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In this article we are going to discuss a special type of crystal, which is in essence a man made type of stone. It has been discovered by Marcel Vogel, an IBM scientist and at the same time metaphysical researcher. This peculiarly faceted crystal is thus called Vogel crystal. It possesses a number of important features, such as removal and cleansing of psychic entities and negative energy, connecting and balancing the chakras and uniting the energy field around our body. If you would like to buy this extraordinary powerful healing and meditative crystal, there is a 4" Flat Quartz Crystal Vogel currently available.

As we have already mentioned it, the Vogel crystals are faceted in a very special way which was invented by Marsel Vogel. During his work with rock crystals, Marcel very early realized that one of the most important feature of quartz crystal is concentrating, densifying and transmitting various frequencies. On the other hand, he also realized that natural quartz often does not have enough of the ability to cohere the energy field. Contemplating over the ideal form that a rock crystal should have for healing and energy work, he has got a vision that the quartz should be faceted similarly to the form of the Kabbalistic Tree of life.

The properies of Vogel crystals

Vogel crystal table form

Marcel soon discovered that rock crystals, very precisely faceted to resemble the proportions of the Tree of Life and the pyramids of Egypt, are able to channel energy which can be scientifically measured. The cutting and polishing is performed with such precision as to enable the piece of quartz its true potential and optimal ability to transmit and enhance energy. If one wants to increase rock crystals' inherent energy field, not only should they be faceted with geometric precision, but also with the right attitude, understanding, approach and consciousness.

If you consider carefully the shape of Vogel crystals, you will be able to see a shorter and ticker termination on one side of the Vogel wand. This is the side that attracts pranic energy. This is also the female part of the wand. The loner and thinner side is the male side of the crystal which is responsible for the transfer of prana in a strong, laser-like beam. So the principle of functioning of the Vogel crystal is the following: the female part attract pranic energy which afterward moves in a spiral trajectory along the crystal amplifying each time it is reflected from one of the facets. The amplified energy finally reaches the male part of the stone, only to leave the crystal as a coherent metaphysical radiation similar to those of the laser apparatus.

The important property of Vogel crystals is their particular way of cutting: they are cut to the angle of 51 degrees, 51 minutes, and 51 seconds. This is, in fact, the angle of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Another important property of the crystal is, as already mentioned, their inherent geometry that resembles the Tree of Life. Both features have strong metaphysical connotations.

Applications in healing and meditation

The number of sides or facts of the Vogel stone determines its application. The four sided crystal is used for physical healing. The six sided stone is used to resolve emotional problems and the 8 sided for healing of strong traumas and deep states of shock. The Vogel crystal with 13 facts can be used to provoke regressions and memories of our former lives. Note that the usefulness of these shapes in healing and crystal therapy is only present in the case of rock crystal matrixes - ordinary glass with similar form is useless.

Marcel Vogel has utilized the internal rock crystal structure, a structure which is indeed one of perfection and balance. When this crystal is cut and shaped to obtain the right proportions, and when our mind establishes an interaction with its structural perfection, the vibrations that emanate out of it enhance our mental power up to the level of being able to direct its energy to where we want it to go, or to the place where it is most needed.

One other phenomenon is manifested in its connection and resonance with water. Since there is more than 75 percent of water in our body, the Vogel crystal, due to its resonance with water, is a perfect means of transferring subtle energies to the physical organism.

The more permanent causes of illness are to be found in our etheric body. When the physical or emotional body experiences trauma, long since this trauma is over our etheric body has remembered the records of physical, emotional, or psychic injury. This way a part of our life energy is permanently blocked and imprisoned, depending on the type of injury. Since then we life a life of decreased life energy, we have to live with the consequences, although supposedly healed. The Vogel crystal is capable of releasing this energy and healing until no after effect is visible.

The Vogel crystal is able to access your etheric body and stabilize it, at the same time allowing for the light which originates in the higher spheres of existence to enter it and heal it. Your ideal of perfection, your original perfect picture of what you really are is already present within your etheric body. All this crystal does is reestablishing this original perfect image.

Although healing with Vogel crystals is very simple, it is necessary to have a subtle ethical norms, to know how to breathe rhythmically, and how to enter deep meditation. Also you need to have a clear picture of how healing works and how to attain excellent visualization. Above all are the unconditional love in your heart and the ability to know how to calm your mind by getting rid of the unnecessary thoughts. If you know how to achieve all this, then the Vogel crystal will be a perfect and efficient instrument in your life and your self growth.

Meditation with Vogel crystals is possible and advisable. It will help you increase your ability to concentrate, it will balance your chakras, increase your inner energy, and you will be aware of your subtle thoughts and feelings. At the end here is another related product, namely, White quartz crystals, 'Star of David and Vogel Star' 1" W, which can also be used as a tool for healing and meditation.


