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Transcendental Meditation - Relieving Stress?

By mikefifield

Meditation is one of the planet's most purely natural techniques for alleviating stress in our lives. Transcendental Meditation techniques are centered on the age-old Vedic custom of enlightenment in India. This expertise has long been passed down by Vedic masters from generation to generation for thousands and thousands of years. Around 50 years ago, Maharishi, the Vedic master in our age of the tradition, presented Transcendental Meditation to our world, reestablishing the awareness and practical knowledge of elevated states of consciousness at this crucial time in the history of the planet. It is taught today using the same methods that were used by teachers thousands of years ago to maintain the optimum effectiveness.

Transcendental Meditation techniques are the most broadly studied of all the meditation techniques. More than 600 scientific studies have been performed at over 250 universities and research facilities including UCLA, Stanford and Harvard Universities. These same studies have also been written and published in over 100 journals.

Transcendental Meditation (TM) makes it possible for the mind to comfortably, naturally and easily go beyond thinking and to experience a deep state of restful yet alert cognitive state. The holistic advantages that have been discovered to result from the process of the TM technique are the natural result of this distinctive experience. When you give yourself over to this sort of meditation, you will be permitting your mind to just settle inward past thought to experience the source of thought, genuine awareness, and the transcendental consciousness. This act is the by far the most silent and peaceful stage of consciousness, your deepest Self. When you reach this place of restful alertness, your mind performs with substantially higher coherence and your body goes into a state of deep restfulness.

The distinctive state of restful alertness that is reached during the Transcendental Meditation techniques promote health and relieves stress by decreasing the activation of your sympathetic nervous system and in turn dilates the body's blood vessels then reducing stress hormones like cortisol, noradrenaline and adrenaline.

Recent research has established that heart disease is connected to anger and frustration, which connects it to psychological stress. High amounts of stress can cause ischemia, which can contribute to or result in a heart attack. Controlling your anger and negative attitude is crucial when it comes to heart health, and relaxation will enable you manage stress.

Long story short, Transcendental meditation could help reduce blockage of the arteries that is a major cause for heart attacks and stroke. The same research found that practitioners of transcendental meditation substantially reduced the thickness of their arterial wall in comparison with individuals who did not practice transcendental meditation.

Regardless if your issue is heart disease or simply a stressful lifestyle, Transcendental Meditation is a calming practice that can get your mind and body off the negative thoughts screaming through your head and to your personal happy place.

To get started, while sitting or resting comfortably on a yoga mat practitioners of Transcendental Meditation perform it by softly uttering peaceful sounds while they meditate, accomplishing total relaxation. It is usually carried out in about 15 to 20 minutes at a time.

Over five million people all over the world have restful, simple to follow, natural practice. People of all ages can do it, which makes it the most popular of all meditation practices.

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