White Flame Invocation - Fourth Light Ray

Wednesday is represented by the White Flame of purity. This fourth ray brings into one's subtle bodies and auras the Light of Knowledge and the energy of the Divine qualities of Purity, Art, Resurrection and Ascension.

white ray

Invocation of Wednesday

"Tenderly Beloved Presence of God, I AM in my self and Beloved Christ Self in my heart, I love You and adore You. I invoke White Flame of Purity and Assumption to purify me and every life I come in touch with. You know the purpose of my existence. Therefore, help me to fulfil my purpose of existence through the energies of my own world.

Before all, help me to avoid any sin of omission towards all things. Let purity now extend clearing away from my world everything that has been limited or a shadow.

Where our attention is, there we are also, what we pay attention to, we become that! The lever for everybody who in conscious action wishes to go forward and upward, lies in the mastery of attention. The stream of the White Flame of Divine Forgiveness affects equally the just and the unjust. Radiation of Love and of God's Grace flows through the whole Universe, but we still do not see it."

Note: This is only a shortened version of the Wednesday Meditation!

You can also directly invoke the help of Archangel Gabriel and Elohim Clair, who are in charge of the energies of the White flame and for the Fourth ray in general.

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