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Yellow Ray - yellow golden Flame and Archangel Jophiel

The yellow Ray is the second Ray of light. This is a Ray of consciousness. The yellow golden flame brings the impulse for binding light and love, as well as for unifying matter and spirit. This is a Ray of wisdom, sensitivity and intuition. The energy of the yellow flame qualifies and teaches, enabling the processes of thorough synthesis, love, wisdom, enlightenment and peace.

Yellow Flame Invocations should be performed on Monday when this ray is especially dominant, and on Monday it reaches maximal intensity. Archangel Jophiel, the Angel of enlightenment is the most prominent representative of the Yellow Ray, and of the yellow golden Flame.

Archangel Jophiel can bring you wisdom out of the Source of all things, He can bestow you with love and peace. Archangel Jophiel can help you overcome fear, ignorance, and false pride. He can lead you toward health, goodness, and other truly spiritual insights and enlightenments. Female part of His Divine nature is Constancy. Ask Archangel Jophiel to help you find power, to counsel you how to defeat negative thoughts and feelings, to give you inner clarity and wisdom. Imagine yourself as being surrounded by yellow golden light while holding in your hands the crystals that correspond to the yellow Ray, for instance, citrine. Then ask the Archangel of the Second Ray to help you attain calm, love, wisdom, and enlightenment, and ask Him to guide you on the path of reaching your own source of inner wisdom.

Kindly ask Archangel Jophiel to teach you the lesson of how the push of you own feelings gives life to the thought forms, and brings them to earthly fulfillment; to teach you the lesson of providing the thought forms with energy. Ask Him to fill you heart with His sense of strength, so that you can become a master over life and its circumstances that you have to face in the light of love and wisdom. Ask Him to help you become a master over all heavenly ideas that you receive from God's heart - those spiritual ideas that need to be fulfilled on Earth.

The representatives from the world of crystals for the Yellow Ray (Yellow Golden Flame) are transparent, white, yellow and violet crystals. They can be connected to the Sahasrara chakra, for example, such crystals are: citrine, rock crystal, phenakite and amethyst.


david says:

hi , once just i woke up in the morning , i saw a golden light in my third eye and i heard a voice ,but i lost focus then the light gone and the voice too , and i 'm always seeing white and sometimes blue and sometimes yellow light
so can u tell me please what i'm experience ??

sunnyray says:

What a person sees and experiences in his/her inner world is not to be disregarded or taken lightly. A person's inner world is also that person, in a certain sense. In your case, I do not think it has to do with the Second Yellow Ray directly. However, it could be a sign that you are walking in the right direction on your spiritual journey. Next time such an experience happen, it is important to stay calm and focused. Do not try to force the inner light or inner sound, just maintain your position of neutral observer.

Brik says:

On 10-09-11, during a chackra threading session I suddenly had the image of a diamond coming to me. I stoped the threading session to focus on the diamond. I now have a sense and image that it has been positioned within my crown chackra. Could you possibly give me some insight on this? Thank you.

Kez says:

Last night I had a very intense meditation, angels were all around me, bathing me in a bright yellow energy I was so full of yellow! I had a yellow dress and I flew to New York (I am in Edinburgh) and I was so happy. I was flying around the city with a bright golden light. What do you think this means?

sunny says:

It must have been a wonderful experience, Kez. Only you can decipher the meaning, though. And, sometimes you even need not have a rational explanation, as long as you still feel and remember the wonderous yellow energy in your heart. Hallelujah!

Gaile Patterson says:

I had a beautiful dream about my Mother who has passed over...I was feeling rather discouraged.. Having had heart sugery some months before, I dreamt that my Mother was coming through a door and the entire area where she was coming was bright GOLD. It was so beautiful..I recognized her and said three times mommy, mommy, mommy and ran into her arms she held me and then I woke up.. The next day I was still feeling tired and depress, however, two days after the dream I felt like my old self , like before I fell ill. I now feel great and happy two. Any insight you have will be greatly apppreciated. Thank You for your wisdom and time.

sunnyray says:

Hi Gaile,
Thanks for sharing your dream with us. The bright gold light is a symbol of higher spirituality. The medieval paintings always depict the saints and holly people with golden auras around them. The golden color is a token of their vivid spiritual life. To me, your dream has a very positive vibration. I wish you all the best.