Marko says:

Great, very professional aproach to crystals and description. Your knowlege is very deep and you know how to make item closer, so even amterus can understand very complex sience of crystalotherapy.

Best regards, Marko.

sunnyray says:

Thanks, Marko. I am trying to write as plain and simple as possible. Given the subject, it is not always easy, though.

Regards, sunnyray

brenda says:

We just purchased some that seem to have 24 sides. Does that seem right? Kind of hard to count. How do you use them to fight off psychic attacks? How do you position them to send healing energy to others?

sunnyray says:

Vogel Crystal are very powerful and can be used for all types of meditation and in all types of healing sessions. The 24 sided Vogel is perfectly OK, as it has the ability to combine the properties of the 4-, 6-, 8- and 12-sided Vogel into one crystal. However, the metaphysical properties of your Vogel crystal will depend on the spiritual level of the person who has performed the actual cutting and shaping. That is something that Marcel Vogel used to emphasize when talking about the properties of these metaphysical objects.

If you want to use your crystal to fight psychic attacks, there is no better way than to develop selfless thoughts filled with emotions of love and wellbeing for all people on Earth, regardless of who they are. You may even use your crystal to amplify your truly selfless thoughts and intentions. There is really no better way, the only way actually, that guards against the negative influences of others.

As for the positioning of the Vogel crystal for sending healing energy to others, the rule is to have the longer termination directed toward the person you are treating.

Jamie Lafferty says:

I have one of his 6 sided healing crystal. I got it about a year before he died. Over the years it has chipped very slightly on its tip. My question is, does it have any kind of negative or lesser affect? I love it dearly and hold it while meditating but it really bothers me when I feel the chip.

sunnyray says:

Hi Jamie,
I would say that the two terminations are important features of each Vogel crystal. So, yes, it would be reasonable to suppose that it will have somewhat diminished metaphysical action. That said, I see no reason why you should not continue using it, especially if you are so fond of it.

Kurt Lykke Ingesen says:

Hi Jamie, Many thanks for the fine orientation about the Vogel-cut healing crystal and its use.

For your information I have uploaded to YouTube several videos from a weekend workshop with Marcel Vogel. I place a link to one of them below.

Concerning the loosing of the tip on the Vogel-cut crystal:

I happened to by accident to chip off the tip of my 8-sided Vogel-cut crystal in 1987. I asked Marcel about the consequences of this, and he said it would not influence the performance of the crystal. I have used it many times since then and could not feel any difference.

I primarily use the Vogel-cut crystal for treating the cause of a problem that a person has. Marcel frequently underlined that treating the cause was of primary importance. Treating the symptom was of secondary importance.

I have used my crystal in more than 250 regression sessions going back in time in this or in other lives. Most of them are video recorded.

Here is the link I spoke about:

You and your visitors can pick up invaluable information there.


klaus tiefenbrunner says:


i am very impressed with the vogel crystal , thank you for your site.
i want to ask you if the actual size , length and width and the number of angles put on it has any influence in its healing qualities.
for example : the soul extraction process.
Is it better , to have a minimum size for for healing .

your awnser is much appreciated.

klaus tiefenbrunner

sunnyray says:

Hi Klaus
Thanks for the comment. I think that the size and length of your Vogel crystal could be important - the larger the crystal the better. As for the number of facets, Marcel Vogel himself indicated that a crystal with 13 facets is enough for all applications. Today there are people who claim that the number of sides also matters and that different Vogel crystals should be used for different purposes. In this regard, I would follow the original advice of Marcel Vogle.

jamine says:

I have a 7 inch, 144 vogel. The tip has a small chip in one side of it.
How will this effect it. Also, what can these crystals be used for?
I would really appreciate you answer.
Thank you.

sunnyray says:

These are astonishing crystals. I don't think the chip will disturb its properties too much. 144 (12x12) is a number with many metaphysical meanings. Just look for its numerology to get an idea.

Ely says:

The right crystal is not a Vogel crystal. Best crystals to protect yourself or others from psychic attacks is black tourmaline or black obsidian, however obsidian is way to strong. Get yourself a black tourmaline wand and create a thoughform of circular light shield surrounding you or them and a black knight (Blk Tourmaline) I'm God's soul, thank you for protecting me or other's name, whatever negativity they send to me or other is reflected back to them x3. With love all things are possible." Now wear it as a pendant or give it to the person as a pendant or keep it in view at home take it with you and feed this prayer many times over to reinforce it.

Ely says:

Can you give some guidance on how to clean it, charge it and use it.

sunnyray says:

Hi Ely. Thanks for the comment. I would use the same techniques as with any other crystals. You can find them in the menu on the left. Take care.

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