The Spirit of Life - Christ in us

Jesus Christ

The birth of the Soul of Sensitivity and the formation of the Spiritual Body take place with the appearance of the more advanced levels of self-consciousness. What wakes up Christ in you from Its latent state of being is your powerful desire for spiritual development.

The awakening of Christ in you signifies the beginning of true spirituality in your life. That is the point when the Soul of Sensitivity takes an active and intelligent part in the spiritual development.

When you attain enlightenment and elevate yourself to the Spiritual Plane, you effectively cross beyond the boundaries of the mental body and become aware of a new world full of bliss and real knowledge, one that is impossible to describe using words.

The Spirit of love and wisdom is the interpreter of the Divine Plan. It is your Divine light within you. Christ in you sends His impulses by means of the Soul of Sensitivity all the way down to the astral blood that circulates in your astral body. When Christ’s impulses reach the astral body, they produce a strong yearning for wholeness throughout the entire aura of your microcosm. This yearning has self-healing qualities. It comes out from the center of your spiritual heart, radiating vibrant light all through your body. What responds to these impulses is the Divine wisdom and omniscient, omnipresent Divine love.

The building and sustaining Principle of God’s Love and Wisdom is expressed through Christ in you. Your Transcendental body is the place where Christ in you resides, deep down in the very centre of your being. Christ in you appears on the Spiritual Plane as an emanating center of light — Spirit of Life...


Excerpt from the book I Am Who I Am by Olga Rezo