When we meditate, we penetrate into the deeper layers of our being and receive the invaluable knowledge that God manifests in us as energy, light and consciousness. Only the meditative pure white incandescence of love from within our hearts can develop the atom of the Self, release the Divine energy and engage the constructive force of the Seven Light Rays. This process is typical for the Aquarian age of peace and enlightenment.

The course of the Divine self-awareness reveals itself in 2000 years cycles. In each of them, there is a period of time called Dawn of Great light. The Aquarian age comprehends the concept of energy – that perfect polarity of the male and female principle, the Universal Spirit (Heaven) and matter (Earth), Father and Mother – God, and finally Son and Holy Spirit. This yields energy, impulse, and control of the creative energy flow.

The Holy Spirit is a tremendous power – intense love – and His descent results in a transmutation into what we really are - our True Self. The Aquarian master Saint Germain initiates us today into the path of Soul liberation by means of the Holy Violet Flame of the Holy Spirit.

The Violet Flame bears within itself the quality of freedom. Individuals that have been liberated possess in their auras vibrating Violet Flame. Through the Violet Flame the energies of love, grace, compassion and forgiveness also find their expression. The energy of the Holy Spirit using the Violet Flame transmutes and disintegrates everything which is shadow within our being, for instance, psychological problems and disorders, emotionally suppressed energies, or unfavorable records from our past. We no longer need to resort to regression or hypnosis in order to resolve things from our past – the alchemy of the Violet Flame can assist us in resolving everything in a way most beneficial for everybody.

In the Aquarian age this Holy Flame is no longer reserved for the privileged few initiates of the mystery schools and secret societies. The Violet Light Ray is today available to all people.

The alchemists of the past used to waste entire lives in the pursuit of finding a means of transmuting the animal nature into the highest Divine nature – a spiritual process that implies lifting up the Soul toward a condition of being at one with the Divine.

The Violet Holy Flame penetrates into the slightest corners of one’s mind and memory, and with a deafening thunder it can sweep away the centuries-old dust from the pages of subconscious records of one’s numerous incarnations on Earth. Letter by letter, dash by dash, line by line, this enlightened intelligent flame, led by the mind of God, releases and resolves the energy of one’s past transgressions and misuse of this Holy Fire.

In the flame of the fire the Angel of God made Himself known to Moses (contact of the soul with its own higher consciousness), and Jesus said: “I have come to bring fire on the earth”. To the fire we surrender our darkness and from it we receive supranatural light.

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