Transmuting Violet Flame

The Violet Ray is one of the seven light rays that originate in the Divine White Light. The Divine energy cannot be destroyed. It can only be transformed into some other energy. Therefore, the Violet Flame breaks down the blanket of human imperfections and restores the Divine perfection of the Soul and its integrity.

The Violet Flame acts on the accumulated karma on a subconscious level. The impurities from all incarnations are accumulated between the nucleus and the electrons, and this process has as a result, for instance, mental resistance, hardened heart, lack of compassion, etc. The condensed impurity substance prevents the Soul from receiving the gifts of the Holy Spirit, because the immense space between the electrons and the fiery core is a consecrated space that should be reserved only for the Holy Spirit.

We constantly use vital essence, which, in turn, is being coagulated in the process of imprinting the impressions of our mind and our heart. Thus, this vast space is constantly being filled up with a sort of astral glue, which blocks the flow of Light from the Divine toward us. The electrons decelerate in their dance and cannot pass through. This has been taking place for thousands of years, leading us to a condition where the atoms of our consciousness have become polluted. And consequently, the physical pollution is only a result of this mental and astral pollution.

In order to be able to solve the problem of pollution we need to restore the natural energy flow of the Holy Spirit, and eliminate the aggregated impurities by means of the accelerating energy of the Violet Flame. This is a new kind of science that deals with the subject of spiritual ecology and with the development of spiritual intelligence.

God loves us. The flame of God embraces and encompasses every single atom in our body. The polar processes are manifesting between the white fiery atomic shell (material substance - negative polarity) and the white fiery essence of the Violet Flame (positive polarity). The dual action of the Holy Fire in the center of the atom establishes a force field that throws back the impurities. As soon as the field between the electrons is cleared up, they start to accelerate and they are attracted by the Violet Fire. In the embrace of the Holy Violet Flame the discordant energy is being transmuted into its natural pure state.

The Violet Fire possesses a quality of grace, which like soft rain falls from the sky. The processes of giving and receiving maintain the constant flow. The one that gives is equally blessed as the one that receives. This flow represents the interaction between God and man, and assures that once the energy has returned to its Source, the Source will release additional energy. The whole Universe owns Its existence to this flow. If this flow is stopped, disease, death and disintegration start to manifest.

The Violet Flame brings about a feeling of love, happiness, light and hope in your better future. Every day in the week represents an outpouring of a Ray containing the creative power of the Sun and is dedicated to one of the seven Light Rays building up the human body on its way to the "Bridge of Freedom.”

It is not a coincidence that I have named my book “I am who I am”.This words are key for obtaining energy. Each time you use the words I AM, you actually say “God is in me”. This is the affirmation of your True Self. These words release the Fire in your heart so that you can fulfill the Divine plan for you. This is more that a mere power of positive thinking. This is the alchemy of the Holy Fire.

I AM the being of Violet Fire
I AM the freedom God desires

You should also become a being of Violet Fire. This will release the Aquarian energy inside you; bring the creativity of the Holy Spirit, and awake love, consciousness and effortlessness in dealing with others.

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