What is a Chakra?

Hi. I wanted to know what the chakras are and how can they help me improve my life. Thank you.


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While we talk a lot about the chakras throughout this website, the answer to the most fundamental question (What is a chakra in the first place?) is often overlooked. That question also frequently pops out in our correspondence with our visitors so here is the detailed answer.

The most basic definition would be that "Chakra is an energy center that receives, assimilates and releases life energy".

The word chakra has its roots in the Sanskrit language, which is the most ancient and most spiritual language of India. In Sanskrit, chakra means wheel. There are numerous texts and studies related to the chakras that originate from the different philosophical systems and spiritual and religious practices of India.

Probably the most important knowledge about the chakras comes to us from the practice of Yoga, which also identifies the chakra model as a circular system of energy. In this sense, a chakra is a center capable of assimilating and releasing vital, life promoting energy. It is a spinning invisible sphere (orb) that consists entirely of pranic or life energy.

There are seven such spheres, distributed from the base of the spine to the top of the head. They constitute the main seven chakras that each human being possesses. If purified, balanced and open, we can feel the favorable radiation and healing energy of our chakras. More often than not, the chakras are blocked and inhibited. In addition, the chakras can be undercharged or overcharged, so a lot of time and effort have to be put in their cleansing, balancing and purification.

There are smaller, less important chakras, located at the palms, foot, fingers, shoulders and other places.

The seven basic chakras are identified with the levels of consciousness. That means that a person who is able to purify and master the chakras to the desired level, also is capable of achieving higher levels of consciousness and enlightenment.

What are the chakras used for?

As indicated in the preceding text, the chakras are very useful for spiritual and personal development, not only in the Eastern system but also in the Western religious and spiritual schools.

In addition, the chakras are used in many healing systems, since most of the healing energy has to be delivered to the body as a whole or to the damaged organs and tissues via the corresponding chakra. There are also many chakra balancing and massage techniques that are designed to do the same.

Some people are capable of reading your chakras, either intuitively, or using a pendulum, or in some other way. But you should be able to develop the sensitivity needed to read the condition of your own chakras, as well.

What are the colors of the chakras?

Each chakra has its basic color that can be visualized in healing or meditation. These colors can be used to balance and impact the energy state of the chakras. Alternatively, stones and crystals of different colors can be used for that purpose. Here is an explanation of their colors:


How can I start working on my chakras?

Too much direct involvement with the chakras and emphasis on the chakras, especially if you are at the beginning of your spiritual journey can be counterproductive, and even harmful. Instead, we recommend working on the ego, improving the character traits and trying to understand and purify your lower nature, the various passions and desires. That is best done within the framework of a well defined spiritual practice, if possible, under the guidance of a spiritual teacher.

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