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Zodiac Signs And Gift Ideas For Each...

By Mickey Upton

If you're buying a gift for someone then thinking about their star sign and the type of things that appeal to them according to their astrological tendencies might well spawn a few ideas.

Libra – Refined and elegant. And they like their gifts the same. It's all about interesting shapes, curves and surfaces; beauty is the name of the game. It's worth remembering too that they prefer natural materials, so choose wood over plastic every time!

Scorpio – These guys are shady fellows, they love a little bit of mystery and intrigue, so receiving unexpected gifts is high on the things they can't get enough of! Carry this through if you're on overtly friendly terms as their seductive personality makes for a great opportunity to shower them with sensual and sexy presents.

Sagittarius – These guys as a rule tend to be fairly adventurous, typically liking to travel. If you can find the exotic for an affordable price then it is likely to go down well!

Capricorn – Physicality, well-being and practicality are the buzz words relating to gifts for the Capricorn in your life. They also value sincerity so a gift given with true emotion and thought will hit the mark. Rather than buying a gift offering to do a task with them such as cooking together or repairing something is a good way to go.

Aquarius – If you want to buy unusual gifts then do so for an Aquarius because they'll love it. Appearing as a progressive individual while having a laugh is the name of their game and the more quirky your gift the better.

Pisces – Romantic and creative will see you right if you're buying for a Pisces. Seriously consider crafting something by your own hand. It's a gesture that will live long in the memory for these most artistic of star signs.

Aries – All about the excitement. If you're buying a gift for an Aries it needs to be bold and brash. Steer away from the useful and opt for the unusual, you won't regret it and they're sure to love it. If you can present it in sparkling wrapping paper and with some sort of glitter cannon all the better.

Taurus – These guys can get a bit touchy if they reckon you've been a bit impulsive regarding their pressie, so give it some thought. If you can combine luxury with the practical it'll probably appeal to these creatures of comfort, even the more sensitive ones.

Gemini – Having a tendency to absorb experiences and knowledge it is likely you're bursting with ideas already, which is a good thing. Couple this with the fact the Gemini is fond of anything new and you should be peachy keen!

Cancer – Less about the gift and more about the meaning of it is what you need to be thinking about here. They tend to be sentimental souls and therefore appreciate your effort and acknowledge the caring nature of your relationship as indicated by your gift.

Leo – Not wanting to create a bad impression of the Leo, but they can't get enough of themselves. Alright, maybe that was a bit harsh, but if your present and the act of giving it puts them at the centre of attention they'll love it!

Virgo – Feet on the ground and practical. These guys are the salt of the earth. Gifts that are aimed at their organisational side will be well received as will guides, think cookery books or manuals for learning a new skill. They can be fussy too, so beware buying gifts that don't fit i.e. tea towels that don't match the kitchen's colour scheme are not going to go down well.

That list should have you covered when it comes to picking gifts for your family and friends; at the very least it will get the ideas flowing and task underway. Good luck!

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When not worrying about the potential pitfalls out lined in his horoscope for the day, Mickey Upton tries to read the heavens to predict which of the many groovy funny gifts Find Me A Gift stocks he should be ordering more of.


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Ally says:

My friend is Leo. I was looking to buy a gift that would in line with his zodiac sign. Any concrete ideas? What would make him happy?

sunny says:

If you really want to impress, think expensive. With females, jewelry never fails. You may also buy them tickets for their favorite entertainment, like a concert or theatre. Gourmet food or fine drinks may also appeal to this sign. But, whatever you decide, remember that they like to get only the best in each category.

We Love Horoscope says:

I love the ideas for Sagittarius. Gonna think one for my friend. Thanks for sharing.

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