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The Art of Exceptional Living by Jim Rohn

By dusty7969

It has been said many times that you are not worth what you think you are but rather what others think you are.  By such a standard many of us go through life trying to meet the expectations of other people and in so doing often lose sight of what we want for ourselves. But in order to find true happiness we must break away from that notion, and this is what the Art of Exceptional Living by Jim Rohn can help each and every one of us manage to do.  The main concept is living life through rules that you chose for yourself, instead of those that others pick for you.


In order the be successful on your own terms and attain what you want and need for yourself, the first thing you have to do is stop trying to fit into the limits and molds set for your by everyone else. This is easier said than done however, which is why Mr. Rohn has produced this guide to help anyone struggling with this problem. It all begins with you, the individual. Arming yourself with the knowledge you need to improve your personal level of success, develop yourself into a better person who is educated in the ways of living by your own rules has to come from what you desire for yourself.


It is not that Mr. Rohn's ideas are geared only to financial success, but rather to enriching life overall.  By taking stock of what each individual can do well and tailoring their goals and expectations to be in line with the skills that already exist, one can start on a path that will give then an exceptional life- to them.  Because they will be happy and attain realistic goals that pertain to what they want and need. The idea of living well can be applied to so many things, like financial success, education goals, interpersonal relationships, and simply getting the most from life in ways that make you happy.


Wanting to live an exceptional life is not an exclusive goal just for the wealthy.  It does not matter how much excess you have in life.  Rather you need to focus on the things that give you enjoyment and make you happy and then learn how to extend those things into the rest of your life.  All it takes is someone to guide you into the ideas and inspirational moments that are already there, often overlooked.  Knowing what the four major life lessons that you must master for happiness is only one part of it. You must identify and overcome the self-imposed limits and realize that they can be overcome.  You need to understand that miracles come from within, and how to tap that power you have waiting for you to see it.   Of course, it helps to have good solid financial footing, which is something that we can all benefit from. Knowing these things will create a situation with daily advancement that thrives no matter what the situation without.

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