Lynda says:

An insight given to me :
A set of steps, cartoon people were decending the stairs and then reached the bottom. Some were directed to the right and some were directed to the left. I was given no directive as to what this meant. I have seen the golden halo's you spoke of, at a spiritual meeting with a medium and a japanese mystic. They arrived, large golden balls in the air in a straight line; they stopped behind the medium at her right ear. As she communed with the spirit (the golden ball), a golden halo came around her neck and head. As she stopped speaking it dissappeared. As she communed again, it re appeared. This also happened with the mystic. That day at the healing centre there were countless sightings of angels en-mass; I myself saw a golden angel in full flight in my third eye.

sunnyray says:

Thanks, Lynda, for sharing with us your supersensible insights.

pablo says:

My mum passed just 9 weeks ago. I sometimes feel my mum is trying to talk with me, I hear her voice pops vividly in my mind saying things such as im ok now. There is no more pain (dhr passed die to cancer). Just lately I have had bright yellow lights/blobs appearing random, more espeacialy near where her photos sit on the shelve. Then, when I think of her I feel amazing tingling, from my toes to my head, and only what can be described as ecstasy, whats happening?

sunnyray says:

Sometimes people who pass away stay a little bit longer with us, just enough to let us know how much they love us and care for us. Being liberated from the grip of the physical world, they can manifest, in part, as pure energy and light. We are all in our essence pure love and light. Thanks Pablo for sharing your insight with us.

Bella says:

I just want to say thanks for this wondrous article. Just by reading it I was able to feel the enlightening touch of the yellow light ray.

sunnyray says:

Hi Bella,
Thanks for the comment and many blessings.

Mary says:

In 2007 I had a vision of a golden archangel he had his hands cupped in front of him and between his palms was a like a dark color figurine of what I interpret was Jesus. I have no idea why because I am agnostic. I was very grateful to have the vision, though. The next day I was walking in town with my daughter and there in a shop window was a carving of an archangel. It was all so magical.

sunnyray says:

Hi Mary,

Thanks for sharing your vision!

JuneBug says:

I was listening to some hip hop music yesterday, and I closed my eyes and I saw my mind make like a tunnel, like vortex with the beat, and different shapes and bright colors of all kind were keeping my attention on the tunnel with the music until I came to a point were it was like a circular room and everything was Calm and in the center of the room it was a small Golden light just sitting there alone!!! I opened my eyes and smiled even though I didnt know what happened or what i saw...

sunnyray says:

Beautiful experience, JuneBug. Our mind always wants to explain things, sort them out and frame them into some kind of a known pattern. You need not do that, however. Just experiencing it is good enough ... Thanks for sharing.

I-believe says:

I was going through my phone deleting pics i didn't want and i came across a small video I took 11/22/2012 of my 2 cats... I never looked at it since I took it... First time looking at it was today.. March 19 2013. Behind my cats is a stand with legs with my tv on it. My son has his xbox on the floor you can see the corner clearly.. There is a fireball the size of a soccer ball bouncing up and down about an inch eaither way never touching the floor... It was above the baseboard... It moved like flames in a big ball... Even casted a glow on the other side corner of the wall and floor... In the back ground you could hear my husband and son talking... With one of my breaths you could clearly hear a mans voice over mine saying burnnnnnnn. I dont know if this is good for me... or my family... I just pray its one of gods angels and not a dark angel. Please help me.

sunnyray says:

As I understood from your comment, nothing really serious happened after shooting the video. That speaks for itself, and you should not worry much. Have a lot of light and love in your heart.

archer says:

The other night while I was laying in bed I saw a woman float through my window and she stood by my bed. I felt I knew her and she spoke to me in my mind. I saw a tiny light in my mind and she was holding my hand, this light reached out in golden streaks as it got closer. I was in dark void of nothing and watched the light beaming towards me and couldnt believe how beautiful and pure it was. I wanted to go closer to it but she pulled me away and told me to circumference to the light. Was unsure what that meant but was beautiful experience.

sunnyray says:

Hi archer
Thanks for sharing with us your experience. It is truly beautiful, just as it is. You need not seek any rational exlanation, just embrace it in your heart, which I am sure, you already did. There are numerious Divine beings, both Angels and guides, that watch over us, and from time to time send us a ray of light to bless us and direct us toward our higher purpose and real spiritual existence. With Love and Light, sunnyray.

kas says:

Hi there! I'm not sure where to put this, so here it goes. I once when in deep meditation and I saw a column of light. It was gold and inside the column of light there were all the colors - red, blue, yellow, green, violet, orange, and so on. And all but one chakra were vibrating and very intense. Is this a good thing or have I done something wrong? Any help wold be great, thanks.

sunnyray says:

Dear kas
What you have experienced is nothing unusual or wrong. It could be that you have seen the so called "light tube" - it is a tube of light that belongs to our higher, "light body". It encompasses the spinal cord and all the chakras and goes upwards through the crown chakra.

kas says:

Hi sunnyray

Thank you ever so much. May I ask what does this light tube mean? And is this why my chakras vibrate as well thanks once again.

kas says:

Hi sunnyray

Thank you very much. It's nice to know that I'm doing something right. I'm not just sure as to why my chakras vibrate as it can be very strange. Only 6 of them have ever done this. The 7th one, the root chakra has never done this, but the rest have. The main one is the solar plexus in the gut. Thanks for your time :)

sunnyray says:

Hi kas

Our chakras are, in fact, never static. They are always in motion, and they always rotate and vibrate, as you say. They are never equally developed, or we may develop special sensitivity for some of them. In addition, the current focus of our etheric energy might be on some of them. All that is normal, and you shold not be concerned too much.

