The Human Auras

We have seen in one of our earlier articles that our human microcosm possesses seven bodies. What about our auras, how many do we have? When it comes to human auras, we possess "only" three auras in the strictest sense of the word.

Our lower bodies are, as we have already indicated, our physical, etherical, astral and mental body. The higher bodies -- the Spirit of Man, the Spirit of Life and the Divine spirit --- are part of the Immortal Trinity. After death, our four lower bodies gradually disintegrate and disappear. Upon rebirth, we are granted with new, purified bodies, but never can it happen that we actually choose our date of death or our date of new incarnation. Our higher bodies belong to the Psychic, Spiritual and Divine worlds. They constitute our True Immortal Higher Self. Through a cycle of rebirth, whereby the corresponding bodies from the personality sphere are renewed, our Immortal Trinity is educated, refined and elevated.

These seven bodies, be it lower or higher, are rounded up, in three mutually interpenetrating auras. Here we are talking about our etheric, mental and spiritual auras. All these auras are shaped in a form of an elongated egg. They protect us from the harmful external influences. These auras are extremely elastic and susceptible to changes. Under pressure they can be and often are deformed, but after the pressure has been reduced, they return to their original elongated shape.

Our etheric aura is wrapped around our physical body, protruding some 10 cm from it. It contains vital energy - prana, as well as astral and physical energy. The skin of our etheric aura is able to protect us from the dust of the astral plane. All negative vibrations bounce off of it.

Three meters away from our physical body is the mental aura. It protects us from negative thoughts. Eight meters away is our spiritual aura. When we establish contact with morally bad people, we come in touch with their energy. The best protection against such influences is to be filled with love, just like Christ was, and then no negativities can harm us.

All our bodies and auras are mutually permeated, representing our living, breathing, existing Selves. For the processes of internal forming and building, it is of prime importance to develop our consciousness about the human auras, and about the human true nature and expression. Not unlike the process of evolution that once started its magnificent work at the very bottom, driving towards the top, we too will first consider our physical body (our constituting part we should know the best) as contained within the first etheric aura, only to look at the unknown components at a latter stage.


rayslab says:

Hi Sunny,
Based on what you mentioned in the above about etheric aura, mental aura and spiritual aura, then if we are affected in one way or another... does it means that our 3 auras are not with us or weak?

sunnyray says:

Hi Rayslab,
I am not sure whether I understand your question, but I'm going to give it a try. First, all our auras are always within us, but some of them also extend far beyond the limits of our physical body. On the other hand, you are right - some of the auras can be weakened, in which case the nearby auras can be affected too, and this disturbance may even be transferred to the physical body. Anything and everything that happens in our life influences our auras, and the other way around - our auras are influenced by the subtle planetary and universal energies, which ultimately leads to affecting the lower, more material levels of existence.

Cherubin says:

For example i have a depression and low self, what is my aura that is affected? What specific crystal/stone to use? I heard before that there is the so called "chakra healing" or "aura healing" thru crystals, can i perform that by myself?

sunnyray says:

If that was the case your etheric, astral, and mental auras would be affected. You can use a number of crystals to improve the condition of your aura. For example, check out this post. More about chakra healing by using crystals you can find in Olga's crystals encyclopedia "The Magical World of Crystals".

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