Pink Flame Invocation - Tuesday - Third Light Ray

Tuesday is represented by the Pink Flame. This ray brings into one's microcosm energy of the Divine qualities of Pure Divine Love, Adoration, Beauty and Tolerance.

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Invocation for Tuesday

"Beloved Presence of God, I AM in myself, I love you and worship you. O Thou, powerful Pink Flame in my heart, I am sending Thee my ceaseless love and worship, to Thee and to the Great God of the Universe and His Messengers, I am sending my love to the whole of life everywhere.

I bless all Life I ever touch with my thoughts, feelings, speech or acts. I do not criticize, I no longer condemn and do not judge. I am patience and understanding in thinking, feeling and speech and I let my Life current flows only as a God's Blessing.

I am sealed in God's Pink Flame of Love. I AM Presence bringing consolation everywhere, to the whole of Life.

I am now getting out of the worries of my outer self and entering the little chambre of my heart into a secret place of the Most High! I am standing and watching the holy THREEFOLD Flame, the clothing of my beautiful Christ self, I am relaxing and recuperating in Love of God's Presence.

I am letting my worship flows into my Presence. Now I am aware that my body is a Temple in which Immortal Flame of Life Everlasting is burning and in which the Holy Christ Self is created in the image and the likeness of my Father, expecting my adoration, my love and my devotion!"

Note: This is only a shortened version of the Tuesday Invocation!

You can also directly invoke the help of Archangel Chamuel and Elohim Orion, who are responsible for the energies of the Pink flame and for the Third light ray in general.

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