Sam says:

I had a dream several months ago. In this dream a yellow lightening bolt flew across the sky and landed near where I stood. At the end of this yellow lightening bolt was an Angel (masculine). He looked at me and smiled and said he has come to bring me gifts and talents but I must first remove a particular person from my life. I looked at him with scepticism but then a yellow paper appeared with the persons name written on it. I was in shock. I said to myself how do I know if he (angel) is truly a messenger and he turned to this little old lady and whispered in her ears. She looked at me and said he speaks the truth. I asked her why she said that she said he called her by a nick name that only her mom knew when she was a very little girl. There is more to this.

sunnyray says:

Hi Sam. Very interesting dream. I can hardly say anything definite about it, as dream symbolism is something that can vary from one person to another. Also there are different types of dreams. In any case, thanks for sharing.

Sirena says:


Last night I was wake up in the middle of the night and I know for sure that I didn't dream. I saw a yellow lightening ball! But I was so tired to look so long in that yellow gold light ball, so I fell in a sleep immediately

All day I was reading about Blue Rays and asking Archangels am I one of them... and I didn't get any sign from them until I saw that ball.

Pleas answer me if you can!

Thank you!

sunnyray says:

Dear Sirena, check our forum for an answer. Thanks.

Gumerk says:

***Just wanted to add this morning 07-19-15 I awoke for the first time with a yellow/golden flame, eyes closed. So, started out purple/indigo went on for several years, last year green came in for the first time and has reoccurred, earlier this year white came in for the first and only time, and now just this morning yellow/golden for the first time ever. Pretty exciting stuff.

This started for me about fall of 2006. I saw an owl in broad daylight outside of our house and it starred at me shortly before flying away. Not too long after this I had my first experience. I woke up and literally saw this purple/lavender/indigo color in my vision. It lasted for about 8-10 seconds and then faded away.

After this I would see it randomly while awakening from sleep or sometimes when drifting off to sleep. This purple flame as I would describe it is accompanied with a very calming and blissful feeling. It would change shapes, shrink inward on itself only to expand again, was ever moving, would briefly produce faces at times, seemed like I was flying through it at times like a tunnel, and was always pleasant.

Last year 2014 I had surgery. When I started coming to in the post anesthesia recovery unit this color was literally pulsating and massaging me. I felt so loved and felt as if it was actually healing me. I kept a huge smile on my face all the way to my room and drifted off to sleep smiling. For the first time the color green accompanied my purple flame. They were together and even separate. I remember feeling like I knew them and they were talking to me with love and healing me.

Now, it's easy to assume this was the anesthesia giving me this euphoric sensation and I would buy into that IF I had never had this purple flame before with my eyes closed. But I tell you it was the same flame only this time with a green companion. The nurses were talking to themselves saying how happy and content I looked. Totally at ease, with joy, and peace. I even told one nurse she was an angel before I had memory of coming to.

Earlier this year I had another surgery. Waking up in the post anesthesia unit I had this experience again only less intense this time. But, for the first time I had the color white to go along with purple and green. I haven't seen the white since that time, but I still see the purple and green.

To produce this sensation at home usually it comes on if I'm getting my back massaged by my wife and I go off into almost a meditation. This is when I'll see the green as well. One time while listening to music that is supposed to help you meditate the purple flame came about for just a few seconds.

It seems to me it appears most when I'm just coming out of sleep or just going into sleep. If I think about it too much I'll lose it, but if I'm still in that halfway point between being awake and being in dream I can hold it a lot longer. Pretty much, when I'm relaxed it comes naturally but if my mind is busy it goes away. I could look at it for hours.

I've even waved my hand in front of my eyes to make sure my eyes were closed because to me, they were wide open! But sure enough, my vision was actually with my eyes closed.

sunnyray says:

Thanks for sharing, Gumerk. Very interesting, very inspiring... With love and light, sunnyray.

Jorge says:

I had a dream that i was abducted by aliens and they told me i was a yellow ray and how important our energy is for the rest of the multiverse...when i awoke and google yellow ray it led me here. I had never heard of this before but it is so poignant

sunnyray says:

The Yellow ray is a deeply spiritual ray. It is a ray of love and wisdom, and indeed, what's more important than that. In a sense, your dream can be understood as a message of your subconscious mind related to spiritual matters. Dreaming of aliens often symbolises something we cannot comprehend or find difficult to comprehend. For example, the undiscovered part of ourselves, our true self, or something similar. Thanks for sharing.

