Wearing a Gemstone Ring - Skin Contact

Hello I found your email while I was on your website. I was wondering about gem stone rings. While wearing the ring does the stone have to touch the skin in order for benefit of the stone?

Answer: Hi Erol,

thanks for your interesting question. Indeed this is a kind of question that needs some elaboration. The straightforward answer would be Yes, one should provide a skin contact. But, on a second thought, the things are not so simple.

Actually it boils down to knowing the exact mechanism of interaction between the energy field of the gemstone itself and the energy field of our body. Although not known exactly, we believe that the mechanism of this interaction requires no physical contact. The way we usually think about this interaction is that all crystal are a sort of focal points of cosmic (universal or subtle) energy. This energy is called prana in the terminology of the Eastern spiritual teachings. So, all crystals, minerals, and semi-precious stones (but also gemstones in particular due to their almost perfect qualities) are capable of receiving this energy, enhancing it, and transmitting it to our subtle energy body (etheric body) and to the energy centers - chakras located there. If this is indeed true, then obviously it should be enough for the stone to be close to our body, not necessarily to touch our skin.

For most practical purposes, however, it is better to establish a skin contact, whenever possible. With gemstone rings, this would likely not be the case. However, if the metal band is not completely covering the gem from the back side, the energy emanating from the stone will be able to flow freely toward our body and it should be quite sufficient to get the full benefit a given stone can bestow upon us.

With love and light,



haroon says:

my name is Haroon Fareed

d.o.birth is : 10-Aug-1980

what is my Gemstone ?

what's the difference a Gem touching my skin or remain half away centimeter in a ring ?

sunnyray says:

Hi Haroon,
Your mystical gemstone is Rock crystal. Its metaphysical function doesn't depend so much on the exact position of the gem with respect to the skin. So, it's more or less the same how you wear it.

KIRAN says:

Is diamond/blue sapphire poisonous? I have heard that people commit suicide by swallowing diamond powdered. If this is true, is there any problem in diamond touching the skin, where the skin is damaged? Please clarify

sunnyray says:

No, diamonds are not poisonous by themselves, that is, they are not toxic substances. If swallowed as powdered, however, they can cause internal injuries and death. More about it you can find here.

Satyajit says:

Can you tell me if it sufficient is hair of fingers touch the stone in ring.

sunnyray says:

Yes, it should be sufficient. Moreover, the stone will work even if not touching the skin, because of its interaction with the human auric field.

swetha says:

I have diamond ring which does not touch skin and its closed from bottom but open from sides. Will it tranfer its energy for my body?

Also Salesman said if diamond has to touch the skin then it should be considerably big. Diamonds in cents wont touch the skin. What your thoughts about this. Please answer.

sunnyray says:

Hi swetha. I think that touching the skin is not that important because, in case of crystals, we are talking about a metaphysical action. If you want to discuss this topic any further, please post in our forum here. It is a much more convenient medium for discussion.

pooja says:

I have a lapis lazuli ring which I was asked to wear a while back ..off late I feel like wearing it again. ..what is the best finger to wear it in...

sunnyray says:

Hey pooja. It is a complex question. We will have an article covering this question soon. In the meantime, I'd suggest trying the index finger .... and you should monitor your inner states to see if it feels right ... thanks for the comment and take care

Jay-r says:

Hello, i was just wandering what gemstone ring should i wear... I was born on the 7-5-1995

sunnyray says:

There are many different gemstone rings that you can wear. Before making a definite choice, I suggest that you try and see what gemstone you are attracted to the most.

Omer says:

Hi. My date of birth is 3 February 1991 wats the best gemstone to wear. I have 2 gemstone one is blue star sapphire and other one is tiger eye. Which stone should i wear on which hand and on which finger.

sunnyray says:

Tiger's eye is good. Falcon's eye, a variation of Tiger's eye, even better. As for the fingers, that's a more complicated story. Check here for a detailed information on gemstones and ring fingers.

Dhiraj chawl says:

My DOB is 5th March 1967,23:30 hrs.one astrologer told to wear opal,I did but diabetes surfaced.Another has told 2 wear Emerald 4.5 ratti in gold in little right finger. But body is not accepting & inner voice tells to wear it off too.Now wore Zircon CZ 3 carat in middle..which is still not 100% being accepted by body .what should I do.

sunnyray says:

Hi Dhiraj
Sorry to hear about your diabetes. It has nothing to do, however, with wearing opal or any other stone for that matter (and it has everything to do with nutrition). You should consult with your physician as to how to manage your disease. As for wearing gemstone rings, they can be used only as auxiliary tools to balance the flow of metaphysical energy. You should listen to your intuition in that respect, but avoid cubic zirconia CZ, as it is a 100% artificial stone and doesn't really have any meaningful action.

