is the Truth. ” - Stephen, website comment

“I am trying to develop a daily practice of prayers with invocations to better my life, and find it amazing the information found in your books (and for that I thank you)!” - Milagros, email

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