Trina says:

Hello! I know angels are neither male or female but i always thought archangel Jophiel was the most female feeling angel and have heard this angel referred to as "her" more times than not. Your thoughts?

sunnyray says:

Hi Trina
Yes, you are right. Angels are neither male or female, but we also refer to Archangel Jophiel as "her". Thanks for the comment, and God bless!

Kim says:

When I sat down this morning I closed my eyes and immediately a bright golden circle appeared. Then I saw an unborn baby and then it went into a heart shape. It felt so amazing. I am a Celebrant and I do have a naming and a wedding on next Saturday, but wasn't thinking of that at the time. Wow. It was such an amazing feeling.

sunnyray says:

Thanks for sharing Kim. God bless!

bervd says:

i dreamt that a man pour some thing on me and there and then i started sparkling in golden yellow ray flame

bervd says:

Pls sunny, what is interpretation of berv's dream.

sunnyray says:

Sorry, berv, for the delay. It is never easy to interpret somebody else's dream, especially with so little data. Anyhow, if I dreamed berv's dream I would be feeling great because to me, sparkling in golden yellow light/flame is always a great sign, i.e., a representation of true values spiritual or material, increased spirituality, devotion, selfless service. The question to ask yourself: Do you know the man who poured the substance on you? If not, who does he look or feel like? That would offer some additional clues as to the cause of your illumination. Thanks for the comment, and best of luck.

maria theresa says:

I experienced it twice, one at home when I was around 30s, and another one just recently at broad daylight and I'm already 49. I saw it right in front of me and the color was yellowish. It was a nice experience like you saw a fairy like sparkles. I was wide awake and just walking. What would it be? Id like to think they are my angels.

Thashini says:

During meditation I was requested to visualize a star as the source I am connecting with. From the star came bright rays of golden light that surrounded me and before I knew it I was flying up toward the top of the rays in a spiralling motion. I felt safe. What does this mean?

sunnyray says:

Well, it sounds to me like a great spiritual experience. Embrace it as such, even though the meaning might not be immediately clear. And, it doesn't make much sense to seek the meaning of your inner experiences outside. Thanks for sharing, and God bless!

Christine says:

Vivid dream last night, saw a hundred little angels flirting in the sky, then I was bathed in a glorious white light. Awoke feeling warm, and inexplicably emotional. Any insight into this would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!

sunnyray says:

Thanks for the comment, Christine. I don't think you need any insight from outside. Rejoice and celebrate your magnificent experience in your own heart, and make those warm feelings last as long as possible. God bless!

Bodhichica says:

I have been working on myself spiritually for a long time.
I was walking down a beautiful beach in the early A.M. Yesterday and was asking for guidance on how to create my own heaven here on earth and to help guide me to be of service of the greater good. It was a bit windy so my head was bent down and my hair falling in my face. All of the sudden I felt like my hair was glowing these yellow and gold rays started appearing I even moved my hair away and I could still see them like a light projector of golden rays ( some almost looking like old dos code, my eyes were open and the Rays were all around my head .Can you please tell me your feelings? Thank you

sunnyray says:

Hi Bodhichica,
All I can say is that it must have been a fabulous experience. My feelings are always love when I read something related to the yellow ray. I hope that it felt like love to you too. Thanks for sharing and God bless.

Kate says:

Hi I just lost my brother a few weeks ago. My mum took a photo on my daughters birthday of our family I was really missing my brother this day looking at the photo behind me there is a yellow light? I found it comforting what you think this is?

sunnyray says:

Hi Kate, sorry to hear about your loss. Hard to tell about the yellow light, but the fact that you find it comforting may help you with its meaning.

Robert says:

Yesterday at breakfast as i was reading the newspaper, i noticed a gold light shineing on the wall next to one of my wife's religious crosses on the wall, within the round golden light was an angel kneeling, it lasted for only 30 seconds and faded away. I was diagnosed a week ago with internal melanoma, and a prayer circle has been formed. It with hope and prayer that this is a sign from God that i will heal and be an example of the healing power of prayer

sunnyray says:

Hi Robert. Thanks for sharing this experience. Our prayers are with you too.

Rosa torres says:

I was in the store at the meat counter I turned and then walking towards the end of the yellowish gold from a shoulder to his hand on his head you have a shoulder look like the breeze is blowing through his hair he had a smile on his face and he was looking directly into my eyes and we both for look at each other had a calm feeling ask my sister if she said she said no so what is this

I was in the store at the meat counter I turned and there was a man walking towards me he had a yellow to gold around him he had Smile his face hair was to his shoulder blowing like there was a breezes our eyes met it was a peaceful feeling came over me i seen this a few weeks later the same man. Same store

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