Mukesh says:

Plz tell me how do my ring capture the energy and from where and how it is transferred to my body . how can I know ???

sunnyray says:

Hi Mukesh
You cannot know for sure. You can feel it, that is, you can feel it if you can. It is a type of subtle, etheric energy, coming from various external sources. It is constantly in a state of motion, within and without.

Sophia says:

What gem stone do you recommend -
Details -
Date of birth: May 16,1979

sunnyray says:

Hi Sophia. Your spiritual birthstone is Rose quartz. With Love and Light, sunnyray.

BILL says:

I have researched gemstones for months and am interested on wearing gem pendants, rings, etc to get the energy/power from them. I'm feb 21-64. my stone is amethyst. i read is great gem. what u think? i wear these pendants... black tourmaline, sodalite, amethyst on my chest. what u think? thanks

sunnyray says:

Yes, I think Amethyst is one of the greatest stones out there. Go for it!

ehsan says:

Very helping

Pratima Dukhea says:

You have given us such good and helpful information. Thank you for that.

Muhammad says:

Hi! My birthday is on 17th June, 1977. Is it possible to know which stones can/should I wear? Thanks.

sunnyray says:

I would suggest trying Tiger's eye.

Ammara says:

Hey i bought feroza (Turquoise) ring, but it is not touching on my skin from back side. but they said u can also touch from the front face of the stone (which is already furnished by jewelers) but original back side is not touching my finger. is it fine ? i can touch stone from its surface or it should be only ok from back?

sunnyray says:

Don't worry. As per definition, the metaphysical action of the stone should take place, regardless of whether it touches the skin or not.

Rupak Saha says:

I hav a black cats eye in ring with gold metal. but the stone is little bit above in the ring for which it does not touch the skin. so can you plz help me whether the gem will work properly or not????

sunnyray says:

It will work just fine.

Rupak Saha says:

I have a Cats eye in a gold metal but the gem is quite bit above in the ring as a result it does not touch the skin. so whether gem will show it action or not.

Nabila says:

Hi I was born in 29 04 1992 which gemstone is good for me. I wore blue turquoise. it doesn't suit me

Shibey says:

Hi my SON is may 135th 1977. What gemstone should I wear. Are there any stones I shouldn't wear?
Also for4/22/1974 what gemstone do you recommend. As of now there are a lot of health problems and lack of sleep are there any stones that will help this

Shelby says:

My dob: may 9, 1989. What is my gemstone??? Can you please let me know???

Lucky says:

My DOB is Aug 4,74. Which stone would benefit me most in Business life. & also I wear a diamond wedding band with small diamonds, do the diamond have to be large in size.

sunnyray says:

For business, one could use tiger's eye. For metaphysical purposes, the size of the diamond doesn't matter that much.

sheena says:

hi, my date of birth is 5/13/77. what is my gemstone. Are there any stones i should not wear?

what is the gemstone for date of birth 4/22/74, what stones will improve health?

Ash says:

Hey my birthdate is 28/12/87 what is my gem stone ?

Sheena says:

My date of birth is 5/13/77 female. Please let me know my gemstone and what finger to wear it. Can I wear it on my left ring finger. Please also let me know gemstone for 4/22/74 male. What hand and finger to wear it. Thanks

Rahaf says:

Hello I would like to ask About the gemstone ghe suits me.


Sonu says:

Is there a difference in effect if a stone is worn as ring or pendant?

sunnyray says:

Hi Sonu
There is a subtle difference. With a pendant the stone will be next to the heart energy center (heart chakra), while with a ring the stone will be affecting the energy that passes through the corresponding finger.

Riya says:

What gemstone should I wear my date of birth is 4.2.1989. I am wearing an amethyst but it's not working at all

sunnyray says:

Riya, gemstones are just an auxiliary tools to help us carry out our plans and our goals. That being said, we cannot expect them to do the things we are supposed to do. We should do all the work. They are just a supporting tool.

Suzie says:

Hi, I would like to know my gemstone
6 June 1983

sunnyray says:

How about trying Tiger's eye?

Anshika says:

Plss tell me about which gemstone should be worn according to my birth detail for marriage and career will diamond emerald and blue sapphire suits me plss tell when should I wear it and how is my marriage life plss tell
23march 1990
Bhopal 21:23 PM

sunnyray says:

Hi Anshika. Answering your questions would require an experienced Vedic Astrologer, and that's not what we are experts in.

