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The Silva Life System

By dusty7969

For those that are seeking inner peace and tranquility in their lives, The Silva Method is the right choice. By applying the techniques that are taught by Robert Stone, you can find yourself feeling much more productive and with a stronger sense of mind to solve the problems that are faced on a daily basis. Your Alpha State allows you to delve deeply into your inner conscious and produce the mind set that is necessary to enhance your life.


Many people have already discovered the connection between eating right and incorporating exercise into their lives to help them live a better life. By embracing the Silva Method they can also reach a healthier state mentally. The mind is amazing and reaching the right place in your mental state can allow you to heal the ailments that have caused you so much pain and anxieties.


brain image When Jose Silva developed his method, he had one thought in mind. He believed that the majority of the health problems that people face are derived directly from the mind. When you are able to master the mind you are able to control your physical ailments for the most part. This is what made the Silva Method such a great option for many that have suffered for years on end.


Many years of research went in to finding what exactly will awake the mind so that it can tap into the natural healing ability that is within. Many researchers and scientists worked diligently towards gaining the understanding and now they have found the answer. There are three key elements that will allow a person to tap into their natural healing abilities.


The Alpha and Theta levels that are present in your mind are the first key to accomplishment. For many people, using meditation allows them to reach these levels. When the body is at these levels of rest and relaxation, it is able to reduce the stress levels and initiate repairs in the body. The immune system often is strengthened during this time as well and the symptoms that the person was experiencing due to illness can often be reduced.


the power of visualization Using Healing Imagery to help you remove the pain of an illness is the second step in the process. If you are able to use visualization to actually see and feel yourself without the ailment, in the present as if it has gone away that second, your body will take over and begin repairing itself. Visualization can be reached when you are in the Alpha or Theta level of your mind.


The last step in the process is to master the DBE process. The DBE, or desire, believe, expect, means you allow your body to feel true desire for achieving the goal you have set forth, truly believing that you can make it happen, and expecting that you will succeed in accomplishing your goal. You can move past any small symptoms of a minor illness or drastically reduce the symptoms of a more serious one if you master this technique.


The Sylvia Method is derived around tapping into the mental state that will allow you to heal yourself and to improve your overall state of healthiness. The mind is a powerful thing and once you have learned how to use this to your advantage by using the Sylvia Method, your quality of life should be much better.

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