Catherine says:

Hi, my birth date is 20th January 1977 and I would love to know my birth stone please? Thanks

sunnyray says:

Hi Catherine
Try with Amethyst and I'm sure you will find it very suitable for your Zodiac sign.

Krishna chaitanya yadav says:

Diamond gemstone would touch to skin or not

sunnyray says:

It could if you like, but need not to. It will be equally as effective without touching your skin.

Mohammad Malik says:

Hello, my name is Mohammad Osama Malik. Date of birth 11/22/1996. I wanted to know if I can wear the stone feroza?

sunnyray says:

Hi Mohammad. Thanks for the comment. As far as I can tell Feroza is another name for Turquoise. I think it can be a good choice for your Zodiac sign.

Subhash says:

Hi, My name is Subhash. My birth date is 15-02-1987 4.15 am. Could you please tell me which is the gemstone for me and please tell is there any difference between genstone and birth stone?

Thank you

sunnyray says:

Amethyst. Thanks for commenting.

Patti says:

Kyanite, must it touch the skin or worn as earrings or necklace for its benifits
Thank you

sunnyray says:

No, not necessarily.

Kevin says:

Hi I would like to know what's the best gemstone I should wear in my birth chart please?
July 17th 1982
Houston Texas United States of America

sunnyray says:

Based on your Zodiac sign, I would suggest Aventurine.

Suresh says:


Firstly want to thank you for the good deed you are doing by providing free knowledge base about astrology without any charges !

Also I have some questions 1. I want to wear a diamond which should touch my skin but the sellers says that it will cut your skin if it touches so as the edges are too sharp, and if we blunt the edges then it will no longer be a natural diamond,please advise .

sunnyray says:

It doesn't have to touch the skin to be effective.

kiran kumarsingh Ramsurrun says:

My date of birth is 13:08:1974. I want to know my gem stone and in which finger I must wear it.

Shahbaz says:

Hello sir my name is Shahbaz my dob is 17-5-1996 may I know which gemstone is suitable for me in which finger I also wearing carnelian (aqeeq) thank you please

Madhu says:

Hi. I read on your site about crystals/gems that don't need to be touched by skin to yield benefits. Does the same apply to pearl? A vendor was planning to make a silver ring with a flat bottom, and I was concerned about the pearl not being touched by my finger. Thanks for any help.

sunnyray says:

The way we see the metaphysical action of stones and crystals, the touching issue is not a big deal.

Durkhanai rizwani says:

My sign is virgo and what is my gemstone

sunnyray says:

Virgo could try using one of the following: citrine, peridote, amazonite, garnet, and/or amethyst.

King wani says:

Hello, i have an blue sapphire original pure stone but it is only 1.3 carats does it work and give the benefits ?

sunnyray says:

Yes it does. No question about it.

Sashi Kumar says:

Hi, my name is Sashi. Date of birth 11th June 1973, time 04.27pm.

What stone should I wear and the size of the stone?

sunnyray says:

According to Olga's Mystical Birthstones, the best stone should be Tiger's eye. Some other beneficial stones are agate, dendritic agate, apophyllite, phenakite, tourmaline, and amethyst.

Gohar says:

My date of birth is 14 Aug 1987. I am wearing Peridot in my right little finger. Can I wear Tiger eye with Peridot ? Will it benefits me if not which stone is better for me ? Thanks ..

Sudipta Biswas says:

My name is Sudipta Biswas date of birth 7/2/1981 8:25am Kolkata India. Which gem stone should I wear

BILL S. says:

HI. I'M FEB 21, 64. I Read that i could use yellow sapphire o index finger. different sites talk about a must to wear overc 2 carats. what do u think? also a site said that i should wear blue sapphire. a site said that blue sapp... on middle finger, yellow index. but i wonder if they conflict or if i could wear blue on inex and forget yellow,v but most say rfor me yellow not blue and only index. also, that aboutwear on thursday b4 noon. shouldnt i wear yellow on index 24/7? i wouldnt want to just wear one day. so complicated. what happens if wear it always? well. there are my questions/concerns. thanks

Jony says:

Hi, does 0.5 carat of flawless white sapphire stones ring open from the back has any benefit? It's said to have 3 carat at least.

Sumita Joardar says:

Hi my dob 12 nov 1989 6.0am mumbai.
I want to know which gemstone should i wear..how many kts..
I am currently wearing a hessonite(gomed) 5 ct.
Should i continue wearing this..or change?

Karthikeyan.V says:

Hi my DOB is 18-4-92 born at 12pm...am using blue sapphire and haven't had any effects yet ..is it ok for me to continue wit it

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